• Company salt.

    The central group of factories and salt mines, - Co-dependent salt subsisting .(House of salt ) \r\nمجموعه salt, subsisting for the first time in the country is proud to inform you buyers and customers finish that salt, subsisting in a short explanation, i.e. \r\n1 - the power and the capacity of the molded 8واحد salt plant and salt mine, and salt and industrial units of edible salt \r\n2 - the highest production capacity, products, salt, seed variety and packaging in the country\r\n3 - the best service, and the first time in the salt services since ازفروش\r\n4-the biggest team, notification and advice to customers \r\n5-The preparation, production and delivery of a variety of products, salt, even to ask the esteemed client درهرنوع Analytics real-time and seeds and packaging \r\n6-the first specialized Laboratory of salt \r\n7 - and eventually groups-salt, - to validate the trust of your clients first and the largest aggregation center salt professional country است\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n********************************************************\r\nسخن CEO :\r\nباعرض Hi and courteous and احترا serve \r\nتمامی customers and buyers products salt set this \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nپس ten years of activity in the factory وبازنمک and in specialized the industry, and also the use of توانمدیها and capacities, the area of the city of garmsar as the greatest potential and having the largest and قنی the most salt mines mountain on your own, eventually, in 1388, collection, company, salt, - it aimed to integrate the sales and capacities, eight-unit manufacturing and mining salt in the region established, we \r\nدرزمان People's family ومجموعه company salt, subsisting about the component requirements and goals and line ومشی company have placed, and with the managers of the organization, both swear that we \r\n1 - organization and specialized, the industry's first purpose وارمان company salt subsisting قراردهیم\r\n2 - branding to conception a real brand in the salt that تاآن day happens to be employed with great success, salt, grain and salt, industrial, a market is quite traditional, being \r\n3 - run the concept and ...

    Company Sunrise trade East

    Company, Joint Stock Company, Sunrise trading East, in the year 1393 with the purpose of preparation and distribution of medications and materials, and requirements for food and health regarding the consumption of Crafts, food, livestock, poultry and aquaculture was established. In the field of disinfection manufacturer The Company as the official representative of the brand CID LINES to the import of a variety of materials, sterilization manufacturer pays. CID LINES, a company بلژیکی is the mission of which is to guarantee food safety from farm to table, or innovation, and innovation in products, sanitary, and is also the company to more than 90 countries in 5 continents its products are exported) that such market-wide best confidence for customers. This company with having the strongest standard of quality, such as ISO9001, ISO 2000, GMP, pharmaceutical. Company Sunrise trade the honor of presenting a variety of disinfectants manufacturer in the food industry, which includes systems of transportation, CIP, etc. sterilization equipment and devices, and.. has.

    Company رتوناک shaya

    Industrial Group generation ( cabin Technopark) from year ۸۳ space ۵۰۰۰ square meters was established. This collection with the years of specialized experience in the industry, the fiberglass and with new approach in advancing your goals as a leading company in the field of design and construction of the cabin, a hundred percent aerodynamic, perfectly lightweight and resistant to all kinds of Cars, Vans activity your looking for. لازم to mention the ... products and samples, presented in high quality and also the standards of your witness over the years, specialized and experiential, effective and valuable this collection is. Also, such approach, Industrial Group, century, etc. according to the research, production, supply, and support, in line with the long-term objectives and also satisfaction is significant for the customers. تامین a commodity in the electricity industry include measuring instruments وقیچی cable Barry - tools insulation-hours command, season, and...

    Adak trading Diba

    Company Adak trade Diba, in the year 1377 in the city of Tehran, thank you was. This company is one of the largest importer and distributor of chemical raw materials in Iran that industry diversity include : the chemical industry - cosmetics - detergents –pharmaceutical–, food -, paper and textile covered put is.\r\nآداک trading Dubai with more than 18 years of experience and work experience in this field, relying on knowledge , expertise and experience, with an ongoing effort in the direction of the development of innovation and maintain a competitive advantage in this industry and take pride in being of service to the chemical industry - cosmetics - detergents –paper and textile and that is not an exaggeration if you claim now manufacturers a huge across the country (daroogar, etc., Foo press. pakshoo., the Henkel clean, VASH, etc ..) In use of the products we are now expanding to provide products and a complete portfolio of product and services necessary to the esteemed buyers in your industry.\r\nسیستم, Quality Control, Research and development is one of the best parts of the company in importing, buying and distribution industry that utilizes technical experts and skilled specialists in order to achieve a better quality of action and provide appropriate services to clients, ensures.Next\r\nاهداف\r\nشرکت Adak trade Diba only the official representative of prestigious companies and include: Methachem Canada and LanYu, China, and Deepak Nitrite Limited, India, is واماده offer different products and is with the diversity of the brand, continues to negotiate with the company, the valid, other the direction of get the representation of them.\r\n\r\n - the development of import and export with regard to sufficient experience, the company\r\n - import based on the customers order in accordance with the standards and specifications\r\n - pioneer in innovation and updated product portfolio in accordance with the need of the day customers\r\n - focus on the engineers, sales and after-sales service from point of order to final consumption\r\n - create and launch the production line of raw materials

    Petro trade Kian

    Company Petro trade Qian \r\n\r\nشرکت Petro business people, active in the field of chemical products, petrochemistry, and mineral is one of the trading companies and manufacturing leading in Iran is that the ingredients required for a wide range of industries, the country with the highest quality and services to our customers supply.\r\nشرکت Petro trade Qian with having a single master and a very strong support is trying to after-sales services, their quality, the higher to your customers to provide the ... with over a decade of experience, chemistry, trade goods, and the star trust among suppliers and customers, business and a name synonymous with the highest quality products and services it has.\r\nتمرکز we create value not only through the provision of products, but with : \r\n - share information of Market, Global and local\r\n - provide services to customers with specific needs\r\n - the development of opportunities advantageous to the parties.\r\nموفقیت US, relies on the ethics and skills of the team متخصصمان is. Environmental created that the growth of employees, partners and the community takes place .

