• Pudineh Baft Textile Industries Co.,Ltd

    Pudineh Baft Textile Industries Co.,Ltd. with more than half a century of experience and using the world\\\\\\\\'s best methods in the textile industry as well as successful cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, is leading the way in providing the following superior quality products\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n• Velvet fabric for comfortable and steel furniture \\\\r\\\\n• Plain and patterned velvet fabric for curtains \\\\r\\\\n• Velvet fabric for cushion, counterpane and footrest/footstool\\\\r\\\\n• Velvet fabric for children\\\\\\\\'s soft dolls (stuffed toys)\\\\r\\\\n• Women\\\\\\\\'s fur coat with different animal skin patterns\\\\r\\\\n• Lace fabric for women\\\\\\\\'s dress\\\\r\\\\n• Women plain cloth lace fabrics \\\\r\\\\n• Cloth lace fabric with solid colors\\\\r\\\\n• Cloth lace fabric with very beautiful colored foil \\\\r\\\\n• Lace fabric used for celebrations and wedding party decoration\\\\r\\\\n• Artificial leather fabrics for furniture and cushion\\\\r\\\\n• Artificial leather fabrics for women\\\\\\\\'s bag and shoes in different designs and colors\\\\r\\\\n• Shower curtain fabric in solid colors \\\\r\\\\n• Women stretch fabric with solid colors\\\\r\\\\n• Women stretch fabric with very beautiful colored foil

    Modern weave blue zayandeh River

    Company modern weave blue zayandeh river with its several technologies in the field of knitting complete production towels that all have the top most and most advanced equipment are able to is products with best quality and variety in designs, colors, associate, sample, Foreign, and even superior supply it . The company's brand and export (it) ever has been able to their products in accordance with the terms of the consumer market, domestic and foreign, enter them that their show of activity continuous and targeted the company in order to raise the quality of the products has been Towel, blue, according to this entry, ranked first in the export of towel, blanket to countries in the Middle East (UAE, etc., Yemen,..), which is a major part of the productions of this country, will be sent . The need of market, internal and external, has caused that the company's production from 80 tons to 220 tons per year increased . The diversity of the company's products in terms of color, dimensions and model, arguably every taste and need supplies . Company modern weave blue zayandeh river, one of the largest manufacturers of towels in Iran that year free in this arena of activity . This company, from the year 1386 to the customers demand, action, to the production of promotional towels for special and part-time), but to review and increase the number of the applicant, the production of promotional towels for major and immense diversity in the layout and the type of weave, yarn, dimensions, and color has begun, and are now ready supplying all kinds of promotional towels to the request of our esteemed customers .You owners jobs respected can order towels with advertising, brand your products for a long time, Terry in sight of your customers.Towel is one of essential accessory of everyday humans deemed to be and because of that, advertising you through a towel could influence more in the mind of your customer create.From the other side of the period of promotional gifts, including : maturities, etc. keyring, a pen, etc. to سرآمده.You distinguished from others, think always a step forward.

    Caspian Merino

    Industrial group Caspian Merino,\r\nپیشرو in the industry, commodity sleeping, and textiles, hotel\r\nدارای European standard and the exporter country in year ۱۳۹۴\r\nتلفن:\r\n۰۲۱ ۳۳۰۱۰۹۱۳\r\n۰۲۱ ۳۳۰۱۰۹۷۵

    The group of factories, cleaning Syd

    Produce all kinds of cloth, no cleaning on the weight and size various quality excellent and the price very appropriate, and send to all parts of the country with just one call


    Manufacturing group Ben activity with your established company to the tissue sepahan in the year 1374, in mobarakeh industrial with the aim of carpet production, started. The products of this company in addition to the domestic markets of the country. in the countries of the region, including Afghanistan and Iraq, and also to be sold.\r\nامروز after the two decades of activity by having managers committed and experienced staff and employing knowledge of the world with the purchase, construction, installation and commissioning of new devices, manufacturing and completing a variety of floor carpet, and production lines, polypropylene fiber, polyester and also production lines for resin and oil, has spread.

