• Manufacturing door and window Qian pan

    آورتـا in the year 1385, studies abound in the field of the production of profiles UPVC windows and need market in the country based on import mass profiles of the European countries on this, they should endeavor to bring that with the production of this product in addition to foreign exchange savings and avoid the wasting of national capital out of the country, causing the Elimination of the need Assembly, also. آورتا with the construction of industrial groups. by personnel experienced and trained and with the extent of the best and the most modern measuring equipment, raw materials, and using the most accurate machinery میکسینگ and template, modern, European, raw materials, polymer mix and produce. آورتا at the beginning with 5 line, twin screw extruder, and a line mixer is started and with the passage of time and the consumers to the quality of the distinctive profiles آورتا their machines to the 11 line, extruder and 3 line mixer is increased. Get the quality certification, etc., indicating the quality and strength of the profiles produced on the basis of the standard RAL-GZ 716/1. Management profiles آورتا with your prospective in line with the needs inside the country and also export profiles of your seek to increase its production line to 30-line extruder. That this important review and action. We believe that with thought sublime, and the efforts of Iranian experts can, products, production, also, we know that in terms of quality at the level of the pioneers of this industry in the world and the country from the import of this product, need. That we can share a little in growth, excellence, and prosperity of our beloved country, Islamic Iran.

    Design and technology, ceramics

    Advice, design, supply of equipment and implementation of lighting and lighting. آبنماهای animated and musical landscaping and facade\r\n the company designs and technology, ceramics, consultant, etc., the designer and executor of the project, lighting building and Fountain the musical and manufacturer of LED lights blue, Daphne and projector, led, in the year 1385 with the aim of developing new systems, lighting, LED, LED, fiber optic and water fountain, musical and animated established, and during the past few years, native storage Protocol. Hardware and software control DMX transformation project, waterfront musical and lighting created a page managed to build and produce models of a variety of LED lights blue, Daphne and projector led. Manufacture all kinds of fountain special, including لمینار jet Laminar Jet., the Intex jet, Jumping Jet etc. fun jet Pop Jet, etc. یوفو UFO the result of team effort, the engineering company. Make sure these systems run hundreds of project lighting, and fountains musical, and also several major projects of national, especially in the field of water fountain, musical, smart.

    Chair امفی theater, picnic journalists

    Furniture production movies. the chair of conferences, chair, amphitheater and office furniture

    Company throne-downs رادمان

    Company throne-downs with the backing of 4 decades of experience in the building industry is proud to provide luxury goods building roof, moving vans, fabric, aluminum, etc., poly carbonate and a variety of awnings, full cassette and half cassette and typical . And also glass collectors, lubricating the balcony overlooking rail and accordion in order to use the maximum of space in life, urbanization today with the spaces that day-to-day, are necessary. Improve the quality of life. the target group characteristics of the engineering throne-downs.\r\nطراحی and run روف garden etc. walls green, smart storage building and interior decoration to the specialists of the group in mind.

    Bob Fiberglass

    The that men the days of effort, to a place have reached Company Bob the Fiberglass in the year 1362 in the field of manufacturing, parts, fiberglass and composite materials, in the piece of ground in the east of Tehran, to work . In the 60's and coincided with the era of the war, the company also transfer your workshop to a special road of karaj, have great services in the field of Armaments, Military from your offer . Pack bullet proof, carry ammo, etc. covers, anti-radar and the boat that was later to boat, move famous were these are. Then in the 70's called the era of construction and the transfer of the workshop to the industrial سالاریه-چرمشهر and increase the space up to about 10 thousand square meters, of which the four niches, the width of the land covered by his were the only set in this industry was that with the permission of the Ministry of industries and butterflies produce and also standards necessary in sync with 200 force of skilled and trained. shoulder to Shoulder the elders of the industry of that era نیرومندانه step in the way of building the homeland'. Build the biggest tanks, maintenance of water, acid and chemicals, up to 100 thousand liters, etc., tanks, maintenance of water, bleach, etc. the cabin, trapper cabin, the variety of parts, light and heavy vehicles, such as Windward, etc. Dashboard, rear bumper, and front, room, desert Jeep, etc. quater., the roof and cabins in the industry, shipping, rail and road, our country, and also blades kävlinge Tower, and hundreds of pieces of industrial other recorded repertoire, and sparkling, this company is related to the same period . Then in the 80's and entering a third decade of activity of the company, while obtaining all kinds of certification, national and international, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and 5S, while outlining a strategic plan for the long-term and short-term enter the arena of industrial activity in the substrate, the improvement مستمرگردید.

