• Clean oil

    Contact with the company\r\nپاکو, etc. cleaners, strong stains and contaminants as well as shiny and sparkling is in addition to cleanliness, such as protective levels as well.Paco, unlike similar products, etc. the fatty layer and viscous surfaces remain eliminated, and due to having بارمثبت anti-dust phenomena have تامدتها prevents from attracting dust. also has the antiseptic has and surfaces thoroughly clean and disinfect.\r\nThis product lacks fumes, chemicals, toxic and conforms to world standards is made.\r\nویژگیهای cleansing products Paco Plus:\r\n1.Free ازهرگونه materials, oil, color white, fragrance conditioners products represent is that the products پاکوپلاس unlike similar products from petroleum, that the process of bleaching and بوبری barely have products, bleaching and بوبری not is not used.\r\n2.Free from solvents, chemicals, and lacks the toxic fumes.\r\n3.Raw materials used in products پاکوپلاس of the best brands in the cosmetic industry.\r\n4.The lack of damage to the skin.\r\n5.Products are free from any material reactants and رتدیکال, that makes no reactive باسطوح not and increases the longevity of the levels.\r\n6.All of the products on the surfaces of a film material, protective, anti-dust created.\r\n7.Products Paco-plus levels of the fatty and viscous, does not.\r\n8.This product is in containers, the color of the direction of The appear white color and the consistency of the product for the customers is supplied

    کاوان Chemistry pasargad

    Industrial manufacturing company \"کاوان Chemistry pasargad\" in the year 1390 with the aim of producing and supply of raw materials for the chemical and polymer required by domestic industries, including industries, paint and resin, etc. synthetic fibers, etc., fertilizer, poisons, etc., building industry, petroleum and petrochemical industries, as well as providing expert advice in this field to work.\r\nThis company major activities specialized in the field of supply of chemicals, import-focused), and has been an important step in improving the supply chain management of raw materials, distribution, and feed production lines, and Industry of the country. Capital our spiritual has a long history of executives and specialized personnel and trained the company in large industries, engineering, commercial, and manufacturing chemicals that are the product of this knowledge and experience now in this direction, and using it can be.\r\nهدف this collection expand and market storage in the industry, the country and our mission is to supply, production and distribution of quality products and with the economic saving to the customers.\r\nچشم views company \"کاوان Chemistry pasargad\" become a supplier stable, and the level of the first in the country, too independent, and Eastern Europe. Employing the methods of to-day, and standard in the direction of the distribution and delivery of products across the country, supply goods with the motto of best quality and price, depending on the needs of the consumer, services this company compared to other suppliers, distinctive made.

    The chemical industry safe بهدار هیرکان

    The company proceeded to the production and packaging of substances, antiseptic, detergent, industrial used in various industries, he is able to fit the specialized needs of customers, the action to produce the products اختصاصصی.

    Pars hope

    Our activities in industrial sectors and agriculture, increase the efficiency, productivity, etc. ensure proper functioning of the system and reduce the cost of water consumption, energy.

    Company mehran engine hope

    The company on the date 1375/09/21 to number 152 in Tehran was registered.And the license of operation to the number 127/17613به date 1391/05/24 in qazvin get. And activity information in the field of industrial oils وهیدروکربن the beginning.

    Now the phenomenon of the chemistry of journalists

    Now the phenomenon of the chemistry of journalists (pjs) , relying on the experienced and expert and also caring your tried on it have with products with quality beyond imagination and also the packaging stylish to the people of our supply.

    Now Sufis Chemistry

    Erode\r\nپروانه operation 1382, national standards 6591-6592 lab fellow, Institute of standard and industrial research of the holder of the ISO 9001 member of association managers, industries, Gulf, house, industry, mining and the Gulf

    The chemistry of the Galaxy

    The Department of chemistry of the Galaxy in the field of import and distribution of chemical raw materials case, the consumption of crafts, activities, does, and ever honored that has a small share in the supply of goods, the basic requirements producers and artisans, dear have.\r\n\r\nشیمی galaxy, it is up bestow the acquaintance, more and more producers and consumer chemical raw material and provide this material with a quality as soon as possible and with the lowest price the more you serve the customers.

    فرانیکل sepahan

    The production of raw materials, plating, چربیگیر and phosphate

    The company Nano-x wash

    9 WATERLESS CAR WASH x wash specialist in the production of car wash without water, nano-technology, with the unique formulation of eco-friendly, certificate ISO 9001 from Germany, and obtaining certification, eco, green, eco-friendly, from Europe, wait for the products we're

    The company processed the Atlas

    The company processed the Atlas With a history over two decades, the production of sulfate dry powder (34%)(iron)(manganese) for the consumption of agricultural fertilizers and sodium sulfate the direction of taking respected manufacturers of detergent in mass production, ready to supply direct to the consumers.

    Nano developers Damavand

    Corporate Nano-developers Damavand supplier of a variety of materials, and wash Nano in the field of car of superior brand(GLANZ Chemikalie) American(Diamond Chemical), and... The best of ask us... Phone call to place an order: 09363840360 09906170381 Sales management: nosrati

    Company گامافرآیند

    The procurement, distribution, and import chemical raw materials

    Company parham Chemistry

    Company parham Chemistry\r\n\r\nThis honor is that in the field of import of poly-electrolytes, but the best and the biggest and the first company importer تیانران in Iran, who, during recent years, decisions in the field of import and sale of poly-electrolytes is also\r\n\r\nشرکت تیانران (Anhui Tianrun) One of the largest producers of material poly-acrylamide solution in water as the electrolyte the direction of a variety of uses, including in the purification of wastewater, drilling oil industries, paper and mining in the country of China.\r\n\r\nبر the basis of customers ' need five tags, poly acrylamide (PAM), include anionic, etc. cationic, etc. نانیونی, etc. آمفوتریک and emulsion in suffering, differently can be manufactured.\r\n\r\nمحصولات company has approval by the EU and the standard of NSF. Also the major products of the company, Petro China Quality Approval Certificate, obtaining have.\r\n\r\nواحد research and development the company has always sought new products based on the development of the application of the polymers promoted and marketed. For this reason, the company's products to more than ۳۲ countries in the world are exported.\r\nشرکت parham's Chemistry, unlike other sellers, and intermediaries that are just attempting to sell فلوکولانت to work together to equip a lab full of all the wastewater of its customers, and the sampling period, done and tested with the effluent always the best فلوکولانت for any effluent identified.\r\nهمچنین company parham chemistry is ready for new customers. services are tested on the effluent to determine the best type of فلوکولانت about the need for free do.\r\nضمنا in case of need, we have prepared a sample kg of each variety فلوکولانت available for you Dear customers send, our.\r\n\r\nتلفن, 09122074312-02188681900-02165341198

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