• Company culture and Industry لتکا

    Agro-industry لتکا\r\n\r\nکشت and Industry لتکا by having skilled and capable and utilizes the latest methods and capabilities of the characteristics of the world, along with employing goods of high quality and incidence of internal and external try to provide satisfactory service to customers, and in this regard, with special attention to the system of customer-oriented all its efforts toward the satisfaction of the audience, the company used is because the goal of managers of the company to achieve priorities more important higher than the business income has been the policy of huge collection. In the first step, maintain position and credibility of the brand in terms of customers and in the next stage of upgrades, the increasing quality of the products and services offered industry and therefore provide the products required in this field, which has international standards related to ISIRI, Iran, and CE in Europe, DIN in Germany, are on track to achieve your goals with accuracy and seriousness of the move, appreciated by the officials of the company supplying the right products and the quality of the interior and also around the world try to complete the relevant equipment in various sectors of agriculture with the brands different that meets the tastes of different customers also.\r\nشرکت agro-industry لتکا no representation in Iran, and does not process the sale of the company just through the Office, branch, qazvin, do accepts.

    Company میرآب Isfahan

    Company میرآب Isfahan manufacturer of polyethylene pipe sizes from 16 to 630 mm in all category, compressive and braids drip irrigation (brigade) on the basis of national and international standard. The company having the most advanced laboratory equipment, and having the certification, 17025 NACI - ISO among the first and best laboratory آکرودیته and fellow Bureau of standards in the province. Also, the company has certificates application standard mark mandatory for all types of polyethylene pipes PE80و PE100و the side tubes ( 16میلیمتر), the certificate of application of standard incentive for braids, drip irrigation and approvals agriculture, with grid A, The confirmation test center of mechanization of Agriculture, management quality ISO 9001:2015, the occupational health and safety management, OHSAS-ISO 18001:2007 management to protect the environment ISO 14001:2015.

    Cooperative نوژان

    Cooperative نوژان as one of the suppliers from a variety of industrial products, including pump and booster pump, moisture, etc., pumps, industrial, oil and gas, etc. PIPING, systems, filtration, systems, pressurized irrigation ( drip – sprinkler ), etc. PE pipe and .... The company utilizes the forces of senior technical and engineering products with high quality and matches the international standards provided. Hope to be able to steps new in the field of Industry, watering the country lifted. Company نوژان with respect to the engineering, and build formidable to be able to resolve the specific needs of their customers in several areas . This company direction, achieve your goals, with the vision to communicate and cooperate with other companies active field irrigation around the world, believes in the cooperation set, that in a regard, their activities can be better results وسریعتر found, and hence with the conclusion of the contract with other companies to empowerment, your added and will be added to the.

    Company ابشاران plastic

    Standard seal Warranty ten-year-old all products Confirmation from the Directorate of irrigation karaj


    A company for the direct purchase of pipe and fittings with best quality and price

    برقآب exact wide

    Design and implementation of the irrigation system under pressure and drip irrigation for the garden and the villas and farms, fruit and ...\r\nطراحی filtering & land

    ارسیس tar

    ارسیس tar, manufacturer, tape, irrigation drip in sizes 10-15-20-30 cm in رولهای 1000 km, and with superior quality, with guarantee for one crop season in serving your loved ones.

    Water Starlings drop spadana Co.

    The production and sale of accessories of irrigation include the irrigation and polyethylene pipes and fittings system under pressure

    Company, Agricultural Services, aria

    Manufacturer and importer of equipment, modern irrigation-surface, sprinkler and drip

    An integrated company of Manufacturing, Industrial a.s

    In the year 1374, the production of the green pipe, walk to the arena production entity وافتخاراولین the manufacturer of the green pipe in Iran, in Paris.In this regard, and with the advancement of the building industry to take action to produce a new generation of pipes & buildings under لیسانسSafe Building Technolog England, that the same pipe, Pex-Al-Pex \"five layer\" can be - due to cost more that the plumbing pipes 5لایه compared to the green pipes, it is found that, in regard to the quality of the tube, 5-layer Industrial Group a.s action to the production tube, such that the new generation tube, 5 layers was dubbed the - pipe, PP-Al-Pex that all of the functionality of the pipe 5 layers to include and the usability of the fittings PP \"green\" in the plumbing system of the building. Thus, the tubes used in plumbing system of buildings of type 5 layer is and with the cost equal to the cost of plumbing with pipe, PP the \"green\" . With the increasing development of industry, building, manufacturing Group a.s action to the production of aluminum sheet composite with the name of the abbreviation a.s bond was the first manufacturer of this type of sheet and this time in the south of Iran, was dubbed.\r\n\r\nگروه industrial a.s in the direction of a complete portfolio of products, installation, building, action, to the production of PVC pipe that this product in two colors, black and gray, and coordinate with standards تبعین the production and market facilities across the country, and was now Industrial Group a.s action to the production of rotten connections the direction of the tube, five-layer Pex-Al-Pex (fittings PPA ) that for the first time in Iran, and again, by industrial group, a.s in March, the month of the year 88, the unveiling has to be the production of craftsmen on everyone clinched.These connectors with precious and worthy of the attention and the quality remarkable production is the ability to use in hot water plumbing system.Industrial Group a.s in another step in the direction of the needs of the industry, the installation, building in program, short-term action to produce PVC connections will be the name of the largest industrial installation in Iran on the glories of the past to add to your.\r\n\r\nمجتمع Manufacturing, Industrial, geysers, beach, Shiraz, Iran in the year 1389 with the aim of creating employment and the efficient use of water resources and avoid wasting water and meet the increasing demand and security needs of the public to consume a variety of drip irrigation products with the preparation of وخرید machines required and the skilled and knowledgeable to knowledge day with the belief that the quality of the guarantor of the security, economic, yogurt, starting its activity based on the designs and implementation of irrigation systems in the agricultural sector started.This company with two production line with a nominal capacity of 6000 tons in the year beginning with benefiting from the technology and the knowledge and use of forces, prone, and resourceful, etc. try to raise and improve increasing the level of qualitative and quantitative products). Now This Set with the use of technology and technology and having 5 production lines and a nominal capacity of 1200 tons and with obtaining certification and approval to national and international as one of the largest and most respected manufacturers products, bar, brigade, busy with activity.\r\n\r\nقالب, roof, green waffles, etc. direction of the implementation of a concrete ceiling with joists in situ applicable in steel structure buildings and concrete, it is possible to reduce the construction costs up to 30%, and new product manufacturing complex and industrial, a.s.

    Company آذرکیهان

    Company new idea December the cosmos as the only representative of this brand in Iran is trying in order to upgrade the quality level of the equipment, watering, step on the track to help extend the irrigation trail in our beloved country, none.

    Company mental Plast shabestar

    Significant butterfly national standard of Iran and approval of soil and water agriculture for government projects

    Comfort company of Azerbaijan

    Manufacturer of tube, نخدار and without yarn, and strip irrigation (brigade)

    Company personal

    قجهت more information from the website, see کنید\r\

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