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    Manufacturer of fertilizers, organic and chemical

    Poplar cultivation بادرام

    Company Poplar cultivation بادرام enjoying the world's knowledge and use of the best materials is always trying the product quality high, and yet in terms of price What consider consumers can be provide in making all the products of this company, the first priority of compatibility with the environment and the organic being of all products main condition and the objectives of the company.

    The growth of the Pars

    Now the growth of the barking in the direction of the production and distribution of chemical fertilizers.

    Company کومش sur

    Sulfur mineral of nowrouz are slightly different, semnan♻️ the most beneficial and most effective sulfur mineral, salinity, low acidity, incredibly lacking in lime, and elements of heavy and carcinogens, etc. modifiers all agricultural land and gardens ⭕️contains ۳.۳۳ percent Iron, و۲ percent potassium, dissolved ⭕️ , the salinity of the bottom(EC) ⭕️ acidity(PH) ⭕️ lacking in lime, and elements of heavy and carcinogens ⭕️ consumption for surface hole⭕️ gmail: Sulfur mineral of nowrouz are slightly different, semnan♻️ the most beneficial and most effective sulfur mineral, salinity, low acidity, incredibly lacking in lime, and elements of heavy and carcinogens, etc. modifiers all agricultural land and gardens ⭕️contains ۳.۳۳ percent Iron, و۲ percent potassium, dissolved ