• Shadow makers, polymer

    Shadow Company-makers of polymer\r\n\r\nبا on the other hand, useful information of the location , project size , land, location, climate, water, air, earth, after the initial visit, to calculate and meet the cost of deals, and also calculate factor of primary by experienced designers and highly qualified to design two-dimensional structures, style deals, and after detailed calculations of the final design, along with مدلاسیون three-dimensional 3D verification can be and is a presenter skilled and professional start to work.\r\n\r\n\r\nشرکت shadow makers, polymer performer canopies, modern, no base annoying with poly cover یوپان upvc\r\nمشاهده designs on the Website\r\n\r\nWWW.SAYEHSAZANCO.COM\r\n09126960132 \r\n02166879630

    Roofing wide reinforced

    Roofing company-wide reinforced with the help of the Lord Almighty and with the efforts of the several in the direction of the implementation of the latest technology of modern construction in the country and enjoying the experience of the last years The Specialists of the cooperation. together have come and aims to reflect their abilities in the field of research, design, management, supply, building materials and implementation of engineering projects is a step in the direction of improving the quality of construction in the country is removed. Industrial storage building, due to factors of speed of operation, ease of running, Economic being, and reduce waste in the management and planning of construction projects, especially the mass-storage way of modernization and improving the quality of the construction of the paving has all the expectations of consultants and engineers to meet the track. One of the factors for industrial storage, etc. to achieve high-speed run and remove materials and traditional methods is time consuming and costly it can be. Part of the building that have a tremendous impact on the speed of construction there. the roof. If in the implementation of the roof of the modern methods used the project in the period of short time and very good runs. Roof, composite deck, steel is one of the modern methods of implementation of roof is that with a lot of advantages, including high speed performance, the lack of need for candles, packaging, etc. run several ceiling at the same time, reducing the number of beams subsidiary, reducing the dead load, reducing the thickness of the ceiling, the possibility of shaping and determining the exact position داکتهای mechanical and ... nowadays, a lot of fans in the world. The roof, a run day in the developed countries has been through the benefits of abundant in methods, the implementation of the roof is unrivaled.

    Rick Gostar Caspian

    The first and most specialized presenter, roof, steel deck (metal deck), in the province of Golestan and Mazandaran and in شهرگرگان and Sari \r\nسابقه activity, the chief executive of the company in the north of the country from the year 1390 so far.\r\nسقف steel deck(metal deck) with galvanized sheets, trapezoidal-shaped, ribbed, without the use of rebar and remove the formatting runs.The weight of the roof compared to the roofs, similar حدود30 up to 60 درصدکمتر is and speed the implementation of this roof حدود12 times more than conventional roofs, such as concrete slab and joist block.\r\NICON of this type of ceiling, stage difficult formatting and pile packing is removed, install plate, without performing welding and have been through it is steel and with techniques specific connection for Evolve. all of these advantages reduces the volume required for warehouse materials, and increased safety compared to ceilings, the other is. In total, the roof steel deck in between the ceilings, steel has the lowest weight and استانداردترین conditions on whiskey.\r\nخدمات company consists of :\r\n1 - sell sheets steel deck of high quality along with form of this carry up the location of the project, the height of 6.5 and 7.5\r\n2 - the sale and implementation of گلمیخ standard 100*19 115*19 \r\n3 - a broad and تصبیت sheet on the skeleton\r\n4 - armature layout , formatting (flushing ) and concrete \r\nبخشی of the projects carried out company in the north of the country is as follows.\r\nاستان Golestan:\r\n", Hotel,, Miami, Gorgan, Iran\r\n" housing seal Saad Abad\r\n" residential towers add\r\n" the building of administrative and commercial engineer UAE\r\n", municipal parking lots, the dome\r\n" residential building engineer thriving\r\n", Bank building, the welfare of Iran\r\n" Villa, engineer, Farrokh days –the station.\r\n", a commercial building engineer Rezaei, Justice 95\r\n", administrative & commercial complex Giti ویلاشهر\r\n\r\nاستان Mazandaran:\r\n" town residential palace of the Sea - Mahmoud Abad\r\n", Tower, Commercial, Residential, palaces, turquoise - Mahmoud Abad\r\n" integrated physicians gamer Caspian - the Red River\r\n" Amphitheater, garden of the province, the municipality of Surrey\r\n" the roof of the City Council of the municipality of sari\r\n" residential building, Mr. Mohammad pour –Amir Kabir Babylon,\r\n" roof ...

    The expansion of structures

    Operations and the building

    Company leading the way developers Qian

    Services, asphalt work, and install tile, and asphalt shingles, the company leading the way developers Qian with over 20 years experience and do a different project ready to cooperate with you, friends in the field, asphalt, landscaping, asphalt, street, asphalt alley asphalt in front of the entrance. asphalt roofs. ruberoid roofs. waterproofing PVC waterproofing of walls waterproofing of the deck, bridge, asphalt shingles roof, asphalt shingles architecture . \r\nشرکت leading the way developers Qian with registration number 540178 with expert, high-quality construction, soil mapping, playback asphalt for mechanized and manual, chip the asphalt with the best quality to fulfill. Best price we want.

