• Dena

    Sets Dena with over 15 years of experience working in the field of assembly , test and repair boards, electronics in the actuation forces, highly qualified, efficient and accurate, ready to cooperate.\r\n\r\n09123496284

    The Office of design and engineering farmer

    The Office of design and engineering, the farmer with the use of the qualified. the possibility of consulting, project design and implementation, automation, weighing in different industry such as types of fillers, bags, and barrels, Control Panel, factories, asphalt, and concrete batching plant and concrete batching tanks and ... have been due to the axis placement consent of the buyers, their one of the highest quality products to offer our customers appreciated.

    Fluid instrumentation, Homeland

    Company fluid instrumentation, Homeland (Sam) Of knowledge base companies registered in the Ministry of science, research and technology, which is درکمال is proud to announce the picks in the shadow of divine grace, and the guidelines of the senior managers of the country and the efforts of the top technical experts managed to design, test, production, types of equipment, analysis and control used in the water and wastewater industry country includes analyzer, residual chlorine, etc. آنالایزرهدایت Electric Water Analyzer, turbidity, آنالایزرPH, etc. analyzer, online multi-channel, etc. has been that now over 600 machines in 23 provinces of the country installed and working can be. \r\nThis products, very high standards, and technology, one hundred percent native has been that the TENS device of those in the provinces such as Tehran, Qom, Markazi, Iran guilan, Iran, Ardabil, Qazvin, Kerman, Zanjan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Iran., nuclear power station, بوشهرو... successfully installed and commissioned and has endorsements is. \r\nشایان mention the products of this company have the industry standard European IEC-61326.1 issued from laboratories, Industries, Energy, Iran, with the price is quite competitive and a one-year warranty and 5 years after sales service provided can be.

    Tasnim webs barking

    Company tasnim webs barking with the aim of producing products related to automation and intelligent debuts . The company's products north of the data logger to communicate with the software MATLAB and LABVIEW as well as proprietary software Data journalist to save the data to file EXCEL crafted .\r\nهمچنین cards, this company has developed the ability to communicate with a variety of Controller, network, industrial MODBUS whiskey .\r\nارتباط and the development of the number of input and output ( I/O) PLC and also the communication with the HMI, including the features of this product. For more information visit the corporate site, please visit \r\nWWW.TASNIMMORSHEDPARS.IR

    The horizon of the rising of the plain,

    About us\r\n\r\nشرکت the horizon of the rising of the plain, one of the pioneer industries in the field of supplying and furnishing of industrial valves and control industrial machinery in accordance with the standards of the International Day of serving the producers dear. The company as a supplier of permanent industrial valves all oil companies, petrochemistry, refinery, etc. in power plant industries, defense industries, nuclear industries, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, dairy industries, paper making, and the companies agreement with the EPC and with the help of God and your support, dear consumers of the goods of the company and continuous efforts of management and employees of the company, we get a step closer in the direction of flourish, what industries our beloved country, Iran experts.


    Copa research, manufacturer of hardness testers and tensile testing universal\r\n\r\nسختی gauge Station universal metals, Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell hardness\r\nسختی gauge universal UV1\r\n\r\nدارای system digital control with high sensitivity, and easy operation\r\nعملکرد fully automated in all stages of testing,\r\nاندازه camera displacement ایندنتور with the accuracy of 0.1 micron\r\nاندازه measure the hardness with accuracy 0.1 HRC\r\nنمایش digital diameter effect and the depth of penetration ایندنتور

    Pars-seekers Ava

    The designer of the system, under Network پیجینگ network Speaker network

    Pars jahd fan,

    Active in the field of supply, design, and implementation of all projects of industrial automation in the sector of oil, gas, petrochemistry, power plants, and ایستگاهای boost the pressure of the gas

    Aria آتسز

    Aria company آتسز in the field of building automation providing consulting, design, equipment supply, automation systems, building sector, heating and cooling, and lighting, also the structure of control and communication, including the activities of the company.

    Industrious electronics Alborz

    Design of industrial automation equipment

    Rahbaran industry arese

    Engineering company rahbaran industry arese (رصاکو) in order to run industrial projects and releases(civil and غیرعمرانی) at the country level in the year ۱۳۹۴ established and attract professional staff and forming a team of experienced professionals, fit and also enjoying the experience and management of founders, the company has so far failed to do and completed several projects large and small, government and non-governmental, which is the result of its expansion activity level and field, the formation and cohesion of the system of administrative, workshop and financial. The management of rahbaran industry Aras activities are in line with the presence of wider and. more productive and more successful in projects for national and international action to organize the company through the establishment of a specialized downline has managed to develop company leaders, industry, arese, in as much as a holding. Company drivers industry Oras specifically, five areas of Engineering, commercial and ... manufacturing and ... field of Information Technology and import and export as activity goals people have ever managed on the basis of the road map now step important and effective in this field, none.

    Now Sam processing rasha

    System automation club rasha, etc. امکانیست that use it can also save time and cost. with the help of software club rasha and hardware envisaged in the automation system club rasha, management more comprehensive and optimized more to set the sport in mind.

    Pars new andishan industry kaveh

    Pars نواندیشان industry kaveh in 27/11/1392 number 3343 and the national ID 14003900518 is registered . The company in various fields of industrial engineering activities is the major activity of the system for industrial automation .The company, along with entities of scientific and technical, which is a collection of Engineers with a history of and welcome name industry are under the banner of Pars Pars new andishan activities will has managed various projects design, build, install and run systems for industrial automation with your height to do the finish .

    شرکت هدایت صنعت پدیده

    شرکت هدایت صنعت پدیده با بیش از ۱۰ سال تجربه در زمینه واردات اتوماسیون صنعتی‌ زیمنس در جهت خدمت به صنعت و تولید داخلی‌ کشور ما محصولات دست دوم را با پایینترین نرخ ممکن در بازار لاله‌زار تقدیم می‌کنیم.

    Company aria control

    Aria control-health:\r\n\r\nارایه manufacturer of industrial automation equipment and instrumentation\r\nSIEMENS-Autonics-SUNWARD-SAMWON - toky-VESTA-SAMMIT\r\n\r\nتبریز-ferdowsi street-passage ferdowsi, first floor-No. 65\r\nتلفن:35575805-041 \r\nفکس:35571608-041\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n line channel:

    Firm control, wide dynamic

    Firm control, wide dynamic provider of technical and engineering services and supply of goods in the field of control systems and instrumentation in the oil and gas industries, petrochemical and energy

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