    Enamel polyester

    Production and supply of polyester fibers, a sucker for wide

    Knitting Muhammad

    The production of a variety of Fabric Cleaning , Cleaning Rowley and flat ( a book ), polyester , all cotton , multifilament Plays all kinds of cleaning in the following types as general and partial Cleaning Rowley and flat (a book ) all cotton , multifilament , polyester Fabric cleaning painted without causing sensitivity and Perez Cloth diaper, and with beautiful colour scheme Cleaning width of 70, 50 and Cleaning Rowley order for 30 grams , 40g , 50 gram ,60 gram , ...,100% cotton Cleaning the flat ( a book ) 30 g بانازلترین price and the best price Delivery in the shortest possible time. Player, cloth cleaning and no across Iran ((((Orders be accepted...)))

    Rug company rug, the altar, the role of Kashan

    Company carpet, rug, measures, altars role with over 20 years of experience in the textile industry, especially manufacturing carpet apse, or the carpet, rug, Kashan for mosques, the mosque, holy places, etc. of the shrine, the chapel, the schools and the organs of the state with the newest designs and the most eye catching colors in the manufacture of flooring, carpet, rug, serving, share your loved ones.The altar role, plus برتولید carpets rugs, axminster carpet products such as carpet formalities, which for the hall, corridors, etc. hotels, conference, and public places usability ... backrest are design with rug carpets for mosques, too, plays with machine-made rugs, for homes, for public, religious, - social, traditional, because, coffee houses and restaurants and is carpets are beautiful with designs that varied in the basket of products included. "The installation is accurate and correct", and "guarantee the most reasonable price" and "offer the best quality" is one of the principles of the sanctuary of roles. stick to it, and has the same Agent caused the altar's role as the most popular brand carpet, rug in between the mosques know . The purpose of this collection development the paradise of the earth, namely the mosques .In this regard, to provide a free consultation, sale rug, to the trustees of and donors to the mosques actively and honestly discussed .Also to the purpose to facilitate in the Carpeted mosques, to plan replacement of carpet, crammed with rug carpet new presentation. In case of order the carpet rug with the Special design and unique, company, carpet, rug, measures, altars, role, etc. by professional designers. this requires you to satisfy. To be aware of the prices and also buy rug carpet just phone remove your and contact technical experts 24-hour ready to meet your friends عزیزهستند.

    Giant tits ASA

    Giant tits ASA Industrial textile, fabrics, yarn This collection is a history of several years of activities in the field of tissue and complete fabrics ,cotton ویسگوز ,poly ester , اکرولیک ,mature modal ,flax ,micro modal ,mature giant tits ,flax, modal ,mature کولمکس and ........ In order to produce a variety of apparel, men's ,children's ,military and .......... And also the official representative of the yarn کارسو KARSU in Iran for the weavers different fabrics, their readiness for any order declares For more information contact the following number please contact 09197171244 09129310318

    Company textile industries savalan

    Production and sale of all kinds of cloth, no more. no special waxed, cloth, cleaning roll and the bed (m) The ... cleaning the clues, textile waste and fabrics, hospital تترون, etc. ترگال and cotton, multifilament, etc. multifilament multifilament, etc. A girl's shirt, and printed on the weight and size various quality excellent and the price very reasonable, and sent to all parts of the country, for raw and dyed according to your request, this collection is centralized and decentralized, has a range of features and machine direction of the tissue and complete a variety of fabric, especially the system of textured cotton which is based on need with focus on unit non-focused production capability in volume, and a variety of high provided.Of the advantages of decentralized system, The set, management unit, and apply the experience of over 50 history, production and production capabilities with minimum order and maximum variation of texture and complete and, if necessary, to be focused with maximum power this series for non-competitive conversion . \r\nسفارشات case and contract your receptive we are . \r\n09134134484 *** 09197883779\r\nتلفکس : 03133612376 \r\nایمیل :\r\nوب : savalan.pcn\r\nاینستگرام : nasaji_savalan\r\nکارخانه : Isfahan _ oildale _ industrial area دوشاخ

