• Vine Golden Plains

    Now the vine, the Golden Plains, the first designer and manufacturer of the device تراکلود( tractor لودری bill back tractors Romania and Ferguson), and making a variety of niches and structures of metal, all kinds of factories, etc. Hall. barns, grain and...

    Hossein sattari - now worth cultivating software

    Company worth cultivation software in collaboration with a group of professionals with a history of working brilliant 12 to 32 years in the collection, a formidable country, has. based on the bro market, based on engineering, dynamic design, and construction of a 4 product that in the country, big bro one about research and investigated launched the نمایند1-types of agricultural trailers and industrial and construction, with capacities of 1.5 to 12 tons-a variety of بکهو sliding with the chassis, the integrated 2-types of trailer parts / rims and tire, agriculture 3-types of sprayer, dates, and crop the phone call 09140576978 / 034-32616956 / 09131409238

    Cooperative manufacturing agricultural implements ligament اسبو Babylon

    Cooperative manufacturing agricultural implements ligament اسبو Babylon,\r\n\r\n\r\n۱۳۹۵ issue of the newspaper: ۲۰۷۷۴ the page number of the newspaper City: ۲۵ /۰۴/ release date: ۱۳\r\nصفحه ۱ of ۲\r\nتولید and published. To ensure the validity and authenticity of signatures in digital and print, to the address set forth in the PDF the newspaper electronically and in the format file\r\nانتهای ad, please visit\r\nرفع responsibility\r\nمطالب ad, published in the official gazette, based on the cycle of a certain\r\nکه the establishment of the provisions of the beneficiary legal registration offices )Companies( in\r\nتهران and cities started after Jerry formalities relevant for the ad\r\nتسلیم the official newspaper of the country for publication. complied .Therefore\r\nThis reference no intervention in the provisions and contents of the advertisements shall not\r\nندارد.\r\nتاریخ letter of the registration office: ۳ / ۴ / ۱۳۹۵\r\nشماره letter of the registration office: ۱۳۹۵۳۰۴۱۰۳۴۳۰۰۰۵۱۴\r\nآگهی established\r\nتاسیس cooperative manufacturing agricultural implements ligament اسبو Babylon on ۰۳ / ۰۴ / ۱۳۹۵ registration number ۷۹۱۸ to the national ID\r\n۱۴۰۰۵۹۴۹۹۹۰ recorded and signed the following دفاترتکمیل effortless that its summary descirption under the direction of the notice of the public ad is. Subject company:\r\nتولید a variety of agricultural implements.Getting a loan قرض الحسنه and other credit facilities from banking sources and other financial institutions, credit and\r\nاشخاص natural and Legal Other.Obtaining the help of وهدایای cash وغیرنقدی of the state natural and legal persons.Deposit funds to the account\r\nسپرده long-term and short-term in banks.Partnerships with natural persons legal priority تعاونیها.Invest and buy stocks\r\nاتحادیه the cooperative relevant and other companies, institutions and public, cooperative or private.The participation of the members and especially the directors of the cooperative in the\r\nدوره, specialized training to improve the level of production and services.Note ۱ : if doing any of the activities subject\r\nتعاونی the need to obtain licenses from the regulatory bodies are obliged to obtain it. Duration of the company: Unlimited the main center of the company: Babylon\r\nجاده old Amol village ...

    Pars (

    Pars (the exclusive representative of the company, pulsFOG Germany with over 26 years of experience in the field of sales and after-sales service of agricultural machinery reached Europe across Iran, including the pulsFOG Germany and Caravaggi, Italy

    Company دماآراسبزصنعت

    Company دماآراسبزصنعت Turkey's first and only manufacturer of Devices Deal باسرمازدگی. Company دماآراسبزصنعت experienced brilliant, in part, agricultural mechanization(machines deal باسرمازدگی)devices خودرابه market supply. Has expert counseling regarding the ways to deal باسرمازدگی Has confirmation ازسازمان oil باتسهیلات by the organization, oil of Fars province and other provinces If you so desire, باگذاشتن email خودپکیج perfect products company, post financial crisis.

    Set the car the way

    The preparation and sale of all spare parts جرثقیلهای STs Kits sealing .Body parts .Piston.Trunk.Base .Gate valve جکها .Tap the command and.... Contact numbers:(at the bottom of the ad)-(at the bottom of the ad) Spare parts cranes STs Crane spare parts STs Parts cranes STs Accessories, cranes, STs Crane pillars of weighty Crane machine STs Crane back, truck spare parts, STs Crane STs

    Engineering creations

    Engineering the creation of June 1393, and in collaboration with a number of engineers and skilled professionals with the aim of activities in the field of services, construction, repair and reconstruction of equipment and devices industry animal husbandry the beginning of the activity has managed to build the equipment and the delivery of a significant number of the full of spare parts for the machines mentioned was.\r\nicon present, the company with more complex, public and Private in the field of service, build, repair, and rebuilding parts and equipment needed, and also engineering services such as preparation of technical documentation and drawings, construction, inspection and ... work.\r\nجهت generating sets and spare parts about the order of first technical specifications, review and control. in the absence of complete Company Profile, relative to the preparation of a profile complementary to the reverse engineering with the coordination of the employer action, and then ID characteristics of the components based on information extracted while observing the international standards of the preparation.

    Industrial group تیداپارس

    Industrial group تیداپارس. Design and production equipment, greenhouses, etc. machines, agriculture, gardening and industrial

    Manufacturing group brothers باشتنی

    This is set in the year 1389, rely on the research units R&D with the installation of the machines and modified the structure to produce the parts of devices for harvesting available in the country on the Bring and in this regard, since also the activity .

    Now the diesel (mdiesel)

    Now the diesel with a history of ۱۵ years in the field of Industry, Agriculture, and construction is proud of the backup of all craftsmen.

    Now get rid of the Elysee Chemistry

    The only exclusive representative of فوگرهای heat and cold in Iran that all services 2-year warranty free in Iran.

    Services, agricultural rain drops

    Manufacturer of mist duster, etc, stainless steel, cushion Importer, sprayer, polyethylene, backpack from ۱ to ۲۰-liter-type pump plan وشارژی Import and offer implements, gardening (all kinds of pruning shears, etc. hedge trimmer, branches, grass, etc., scissors, telescopic, and tanabi, etc. all kinds of fountains, gardening واستخری, etc. ابپاش head شلنگی, etc. implements, irrigation drip plan (timers, Single-and ۲ output digital and mechanical ), etc. A variety of toxins, repel insects, بهداشنی Toxins exterminate agriculture and agricultural fertilizers

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