    Structures, developers, privacy, sunshine

    Affairs, contracting, utilities, and buildings with private sector and government

    Nika structures هدیش barking

    Company Nika structures هدیش Pars(pjs), and brand فنسکو(phns co) in co-registration, Shiraz, and with the number ۳۶۱۶۱ and with the management of the operating engineer, said Nazareth, in the field of design, engineering and construction, project supervision, construction مهرازی Asian Urban Development , processing inputs, building and also business dependent on the construction sector has been registered.\r\nاز corporate capabilities Nika structures design and construction of the building, the style of a metal el . SS . F (L. S. F).The company is in the field of design and calculate the structures of New the only company south of Iran and has been implemented in the field of the pioneers of this technology. The superiority of this system, Japanese stagnation, abundant in the earthquake , increasing the reliability and durability of the building , being lightweight structures, super speed run and reduce the cost of construction.This system of making national and international standards and any country, and especially the ayn letter, Iran's national building compliance.\r\nشرکت نیکاسازه(فنسکو) having experts, top designers and the building industry and also run flawless and approved projects , multiple enabler in making the projects various building and construction projects.\r\n\r\nتاریخچه company :\r\n\r\nشرکت Nika structures in the year ۱۳۸۰ for the first time, in collaboration with the Association CSSBI Canadian knowledge structures cold-formed LSF in Iran, according the institution and in this regard, the company Nika structures, the first is the founder of the captive manufacturer of structural LSF in Iran and the Middle East. Nika structures ۲ years later, in the year ۱۳۸۲ factory رولفورم launched his year ۱۳۸۵ over ۱۵۰ project accomplished. In the year ۱۳۸۸ company Nika structures become a knowledge-based company was attracting more than ۲۰ alumni of Sharif University and University of balance the first to become a industrial company, manufacturing and engineering with knowledge of high province. Nika structures in the year ۱۳۹۰ with the decision of the heath Board is the largest production plant structures LSF, and CFS, Iran ۶ production line and with devices F450 frame code and X5 پیناکلز opened and in the following year the production of rock wool ...

    Engineering company, concrete, polymer, Brenna

    Including the activities of the company, the preparation and production of chemical products, building engineering, concrete and also the floor of the state industrial system, hard concrete or epoxy and polyurethane as well as coatings and materials اببند a tanks pools and pits, elevators and coatings fire retardants.

    Horizon makers appear to Tabriz

    Company horizon builders ready to participate in construction in the whole of the province Eastern Azerbaijan and Western.

    A single company structures West

    Engineering company single structures west of its activities to the efforts of the management, capable and efficient, in the year 1381 has started and with the guidance of a targeted group of Expert and experienced managed is a novelty in itself progress over and now with توشهای rich in valuable experiences, one of the anchors, the owner's name and well-known among the competitors. Organizational structure of the company includes units different such as unit design and consulting, technical unit and engineering unit, architecture and structures, the unit development of the market, control unit project and unit Executive projects.

    Civil engineering company مومان

    Civil engineering company مومان provider of a variety of niches, without columns, arched Niches all the cladding without column arched, in unlimited length, and spans 86 meters without pillars, and without truss is implemented. Super fast speed silo. with the implementation of 1000 square meters, in ten days, the possibility to the employer to advance their goals, the current operation of the project to the least amount of time possible finish.Also, in order to justify economic niches, because of the extensiveness of times on the surface of the earth, the volume of concrete and steel Foundation, niches to 50% compared to the niches of traditional reduce.Structural style arched, while the stability against lateral loads(ائم of snow load, wind and earthquake . . .) Cover the walls and cover the ceiling as well in its place. that the niches of modern financial cost and time in contrast with niches, traditional to less than 50 percent are completed.

    Company structures Eugene Sahand

    Mapping workshop (shop drawng) types of structural steel construction and industrial - consulting, manufacturing and installation of metal structures - teaching software Tecla استراکچرز (tekla structures)

    Engineering building, Herman (pjs)

    Executor construction projects To provide solutions for new build with updated construction materials with quality and standard and optimization of energy consumption in the building

    The company said in a نوران structures (joint-stock)

    Company درمناقصات government section private on the implementation of the project design and وپیمانکاری construction, road-building, etc. in the kidneys of projects in various fields, partnership with the public sector and private وبانکها institutions and financial واعتباری واشخاص true in the implementation of construction projects, and in need of investment. activities, development of cross-border form of صدورخدمات technical and engineering ونیرو human, technical, etc., including a امورپیمانکاری related to the construction of buildings, وابنیه, ranging ازچوبی, brick and ... stone, etc. concrete, wooden, metal, etc. structures, construction, landscaping, etc. دیوارکشی implementing sidewalks ونظایرآن, etc. to develop, building وآبیاری, etc. drainage.Of the municipal utilities, distribution and the transfer of power and the layout and calculation of the housing, and all construction projects and specific tasks, ranging from heavy metal وبتنی housing, and operation, asphalt, along with tables, storage وآبروهای related to issues of civil وساختمانی, the construction settlement (mass storage), Villas storage Vajra, silo, metal, etc. run دیوارحائل, etc. گابیون وشات Crete, operation excavation, etc. of consolidation-walled, hollowed, run the project, municipal services, municipalities, viz وبرآورد وآنالیز course, the project, the breakdown of the lands, preparing maps, spices, ونقشه operation ونظایرآن mapping, office buildings, وصنعتی وتجاری and sanitary issues, ومسکونی hospital, religious, social, cultural, and other public buildings وتاسیسات mechanical وبرقی, etc. provide all technical services and engineering works. Contract Management, Training, Education, force, human وماهر, and نظایرآن to participate in all auctions هاومناقصه, government and private, etc. Property ومعماری interior decoration Vajra. do عقوداسلامی with banks وسایرموسسات the true legal and other امورمرتبط obtain a license from competent authorities

    Company matin structures Middle East

    Construction and assembly of structural metal

    Now the Treaty of fanavaran Saba

    Now the Treaty of fanavaran Saba, with over از15سال work experience in Affairs, ruberoid, etc., asphalt and ... chips, asphalt etc. asphalt shingles, etc. قیرپاشی, etc. landscaping, excavation, etc. embankment, etc. leveling and height in serving fellow citizens عزیزمیباشد.

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