    09122494597 cloth, no cloth, cleaning rod, Nasr, Tehran, Iran

    The group, textile of the year 1378 in Isfahan commence to work.The productive capacity of the workshop, under cover of the rod Nasr totaling 15000 square meters per day for the production of fabric cleaning and 1700 square meters in the production of textiles no.Player rod Nasr NIR is proud to cooperate with the top brand industrial country in the fields of ختلف.The quality of service and also reasonable price, the products of this collection. مویدی on this claim.In the last twenty years, the series has managed with all your customers inside Iran's cooperation, the data and all retain their customers.Continue cooperation with all the sets manufactured from honors associates yogurt.Also, this collection is proud to export products to the countries in the north of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including Azerbaijan, Soviet Union.Reasonable price products, as well as high production and optimum quality, this small collection to one of the suppliers about the respect the industry has become. Features rod Nasr This manufacturing Group has 18 knitting machine, in Isfahan.Also, over 20 workshops, peer your creations for sale to the collection of offerings.In addition, be manufactured with a capacity of infinity. the complex has a network spread across the country.Office depot, rod Nasr in Tehran, any kind of custom as soon as possible for our esteemed customers can send .Therefore, the rod Nasr), then the time and place in the supply of goods, the company of the in-rolled. Rod Nasr is the first and only exporter of no cleaning in Iran Cooperation with top brand industrial in Iran is one of the glories of rod Nasr in the field of production and distribution, cloth, no cleaning.

    Company blanket blossom

    Sell all kinds of blankets ( felts, the مینک(furry))...

    Company ptuj, Tahir

    Group manufacturing of textile, Tahir with over 40 years of experience in the field of recognition of materials, dyeing fibers and spinning with the aim of producing a product durable and excellent quality was set up. This group has the potential to produce a variety of yarn وپتوی felts, etc. مینک وروفرشی in designs and different colors independently capable of the highest quality possible products to domestic markets and foreign supply). This collection of industrial manufacturing based on efforts to increase the quality and quantity of products, customers ' satisfaction, and controls affecting the quality of products and provide timely orders step picks up and all the world, your indebted grace, unless the Lord cargo excellence knows . This company is one of the few manufacturing plants that independently has numerous venues ازقبیل batting, etc. for dyeing, spinning, knitting, etc. filling and packaging of my produce. The products of this collection expresses the standards quality blanket such as color fastness against washing, laundry, and scrubs, the stability of the dimensions in front of the washing resistance and the top of the sewing bar, resistance against traction and pressure and the unmatched variety in designs and colors, and having heat suitable at the same time being lightweight has unique features to it from other similar products, distinctive, appreciated. Manufacturing unit of ptuj, Tahir all your efforts rummy that the goods manufactured with the finest quality ودوام and the lowest price possible in the market, gotten a dear finish. At the end of the day, we will choose worthy of all consumers azizi that his choice incentives habitual, we have been efforts, don't hesitate to all sales representatives that in peace our beloved country, Iran, the principle of customer orientation proved. قدرانی has وسپاسگزار effort, responsible for creative designers and ... engineers guide. تکنسینهای discerning وکارگران the hard work that promote growth and sustainable development this unit will provide have. Manufacturing group undefiled in all fields are ready to accept orders of the organs, institutions, etc., hospitals وبافندگان....

    The company Terme (PDF Yazd

    Cashmere (PDF Yazd utilizes the best raw materials, and PRC personnel, the peak of the art and the quality it brought. That experience trader world a more beautiful note.

    Manufacturing company towel I i Towel

    Manufacturing towel, my Towel is proud of its products, ranging from a bathrobe marking the discovery Discovery of. single towel and set the tone, branded Polo, Polo and . . . For you, our honored customers along with the highest quality and the price incredible to bring .\r\n09023232393\r\

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