• Engineering company beyond precision

    Greetings and respect,\r\nگروه industrial beyond the accuracy of FSD Groupبر basic principles of the scientific approach and knowledge base in the field of manufacturing a variety of باسکولهای road, etc. systems, filling and packaging, industrial automation, پروانهی production scale, the number 13297و is also the only darende پروانهی production نشاندهندههای weight to the number 14730از Bureau of standards and industrial research of Iran, with the purpose of design, construction, installation and commissioning of systems, automation, industrial weighing machines, electronic weighing systems, special in the year 1378 was established. \r\nThis industrial unit, adding a separate with full facilities to منظورتولید باسکولهای metal, machinery packaging, such as bag filling and... in the province of Tehran, and the factory, the production of components for concrete used in the construction of باسکولهای پیشساختهی concrete (in order to manufacture the appropriate باسکولهای concrete and there is material specific) to working.\r\nخدمات after the sale : \r\nخط policy of the company is always trying to produce products with excellent quality and based on standards and technologies the world has been read based on the direction, quality assurance etc. all your products for at least two years, along with the presentation of the warranty card warranty appreciated.Now, are proud that we have managed, as one of the companies raised with the continuous improvement in growth and improving the quality of their products in order to satisfy our customers in domestic and foreign markets, steps effective take, this capabilities in the self-sufficiency of our country, Iran, etc., share the little we have.\r\nمحصولات produced :\r\nالف)types of scale,\r\n - scale, all-metal design new, modern, composite sole company beyond precision(the latest weighbridge designed in Iran, with unique features, the most important difference)\r\n - weighbridge پیشساختهی concrete without traffic load, and without the need for crane capacity up\r\n - weighbridge for weighing, Nissan, etc. the East and the ....\r\n - scale, the block Battalion(modern design with the use of سیلندرهیدرولیکی horizontal غیرتلسکوپی)\r\nب) bag پرکنهای all automatic reliable use ...

    Hydraulic Atlas power system

    Company Atlantic Power in the field of manufacturing accessories of the tractor and also think of the heavy from 20 tons up to 1500 tons of activities and have worked with large companies such as the mammoth, etc. Maral industry, still trailers, white trailers, tractor Urmia and Tabriz in the field of production of jacks tractors backbreaking horticultural pump, brakes, clutch plate, disc, plug, clutch بلبرینک گلاچ Jack, lift {کوتان} and lockout all kinds of excavator and also Jack steering wheel excavator activity is

    The flood company-wide warlords

    Supply and distribution of a variety of اورینگ, etc. packing, components for pumps, compressors,

    Company Industrious industry گسترچهلستون

    This company having کادرمتخصص and experienced in producing all kinds of grease pumps, high-voltage ( 1000 BAR) for lubrication of all kinds of Volvo oil, gas, petrochemical, quality بسیاربالا a demonstrated record, there are ( a variety of grease pumps, hydraulic and ... pneumatic )

    Company آراز fakhr Azar

    Exclusive representative of the brand winman Italy-Turkey., the importer of all hydraulic components and pneumatic, along with 1-year warranty

    Now, Friday, آسانبران throne

    Now, Friday, آسانبران the throne, having years of experience in the field of installation, service ونگهداری all kinds of elevator and Escalator activity is وباعضویت the official syndicate of elevator and Escalator Iran has butterfly design and assembly of the Ministry of Industry, mine and Commerce and the membership of the Iran Chamber of Commerce for بازدیدازنمونه work website ماسربزنید\

    Company Arad polymer samin

    Company Arad polymer samin manufacturer of rubber parts, such as a variety of اورینگ, etc. اورینگ yards, etc., gaskets , sheets, rubber, Bush , gaskets sealing, ring, etc. back-up ring, etc. Bush, complete set valve pipe flanges , metal, بیرینگ, etc. packing UPacking, V packing, etc. Aperture, bumpers, Quake-Catcher, etc., duster, and the specialized components within the well, and the outsourcing of oil and gas from a variety of materials وایتون., the colors, etc., silicones, nitrile, etc. کائوچوی. butadiene is whether this feature of. butyl whether this feature anal IIR, BR , EPDM , SBR , NBR , XNBR , NBR/PVC , - Making Rubber Parts and plastic in the least possible time, according to your samples or drawings. For more information please visit our site visit . Contact numbers:031-32661552/ 09121190046 Fax: 02189787991

    Industrial Group Meteor

    Industrial Group Meteor provider of variety of services equipment. pneumatic and instrumentation., the manufacturer of the jack lift and hydraulic lift etc., heat exchanger, and cooling oil, tube Bender, hydraulic, etc., presses the gate. lab equipment and ... Industrial Group Meteor Builder jack lift and hydraulic lift etc., heat exchanger, and cooling oil, lab equipment Design and build jack Lift hydraulic Lift and Gazans wait the direction of the business units and store The construction of the jack, parking Lift, and lift garage Provider of variety of services equipment. pneumatic and instrument, equip the laboratory, heat exchanger, etc. dispenser, oil, injection, plastic, pipe Bender, hydraulic, etc., presses, gates, forklifts, etc., jack, Lift, etc. projects student field of mechanics, construction and production, the construction of the device measuring the capacity of the bridge noodle, etc. اکچویتر., the pump piston vane, gear, hoses and couplings, valve, pneumatic 2-2, hydraulic, etc. fitting in. فلوکنترل, etc. هیدروموتور, etc. thermometers, etc. lock Ken-linear, transmission, provider, push, پرشرسوئیچ., the Gage, etc. filter, pot, etc. Foley, ... Filler and... For more information to address visit. Email Industrial Group Meteor : Contact phone : 09155715903 - 05144245930 Telegram and Sales Manager: 09158933008

    Pasargad company industry GITI

    Kindly will inform trading company of pasargad industry around the world to their readiness as most specialized set independent country in the field of the supply of all polymers engineering that refers to them, has been announced. Also, This sets the privilege of working with companies such as oil refinery, Isfahan oil refinery lavan, etc. Fajr petrochemical Co, petroleum, offshore etc. companies manufacturing industrial gas burning Najaf Abad, the management company هیربدان, the company anklet plain., the company of industrial valves, Turkey power plant, Shahid rajaei and....\r\nicon, to name some of the items that the company's ability to supply it has been pointed out.\r\nکلیه products, Teflon like sheets, plates, tubes, rebar,\r\nاشکال different polyamide\r\nانواع pocking non-آزبستی of Teflon, pure Teflon, graphite, Teflon, aramid...\r\nانواع packing and fabric آزبستی in all dimensions\r\nانواع fabric of fireproof, BOPP sealing woven from فایبرگلس\r\nانواع plates abrasion-proof\r\nهمچنین پلیمرهایی with special purposes, such as:\r\nPEEK big CPTFE mature PVDF, FEP, FKM, FFKM, VITON, mature UHMW

    Tehran tools

    Collection, Tehran, tool supplier, equipment, and industrial equipment, ranging from hydraulic and ... pneumatic, welding and cutting, cranes, and...


    The purpose of creating this online store, etc. create an environment specialized in the direction of supply of domestic and foreign goods in stock, you also have the parts and equipment and industrial machinery manufactured with quality, you can. \r\nPlease report in the event of willingness to cooperate with the store by way of communication come in the website store, and following the same letter announced their readiness to inform us, " as soon as possible to coordinate with you and set you done

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