    International trading Golden testament spring

    International Trading Company Golden testament spring in the field of purchase and sale of domestic, importing and exporting a variety of food, cereals and all the goods licensed, commercial, ready to provide services of the highest quality in the least possible time, to customers in Iran and neighboring countries.

    Stainless steel pars

    Uh hello, \r\nشرکت stainless steel pars, with a record of brilliant, except for the leading companies in the arena of imports of sheet stainless steel is considered that its activities in the year 1374 in the complex pars Ghadir has begun .\r\nفعالیت major the company import sheet, thick stainless steel 420 _ 430 _ 304 _ 316 .\r\nتخصص and major activity of the company is import of stainless steel sheet 420 .\r\nفولاد alarm Nossen 420 (فریتی) \r\nآلیاژهای iron - Chrome with :\r\nC%(0.17_0.25) carbon\r\n ( 14 _12 ) % cr chrome \r\nمنیزیم, 1.5% Mn,\r\nسیلیس, 1.0% Si\r\nهمان is that you can see the amount of carbon in stainless steel 420, C%(0.17_0.25) And compared to the other alloys, the percentage of carbon is more and this is what makes this type of stainless steel property of plating to catch that if the process سختکاری well done can be tough, it's even up 47-45 (HRC)increased, which makes climbing mechanical properties, can be that this property منچصر patented stainless steel 420 is to say that the only alloy reliable, hard working and heat treatment of stainless steel 420 . \r\nاز other hand, there are ( 14 _12 ) % cr Chrome makes compared to the corrosion resistance, and to show more that one of the reasons the most widely used alloys in the engineering industry, مهحسوب . \r\n\r\nفولاد alarm Nossen J2))420 \r\nThis type of alloy in addition to having all the property of stainless steel 420 to the reason that the amount of carbon is almost double the 420 is the amount of hardness that after heat treatment to your heart almost بین52_ 54 (HRC).


    Buy and sell all minerals and raw materials, steel as well as import and export and customs clearance of کمرکات country

    Trading company NIKAN

    Trading company NIKAN in the field of supply and wide distribution of raw materials the direction of the food industry including:\r\nانواع پودرآب پنیرuf (protein, 5-3)with the Brand of the resort and ...\r\nانواع پودرآب traditional cheese (protein 11-9 )\r\nانواع dry milk powder low fat (askim) protein 33%\r\nانواع powder, dry milk high-fat\r\nانواع dry milk powder mixed with powder whey, with percent protein (type 5-1)\r\nانواع vegan butter (margarine) Yellow and white\r\nجهت dairy industry - sweets and chocolate - biscuits and cakes وکلوچه ونان-snacks and cereals bulkier -sausage-pasta\r\nخواهشمندیم in the event of a desire for more information with the business unit please contact us.\r\nتلفن call: (10خط) 36624444-031 the interior of a engineer abdali\r\nهمراه: 09135619476\r\nلینک channel trading direction of the price and conditions of sale:\r\n

    پایار trade زمردین

    Trading company پایار trade زمردین(number ثبت3682) with the use of experts and professors, sales and marketing activities with your target buying and selling and exporting all kinds of medicinal herbs, vegetables dried, fruits dried, spices, etc., dried fruit, etc. has started.\r\n\r\nThis company with direct communication with the farmers, harvest, suppliers and manufacturers across the country and preparation of medicinal plants and other products for the first category and distributing them in domestic and foreign markets with good price and quality, tried to supply the required products, target markets). Commercial enterprise and commerce that in the field of domestic sales or export activities. companies. companies of essential oils and extracts. company, the pharmaceutical plant, food industry, packaging and other related industries can get your required products with quality and reasonable price and in the fastest time of the We wish.\r\n\r\nهمچنین, the trading company ready to cooperate with farmers, harvest, suppliers and manufacturers of dear across the country.\r\n\r\n\r\nعمده the activities of the company\r\n\r\n\r\n• preparation and distribution of a variety of plant han pharmaceutical, dehydrated vegetables, fruit, spices, dry, spices, and ...\r\n• export and import of medicinal plants\r\n• raw material supply companies, pharmaceutical industries, food and packaging

    سانسیز تجارت

    واردات مواد اولیه صنعتی . صادرات مواد غذایی\r\n\r\n“SunSeas Business Group” is an international business-trading group specializing in providing the best solutions for supplying the best raw materials for industrial factories, extending their products market, investing and financing on their projects for growing in global market and develop in the entire world.\r\n\r\nWe, “SunSeas Business Group”, also help the industry in order to develop market, introduce Iranian goods feature in the world and demonstrate the capabilities of Iranian producer. In fact, we, “SunSeas Business Group”, is a bridge between industries and markets. Our main activity, is supplying raw materials for industry, market expansion and marketing, and also investment and financial assistance for the progress and development.

    pooia steel

    Sheet metal,amirkabir galvanized steel, shahrekord galvanized steel. , Emirates & Chinese steel products

    Kimia expensive superior zanjān

    Company alchemists superior zanjān with 30 years of experience, the producer of sulfate of copper and zinc, iron, manganese and ... with high quality.

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