• نویان system

    Established ۱۳۸۷

    پتیاک system

    Company پتیاک system with more than 15 years of experience in the field of providing internet services and dedicated bandwidth, the first holder of the license Servco from regulatory agencies, and communications and holder of the rank 1 of the Supreme Council of Informatics to the limited number of in the province of Tehran, representing the active sale accepts.\r\nمتقاضیان can phone number 2349-021, interior, 306 contact the following.

    Engineering horizon data Persians

    Engineering company, Horizon data, with more than ten years of experience in the field of design, setup, configuration advice and supply of equipment, network security, weap, and ... with the brands Cisco, etc., php, etc. فورتینت., the interceptors and ... activity), and also the largest service provider Cisco in Iran.\r\nارائه provider of a variety of Switch, Router, firewall, etc. access point, etc. the IP phone, and all the services and equipment of Cisco

    Technology development part

    Company technology development part products supplier HP, with the aim of supply, Support\r\nوآموزش hard افزارهایHP, etc. by the management with the background and expertise of the profession established \r\nاست that in this way has always been the standards of global fashion consideration and, accordingly, the present \r\nکالاهای original company معظمHP, provide solutions جامعIT also industrious.\r\nicon in the meantime, according to the need and forecast the annual growth of each collection. what is the technology\r\n روزIT. has provided or will.Now the company is having \r\nپرسنل trained and qualified with the backing of more than two decades of experience and also do projects, \r\nمختلف in the field of consulting, design, implementation and monitoring plan, communication solutions, and provide and supply \r\nمحصولاتHP (server, equipment storage, network equipment ) is proud to announce that one \r\nاز pioneers صنعتIT in the country.\r\nامید it goes up with the backing, honesty, and respect for the rights of the customer domain understanding, the\r\nفزایش findings and promote cooperation in the future will provide.

    Company دایاتک kisa (Dayatech Kasa P. J. S Co)

    Company دایاتک took place in the year 1389 was established and its activities with مجوزسازمان Association system by obtaining representation, office products, and industrial Zerotech Taiwan began, and, so far as one of the companies active in this field of working.\r\n\r\nThis company, in the year 1391 by getting the official representative of the company TRENDnetآمریکا, while the supply of all network equipment with a warranty of five years. having experienced experts has in the field of providing technical information, design, consultation, installation, and launch to companies, organizations and factories, a large share played.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nزمینه, the activities of the company include:\r\n\r\n consultation, design, and implement LAN\r\n consultation, design and implementation of Wireless networks\r\n consultation, and Project Designer, physical security and digital video surveillance\r\n consultation, design server room and providing special equipment such as KVM and KVM over IP\r\n supply and implementation of thin client, etc. mini computer, touch LCD, multi-touch screen, in offices and institutions, state and non-state centers of military, industrial, Educational and ...\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nهدف and the main hope we have in this activity, providing advice and services appropriate for consumers to facilitate in the process of selecting products according to the requirements of applications they have and with the hope that we consumers of these goods with a variety of products and features and user interface they are familiar, we

    فرابرد system stable

    Company فرابرد system stable with the target activity in the field of telecommunication and technology, advanced network infrastructure has been established and in this regard, and in the direction of supplies, telecommunication and executive projects of communication, particularly a fiber optic network and use the experiences of experts, Expert and efficient, has managed, over the years, the services of a distinctive and dramatic in accordance with the standards of the world, offer.\r\n\r\nهمچنین this company has the most advanced equipment, fusion, fiber optic testing, OTDR and equipment cabling in order to perform any of the project data transmission based on optical fiber.

    The Company supplies software, communications

    Supplier of telecommunication equipment, in particular, weap (Voip) and exclusive representative producers of the prestigious international Matrix and Htek, and the official representative of the company, 3CX in Iran. The company relied on the technical team trained and strong technical support, has managed projects in many organizations and government entities and companies - private to successfully run finish. Communication needs and the information you with the most suitable quality and price on pakage FIT is provided. Directions, details on products and solutions proposed fit with the phone numbers 88654292 - 88676728 please contact.

    The development of technology داتام communication Pars

    \" The company developed technology داتام communications Pars, the official representative of sales of all kinds of products passive interpretation wyler Swiss in Iran,\"

    Company روژین Ryan Qian

    Company روژین Ryan Qian with possession of a personnel specialist and creative all your efforts on providing the best work and obtaining the consent of the customer inputs . With customer satisfaction and respecting and honoring the opinion and wishes of the client component, the principles and mission of the company. It is hoped that with the help of God and efforts of scientific research that is the engine of this company is so that we can more and better consumers in the field to help.

