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    Design and consulting وتجهیز conference hall وجلسات

    Company Institute the golden opportunity

    The Institute of cultural multi-purpose management doctor ایرانشاهی and direction of the activities of scientific -research, psychology, and art is composed and to the needs of students at every level the latter. By the way, the box set of experienced teachers inside and outside of the country selected and the quality of the work done in priority. This institute perform a variety of thesis and research paper in any discipline and with any level accepts and by the way, writing a variety of specialized books and novels as well, except for the activities of the Institute. Counseling, academic and career as well as consulting, advertising, and business management methods and goal-setting and future career in small and big jobs as well as other activities of the Institute. By the way, all the factories and jobs can improve the business of consulting, staffing and project planning and control of experts of the Institute also use.

    The Institute of cultural art. wave media votes

    Part of the performance Institute:\\ r\\n \\r\\n1– preparation and construction of more than 2000 minute documentary, commissioned by various companies, oil and gas . \\r\\n 2– making tens about a TV teaser . \\r\\n 3 - build 10-documentary of the stages of construction and operation of phase 6, then 7 and 8 of South Pars . \\r\\n 4 - making 6 documentary of the stages of construction and operation of phase های9 and 10 of South Pars . \\r\\n \\r\\n5 - construction of 600 minutes documentary film with the theme of the cultural, social, to order the police force \\r\\n 7 – build 2000-minute TV program, with the axis of cultural and economic for the Network News . \\r\\n 8 – The construction of the 400-minute documentary, social and economic for the network one, two, three, and five SIMA . \\r\\n 9– build tens of documentary, industrial factories and industrial units of the country. \\r\\n10 - conference and Exhibition for the region wijhe economic well spring . Area the Liberator creed . Union آسیابانان the world - the Union of recycling industries - company market clearing News – Network health and \\r\\nدرمان city, shahriyar - Exhibition of Quran, Tehran, ونمایشگاه press . \\r\\n11 - production 180 program, documentary, social, economic, and cultural order, the network television market with the time of 2000 minutes .

    The Institute of cinematic نقشینه movie

    The Institute of cinematic نقشینه movie registration number 1458 and accreditation Directorate General of Culture and Islamic guidance, in 1382 with the management of Alireza ebrahimi, was established .This institute is one of the most prolific institutions of filmmaking, the province has about 14000 ( fourteen thousand minutes ) film production has رزترین making it 512 part documentary value of the said noble of this land. \r\n this institution, relying on the knowledge of the forces trained and professional in the field of research, writing, etc., imaging, etc. صدابرداری digital media and its readiness to cooperate in the field of media are weak

    Book store cute

    Book store cute\r\n\r\NICON in the year 1392 by Mohammad Seifi founded the store send the books to across the country.\r\n\r\NAND always trying on this have been all the books available in the market in book shop cute for the customers collection, we\r\n\r\nدرباره shop cute \r\n\r\nعلل the name of this shop:\r\n\r\nکوتاه being called cute (, which is the only of the three letters is formed.\r\nیکی being the mode of spoken and written word (Naz)\r\nاز letters without Muslim formed that causes the write, it is comfortable.\r\nنامی is comfortable in the iconic remains.\r\nآرم shop:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nمعنای:\r\n\r\nناز the name of a store that has the letter N, it means the need and the arrow letter a to letter z connects to the meaning of this is that in the store, the cute you need from the letter Z, or the same a to the same or z is available.\r\n\r\nناز:need you from A to Z\r\n\r\nNaz : everything you need from a to z\r\n\r\nفروشگاه cute in the beginning, with the title of the book The Iranians that a book site that in 2013 was equal to 1392 Hijri\r\n\r\nشمسی as online book store ایرنیان the beginning of the activity). now the store\r\n\r\nناز monthly with over a dozen hits to their service offering and users\r\n\r\NICON per hour to review books that to 99,000 the title of the book on this site services.\r\n\r\nThis site, that in order to access all the Persians to the book of your favorite established books\r\n\r\n mail and customized to all parts of the country, and The Courier motor in Tehran at the disposal of the Iranians\r\n puts.So the auxiliary is to increase the per capita study in the country.\r\n\r\nچرا shop cute\r\n\r\n1.Presented in the book with a discount of\r\n\r\n2. Prepare and send all books\r\n\r\n3.Order call 24 hour number : 09127744012\r\n\r\n4.Order through mail or email (\r\n\r\n5.The address is easy to access to the site \r\n\r\\r\n\r\n 6. The customer can in this store, no need to register for guest purchase.\r\n\r\n goals and prospects.

    Online bookstore cavity

    Website cavity a plethora of the world, and KRG publication of Iran and the world for all age groups, including children and adolescents, and has provided and plans to provide quality, desirable and in the shortest time possible, the process of sending and delivery to what's in and what's out of the country for you کتابخوانان dear provide.

    Cinema verse

    Cinema verse\r\n\r\nاکران the newest Iranian cinema, Iran\r\nاکران animations, world\r\nاکران blockbuster action and horror in the world\r\nاجاره timeslot to the organs, organizations and groups with an incredible discount


    Provider of training, development, competencies management and leadership

    Learning the Italian language

    Italian language teaching from the book espresso for the exam استرنی, etc. Considering that March, 1396, the last exam استرنی in level B1 برگطار is, and for the continuing education and exam استرنی, that the Embassy approved, you must have the book, B2, also be read Education, from the first book A1تا the fourth book B2 Class time 1H and a half And feel free Class 3-hour is also held. ***Along with the conduct of the test preparation and trial*** In the absence of the ability to attend classes can teach non-verbal choose. (Skype, imo, ... ) In the city: light, amol, Mazandaran, Iran mahmudabad, etc., babolsar, babol، مازندران، ساری More information, contact 09384372500یا ایمیل

    Journal fog / پایگاه خبری awl industry

    Set media and advertising is mainly in the field of industries, automobiles, accessories and spare parts(magazine, fog) + crafts, leather, bags & footwear, textile and apparel(news awl industry) activity.

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