• دماپویا

    Company دماپویا one of the largest referral facility, and air conditioning in Iran, which in recent years represented many brands, prestigious have, and all of the company's products, representing the main importer companies provide legal.دماپویا shop online Authentic Sale, installations, ventilation, heating systems, equipment & pool and ... industry.

    Broadcasting Company the plastic azizi

    Broadcast plastic, azizi \r\nبا more than ten years of experience in the field of export of plastic to the inside of the outside of the country (export) in Tehran, ready to send the goods, plasco, to across the country.\r\nوامروزه with a major player of plastic auction (2000و5000) wholesale in the country, with کیفیفت وتنوعی over 300 pen has managed to place a desirable reach .\r\nاجناس plasco: includes a variety of wares, plasco, 2000 و5000 wholesale and goods, (kitchen) and crystaline auction 2000 and 5000 \r\nجهت notice of the prices call.\r\n09335471816 new\r\nتهران .خ خاوران وبزرگراه Imam Reza .وروردی خاورشهر پلاک1

    The company, Alborz

    The sale of milk processing machinery, health guarantee, 5-year-old

    Shop building حسینلویی

    Shop building حسینلویی Dealer, building supplies, and kitchen equipment

    Iran carpet company

    Company joint-stock carpet, Iran, currently, under the guise of having a number of 25شعبه manufactured in more than 500 villages and 100 cities and the city as the largest manufacturer of handmade carpet, over 10,000 carpets, skilled in the areas of its activities under the cover of employment in قالیبافی is kept.

    Company, young industry stayle sanat javan

    Industrial company young\r\nThis company with at least 40 years of experience in the design and construction of artifacts of metal, such as a variety of the most modern grilling پزها وشومینه fancy for decoration, that a number of them mentioned :\r\nانواع fireplace, metal gas and هیزمی and ethanol burner that to a number of models of it.\r\n1 - types of the modern fireplace, LCD projection \r\n2 - a variety of fireplace هیزمی \r\n3 - all types of electric fireplace\r\n4 - all kinds of barbecue, gas\r\n5 - a variety of barbecue gas\r\n6 - types of barbecue charcoal\r\n7 - a variety of barbecue wide double\r\n8 - a variety of special orders accepted.\r\n9 - types, brazier, cast iron\r\nThis company prepared their contractors وانبوه makers and......The direction of installation of the fireplace وکباب پزها in the garden and the villas and homes ready to announce the picks Factory address : Tehran, شادآباد square, boron-خ 17 شهریور خ alley 3 پلاک9 r\\r\n 66784779\r\n66808617\r\n09122807132\r\n09197171244

    Sam industry, orang(Sam set)

    Manufacturer and supplier of home appliances and kitchen plus warranty

    Company, center Sony Zafar

    Representation of trading company in Iran, the official representative of Sony in Iran

    Dana sleep

    Bulk supply, and Single types, bedspread, sport and clutches

    The oak store

    Sell all kinds of bedspread, etc. towels, goods, sleeping, and bathroom

    Company سپیگان industry

    Manufacturer of strap hanger - table for ironing - dresses and آبچکان - broomstick - darkloids - hooks for and .....

    Company playback pause

    Distributor and importer of fittings, etc. valves and equipment cabinets\r\nدستگیره rails, hinges, baseboard, screws, stud adhesive, hood, sink, gas oven ....

    Trading company سلاز

    Business سلاز in the commercial city of baneh, has 9-year-old(ت1383) honor داردتا with the supply of the newest وبهترین brands air in a variety of different sizes along باگارانتی valid, this time the honor داردتا their products through the Internet with the necessary advice in order to purchase the products according to the customers ' need and type of use in one's possession . Store products generally models the main companies, that Dear customers to buy the products, for example, company LG have model original company to announce their not products of the company goldiran is assembled in Iran . Dear customers to order, can be one of the two methods under the buys) 1)in the case of the city, near such as: all regions of north of Iran . Tehran, Iran . Semnan . Kerman . Isfahan . Zanjan . Qazvin . Ardabil . Tabriz . Faculty . Qom . Lorestan . Hamedan . Kermanshah . Central and areas of their function that our Dear customers these regions the direction of order just after the announcement of the address and record the order of the amount of the fare times, as deposit, to deposit, they ومابقی the money after the delivery door and ensure the health of the product is received 2)about the rest of the cities of Iran : because the desired trajectory is far away fares times about this loved ones, expensive. In this mode, store the sum as a deposit, the customer receives vojens to Tehran, and through cargo to all country send.The rest of the money after the delivery in the Burberry وخواندن number بیجک Bill of lading for the customer. In this case also, if the product before you install any problems have the shop responsible for دارکلیه product problems. Products: Air conditioner ogeneral 12000 air conditioner cooler 18000 split ogeneral 24000 air cooler 30000 split ogeneral 36000 air conditioner Samsung 12000 ogeneral, Samsung, 18000 air Samsung 24000 air Samsung 30000 air tefal 12000 air tefal 18000 air tefal 24000 air tefal 30000 air conditioner, LG 12000 air conditioner, LG 18000 air conditioner LG 24000 air conditioner, LG 30000 ogeneral, LG 36000 air conditioner Mitsubishi 12000 ogeneral, Mitsubishi, 18000 air conditioner Mitsubishi 24000 air conditioner Mitsubishi 30000 ogeneral, Mitsubishi, 36000, ready, sharp, 24000 air conditioner sharp 30000 business سلاز for internet shopping اشانتیونی, which includes one of the accessories, installing the cooler is to the buyer submit . مامیخواهیم you, the client, our habitual mind, we are 24 hour ready to meet your loved ones transpires.You in addition to buy from us, you can to buy the other as well, with our advice, please note the address:Kurdistan-Bane-alley, azizi passage,-Commerce, big سلاز phone:08754233621 sober:09189823613 heydari:09184398677 09191180160 heydari Fax:08754233621 system SMS 10009184398677 with a one time purchase of our client's habitual stores, you about buying other products, as well as clients, delusion, fellow, dear, can the same method acting to buy the equipment needed, your clearly in the meantime, the store no other branch outside of the city of baneh no

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