    Internet-shop of tomorrow, the iPhone or

    Internet-shop of tomorrow, your iPhone, or, set the company network software Lotus with registration number ۵۴۷۸۸ a freestanding store Internet in order to provide diverse products to our Dear customers. that to the customers, allowing the required items In this shop has to simply choose and buy. Currently shop tomorrow, your iPhone, or includes the Group's products. + Health & cosmetics group + Group health and beauty + Group commodity audio, video, + Group appliance Group + modem and router + Group network Products in this category are for the Weekly and monthly are increasing. In line with the culture of customer satisfaction ... shop tomorrow, your iPhone, or to increase diversity, the more products the store tomorrow, your iPhone, or are contracts with brands and different companies, including brand Papital, Italy, agency, digital products and accessories. the company, cultural and artistic, and also brands sports accessories., and soon the group of following products also to the store will be added : + Group, the digital products, (including :mobile, laptop) + The group of cultural products and artistic + Groups, products, accessories, sports and entertainment Also shop tomorrow, your iPhone, or one of the representatives of the company's independent Internet era, Telecom and also addition .

    Mahan system pasargad

    Manufacturer of rack, network, and telecom Indoor & outdoor variety of medical equipment, all kinds of metal parts ranging from hoods, etc. kiosk and ATM ATM & TVM, components aluminum services, CNC punch, etc., bend, NC, color powder الکترواستایک and .... .

    Ryan companies, the technology capital of Vanda

    Based on the activities of the company, the capital of Vanda based on the use of qualified professionals in the field of import, sales, setup and repairs, modern equipment, including network ( HP , CISCO mature MikroTik ). On this basis, received official representative of reputable companies active in the field of IT, etc., we have been able in the company equipment and IT services to their customers to provide. Ryan companies, the technology capital of Vanda, in the year 1389 with the aim of providing services of information and Communication Technology utilizes managers highly qualified and experienced. In this regard, having already experiences the necessary field equipment and multiple service networks, such as ( HP , CISCO mature MikroTik Virtualization.... A ) action to provide the services of distance learning to all parts of the country, with the aim of expanding the IT industry of the country past. the hope is, with the help of the Lord, the Almighty, most needs related to the industry's highest build.

    The company developed technology داتام communication Pars

    The activities of the company technology development داتام communication Pars The activities of the company technology development داتام communications barking in the fields of software, hardware and network focused and are as follows: Consultation, installation, local area network said lanو wan and Internet واینترانت Installation of network equipment Provide updated computer systems (servers - workstations) Testing and troubleshooting mechanized grid under the standards EILA/TIA-IEEE Provide services, support and maintenance of the network under the international standards Support and after-sales service includes warranty, equipment troubleshooting, etc. repairs and replacement of goods The company developed technology داتام communications Pars provider equipment Network equipment lergand manufacturer equipment Passive network (a variety of outlet, etc., connector, and network cable and ترانکینگ and .....) Network equipment Cisco, include a variety of switches and advanced routers full power Network equipment DATWYLER Swiss include a variety of cables and optical fibers Equipment CALWATT Equipment Leoni elements

    Company Android data pardaz artin (آدپا)

    Company Android data pardaz artin (with name abbreviations ADPA) activities of their official in the year 1386 began. Approach the main company from the beginning ever to serve the forces in expert in the field of Information Security has been, and this attitude, all the managers and experts of the company are committed to advancing the technology world has. In line with the objectives above, the company آدپا in the past years managed to achieve at the level of excellent of customer satisfaction has been and always honoring this important are optimization of the quality of services.\r\n company آدپا, in part, obtaining a representation from the companies producing the meantime, observe the mind, the quality of the products, with the majority of companies, and the other like, but what آدپا of many of these sets are different and does not provide services and product based on need, feasibility, and providing product and solution fit the customer's needs has been an emphasis on the sale of specific products to any on the customers only to the intermediary, creating high sales and complacency companies offer the product of their corruption. Is that in many channel reseller of various brands to the marathon, breathtaking sale to hrqymty replica. The result is that the success in sale only use the weapon prices have been the result, but decrease the quality of the services to the customer in warranty period and dissatisfaction they sought not, and will not be found.\r\n\r\n, other special features آدپا the use of the team of experts, services, and support with experience in providing solutions for various and has been since the company آدپا corporate product-centric and single-product in the specialized areas your not dating experts آدپا with several famous brand in a field, leaning to the technical knowledge on top of their customers to همراهانی relieved and permanent for the company آدپا replica).\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n for example, in the context of strategies to cope with the malware group of computer experts of the antivirus آدپا by mastering the seven world-famous brand includes: McAfee and. Symantec, etc., ESET, etc., Kaspersky., the BitDefender, etc., Avira and TrendMicro speed of service to customers due to benefit from the strategies of all the brands in an ضرروری and also cases where a brand had the ability in deal with malware, not in the high level is maintained.\r\n\r\n this subject in other fields as well, such as providing solutions for monitoring (monitoring) network. prevent data leakage (DLP), the integrated management of threats (UTM)..... To be provided.

    Pars andishan breeding

    Public profile: company\r\nنام company : Pars andishan breeding\r\nنوع company : pjs\r\nتاریخ established :1386\r\nزمینه main activities : consulting, design, run, monitor, support, technical services, engineering, sales and commercial, in all\r\n.ICT Affairs\r\nآدرس central office : تهران –خیابان شهید مطهری street, Fajr alley, madain, No. 1-ground floor,.\r\nتلفکس: 88820011-13 \r\nوب website

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