    گلپخش morning

    The production and distribution of products decorative green space, etc. \r\nطراحی and implementation of the commercial complexes, \r\nفلاور box, and waterfront and urban furniture\r\nطراحی and run, and maintenance روف garden and green wall\r\nمحوطه green space\r\n22461855 and 22462003, Tehran, Iran

    Company Development Trade, Armani, Paya ( optimization building Armani)

    Consultation, design, production and implementation of a variety of view کرتن wall لامل in. frameless, etc. sky reflections, etc. view Spider, etc., shaders, etc., Louvre, etc. yo Chanel and ..... Produce all kinds of door and window, aluminum ( exclusive to. thermal break), etc. Yu PVC in colors دکورال., the Electro-Static and anodize Produce all kinds of glass, double glazed in different colors and reflexes ( China, Iran, Belgium) Produce all kinds of tempered glass, anti-pellet, laminate, etc. sandblasted, etc. decorative, etc. stand for Fiberglass Manufactured using the most advanced devices in the world and equipped us free installation - Bradford, expert advice Has all the standards of quantitative and qualitative - with a warranty of three years

    Company monitoring electronics

    Designer and implementation of the automation system, ensures the monitoring of the electronics

    Company رامادر

    Now, the group industrial رامادر in the second decade of its activity, the satisfaction of customers, installation engineering, warranty true and use تکنسینهای qualified to بدیهیترین and the first principles of the company, has become. We believe that, with the right quality of the initial customer and is based on the belief abide in the chaos. We and our colleagues in the Department of industrial رامادر truth, and honesty, the cornerstone was put into the comfort for the sake of you think. For our sales the beginning of a commitment.

    شرکت عمران گستر ایده نو

    شرکت عمران گستر ایده نو دارای گواهینامه 9001 ISO دارای گواهینامه صلاحیت پیمانکاری

    Company آرشیت structures Alborz

    Construction company آرشیت structures Alborz consists of several subsections with over 15 years of experience in the field of design and implementation of a variety of construction projects and industrial, residential, and industrial with the aim of improving conditions on the design, administration, and also upgrade the quality of construction projects, etc. in sync with the progress of scientific and Technical in the country to make the activity'. Construction company آرشیت structures Alborz in addition to the central offices and the branch, the workshop, the direction of metal structures and workshop, the direction of the kitchen cabinets and artifacts, wooden. By the way, taking advantage of human forces experienced, an expert, efficient, and also utilizes Software Engineering based on computing the exact design ideally, project control, and better implementation of the orders of the other points of this group is Mission Consulting, design and implementation of their orders, with an emphasis on social commitment and customer satisfaction

    Company samin metal Iranians

    Things are very different, and, that fellow to in no part of Iran is seen

    The company logged makers Iranians

    One polymer manufacturer of flooring, resin, industrial, administrative, commercial, car park and health. Flooring, resin in liquid form, and two minor, are in place, install the two component together are mixed and on the floor. The final level of this study, after cooking. integrated and seamless, and according to the user location, the use of flooring have different thicknesses from 1 up to 6 mm. This flooring can be on the surface of the concrete and ... stone, mosaic and ceramic run. Beside the features, flooring, epoxy, such as mechanical strength, integrity level, and sealing, etc. flooring بساپلیمر in a variety of antibacterials (confirmation test, cultivation of bacteria), anti-abrasion and chemical resistant are provided. Also, in order to facilitate maintenance and cleanliness of the flooring, especially in places of industrial detergent solution بساپلیمر is provided. Features : - High wear resistance - Durable and user high - The capability of the sealing surface and the lack of create dust - Color variation - Maintenance and easy cleaning - Low maintenance costs, and the economic saving - Quick and easy installation - Integrity and the absence of seams Locations are used : - Areas of residential and commercial - Public health and pharmaceutical - Parking - Industrial locations - Warehouses and location, logistics - Food industry and dairy

    Civil engineering company wide idea new

    Run ceiling Knauf Civil engineering company wide idea new Presenter, systems for dry construction Knauf Iran The implementation of a variety of wall and ceiling Knauf includes: -Types of false ceiling grid using tiles 60*60 -Types of false ceiling, acoustic and AMF -False ceiling is simple with the use of prefabricated panels -False ceiling decorative -Box hidden light -A variety of walls, partitions, unilateral and bilateral -Run a variety of ceiling and wall, all PVC *Design and implementation of Interior Decoration* Has certificate of "management and engineering of modern" Iran Management Association Has a certificate from the National Center for competency Iran NACI Has a certificate of efficiency from the company AGS American Has a qualification certificate of contracting of the Ministry of Interior Licensed presenter, the legal building of the engineering organization

    Company decorating quiet amol

    Monopoly in دکوراسیون exterior and interior of the building with a history of 20 years busy .

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