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    Goods company accounts, smart phones,\r\nفروشگاه carpet قالینو


    Loom band make sure (company, industry, textile, jeweled make sure the Iranians ) is one of the massive production of carpet is that in the year 1374 in the pole industry, carpet Iran, industrial islands while بیدگلی located in the city of Aran وبیدگل was established. Loom band make during the Year, your activity in the textile industry, the country has managed in order to meet the needs and tastes of customers using the most advanced technology, texture, world, and take advantage of highly qualified specialists, etc. all kinds of Pitching machine's high-density, layout and colors of the various produce.

    Bozorgmehr Bidgol Textile Industries

    Preparation, purchase and import of raw materials and machinery related to textile industry, production -, sales, distribution, and export industries, textile and machinemade carpet

    Carpet, Kashan

    Group commercial carpet, Kashan as one of the earliest and largest manufacturers, presenting and distributors of all kinds of carpet, Kashan, and Mashhad and carpets, machine Kashan ever managed to produce and deliver ممتازترین and quality, the most products and services associated with all types of carpet and carpets machine.\r\n\r\nهمانطور that our motto clear and مبرهن is Kashan, the capital of carpet in the world can be, and this issue, we will be able Made In addition to produced because of the proximity to the biggest manufacturer, carpet, Kashan, best quality carpets and the best price rugs with the most varied designs and colors with quick post carpet to all users, and your customers, supply them.

    Home پالاز

    Store home پالاز\r\nعرضه what types of carpet, Parquet, laminate and ... flooring. wall paper, etc., curtains, artificial grass, prices vary. You can buy online from store Internet home پالاز take the time you. To see Home Products پالاز to the website please visit.

    Shop the rug market

    The carpet market from the first day established try to produce and sell quality machine-made rugs with the cheapest price. Now the carpet market with the production of a collection of the best and most beautiful machine-made rugs ۱۲۰۰ shoulder, ۱۰۰۰ shoulder, ۷۰۰, shoulder, etc. all kinds of machine-made rugs, cheap price plan ۷۰۰ shoulder, ۵۰۰, shoulder, etc. ۴۴۰ shoulder, etc. all kinds of rug, rugs modern, rugs, Baby, One of the largest manufacturers of carpet in Kashan. Advantage shop the rug market can be to buy direct and without intermediaries, etc. Free shipping to all over the country. get way هنگاه Delivery carpet. ۷ days guarantee return of goods and Warranty the lowest price noted.

    Shop carpet, Kashan

    Sell all kinds of machine-made rugs 500 shoulder and 700 shoulder in differing designs with Best Price

    Goods company rugs

    Direct supply carpet without intermediaries and with factory price\r\nارسال around the country

    Company knitting profile

    Texture carpets, face and landscape customize for you ...\r\n\r\nبافت carpets, exquisite face, you وعزیزان you the best and most enduring gift that you can give them.\r\n\r\nبافت carpets, machine quality incredible for a simple and outstanding...\r\n\r\NIF you want to images and photos evocative, your lasting. \r\n\r\nicon subsist Iran is a vast country, dear, that you are sending photos or images online in less than 10 days carpets it can deliver and at your home or place of work on the wall, install !!!!\r\n\r\nبافت carpets, machine 700 comb with excellent quality and incredible price, exceptional ...\r\n\r\nبا cost negligible, the most exquisite gift to our loved ones, we try ...\r\n\r\n\r\nهمین now call ...\r\n\r\n09132767750 Meteor owner kashani

    Company carpet jeweled Mashhad

    Sell all types of carpet\r\nتابلو carpet handmade projects\r\nفرش, Cape Chiffon\r\nفرشهای شگی

    Company aria negar Qom

    The best keepsake and decoration\r\n\r\nicon life who really dearly like!!!\r\n\r\nبافت carpets of the face and personal photos\r\n\r\nعکس you weave carpets from our\r\n\r\nاز anywhere in the world that are just the photo to our email and in less than ten days, and carpets of your delivery service.\r\n\r\nمدت time tissue and deliver the carpets just less than ten days\r\n\r\nجذاب the most wonderful gift that had the experience, you\r\n\r\nماندگاری up to hundred years.The gift a lasting and attractive carpet, video, aria, journalist\r\n\r\nجهت view the sample work done, address your email to, you inserted text the\r\n\r\nتخفیف special _قیمت to compare!!!

    Company Deco Randy

    تولیدوپخش تابلووباکس وپخشاجناس دکوری China واندونزی

    Company beautiful rug

    Carpet store, with more than half a century of experience in the industry, the carpet, the action to open a second branch located in aghdasiyeh).\r\nicon of this branch of the collection of carpets, handmade projects, exquisite Tabriz and machine-made rugs come together, in the quiet buying مطمن experience.

    Company, textile industry, Primrose

    Company textile of evening Primrose in the pole weaving the country, the city of flowers and roses, Kashan zone, industrial, Aran and bidgol, Isfahan to the production of a variety of machine-made rugs of employment . The management of this company with an acquaintance, complete to industry handmade carpets in the past and the recognition of dependants, and the seduction of the consumer market, etc., " on the consumers., the tastes and cultures of different regions of the country in the early 70's to the production of carpets, the machine hung up, and enjoying of Be and previous experience with the motto of quality, diversity and innovation, and benefit from the young and educated and use the most modern machinery manufacturing. Hand to initiatives and innovation, abundance and the use of intelligence and talent inherent in your blend of new industry and old tradition, has been able to products are very diverse and worthy of such carpets beautiful and attractive, jajim featured, cushion, floral highlights, and a variety of rugs with maps, authentic Persian rugs, rugs, child rug for mosques and تکایا, and more recently boards with top-quality materials and the highest quality to the consumer market supply. Years presence in the field of production, always keep you smiling the carpet, it is also the territory of the country, which is one of the substrates, the massive production of carpets and textiles has been the factor which set the carpet of evening Primrose is very active and surging. and Didi is fully open relative to the horizon, the country's economic and international markets. On everyone the obvious and مبرهن that the industry durable carpet فرازو downs, many has seen, and all this with the arrival of technology to the industry not been as far as the carpet industry machine to have very fast and complex to become one of the industries influential. Due to the تغییرو developments of the company textile industries of evening Primrose, having very high potential in the field of textile, and the full recognition of the management and personnel executive in the production of carpets has been able with the grace and loving kindness of God grow substantially. In this regard, the strategic objectives of the company revolves around two axes, the main focused has been: 1 - recognizing the need of the market and expand product offerings for the domestic consumer and also the diversity in the role and plan of the carpet: Of the carpet continues to be a product needed in the cart home to the spooky name. Although the process according to the prestige of the decorative and artistic, this product in advance, will be considered, but still in the culture of Iran and Iranian carpet plus بربه responsible for getting the make-up of a. The role of the cladding large also played. Such attitudes cause can be manufacturer in addition to precision in the role and plan of the carpet, the quality is also special attention. Management carpet evening Primrose due to the tips while strengthening units, quality control and packaging for specific to the planning for the units of the design company). That in this regard, succeeded in obtaining the certificate ISO 9001 2000 version of the company DQS Germany, and was subsequently a member of the network world quality IQNET .The preparation and design of the latest maps used in the carpet, the variation in the color scheme of the carpet and design, in different sizes and custom bohemian, etc. their causes, that always carpet Primrose carpet, different and lasting. 2 - produce a product competitive to achieve international markets: As was said, Look and attitude to the carpet in Iran and many other countries is different. Carpet in Europe, Luxury Goods and decorative, which is merely the complement is to add to the beauty of the interiors. A correct understanding of the international market to ...

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