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  • Holding Sepehr travel Corp

    Holding a comprehensive tourism

    آیرین flight of the century

    Travel and tourism company آیرین flight of the century

    هورامان patrol

    Agency airline هورامان patrol provider of all travel services ranging from ticketing, aircraft, booking, online, hotel, Visa, etc. holding the aerial tours and...

    Holding international کیمیاسپنتا

    Institute of international legal alchemy together with experienced personnel in the matter of registration of companies in Iran and European countries, and the alliance with the solicitors, and the local countries, Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Germany are ready to provide co-registration services, and financial ability and investment for real and legal persons.\r\nتمامی activities holding کیمیاسپنتا perfectly legal industry and the entire process is completely regular according to the terms of the law on registration of companies and the rules of the residence country, Iran and European countries.

    راسپینا flying Aria

    Tours, domestic and foreign, and the moment was

    ماهبان patrol Sky

    Contact this company\r\nتور Antalya tour, Antalya, autumn 97, tour cheap, Antalya tours, Antalya and Istanbul, the price of the tour, Antalya tour, last minute Antalya tour,Antalya, Hamsafar with ماهبان Tour, presenter, tour, Antalya, Turkey, 5 star hotel, tour, aerial, Antalya, flight, sunexpress

    Capital patrol

    Travel agency Capital Patrol to the management of Mr. Messenger Babai during the years of its activities, with the aim to satisfy their customers and other partner organizations provide the most excellent service, qualified and modern.\r\n| the possibility of purchasing and payment easy and quick tours on the site\r\n|, booking hotels, domestic and foreign\r\n| preparation of electronic tickets for the international flights ( all airlines, even for flights to the international out of country)\r\n| attract foreign tourists to the country \r\n| holding tours international, even for one person,\r\n| obtain the confirmation of the booking, hotel, etc. on letterhead of the hotel, in order to obtain a visa for most European countries\r\n| providing consulting services in all matters related to the travel\r\n| services tourism commercial for agencies peer companies and that annual volume, most of the هزینههایشان to trips international is dedicated \r\n| registration for foreign tours with special discount \r\n| Visa\r\n| travel insurance\r\nمدیر agent : Mr. Messenger Babaei


    Tours, travel, domestic and foreign\r\nصدور ticket system and charter domestic\r\nرزرو and ticket issuance system for foreign\r\nبیمه letters travel all directions\r\nبلیط train internal\r\nبلیط bus\r\nبلیط trains, China, Western Europe and America,\r\nوقت Embassy\r\nاقدام for visa all directions\r\nرزرو risk assessments, internal and external

    Travel and tourism آخشیگان

    Design and implementation trips, cultural and ... adventure, etc. بازدیداز wildlife ...inside and outside the country\r\nبه looking for meet the target circulating in the nature, business, relaxation and experience, and use of attractions, travel to nature. In this way effort, therefore, is that :\r\n\r\nکمترین negative effects on nature and the culture of the host society to fit the world.To promote awareness, respect, and care of the environment and the culture of the host society pay.To preserve nature, assist and direct financial interest to preserve the nature and wildlife.Aspects of the educational excursion and the transfer of income to the local people and the region in terms of away.With the belief of tourism sustainable in preserving resources and attractions اکوتوریستی trying.To create a positive experience for tourists and host exerts.To the conditions of the political, ecological - environmental and social space, the community hosts attention.Requests incorrect environment - environmental accept.\r\n\r\nشرکت آخشیگان aims to introduce the nature and long-standing culture of Iran, land, wants, along with those looking to enjoy the beauties of nature. بکرترین and نابترین sights, natural and historical their land, Iran, to a way of انحصاریمعرفی and them Drake short period, travel to Iran from the nature of the pristine benefit.\r\n\r\nicon goals آخشیگان, etc. programs would offer that we do the activity we have to repeat نکشاند., the implementation of applications such as the visit of wildlife in and out of the country, the adventure and sailing in the waters of the roaring, design, photography, and music recognition in sync with nature and visit of our way to different from this one. As in these trips to different design think, for comfort and health during the program fellows are also from the presence of physicians experienced in. تکنسینهای relief and rescue, etc., coaches, technical, experts and cultural heritage, the environment and other forces expert in much need of any travel benefit, and we alongside it with the use of the tools necessary to significantly the possibility of peace fellow will provide the illustrations.\r\n\r\nicon working to global standards of tourism in our country, find the place itself.

    گردآفرید the world

    Travel services and tourism

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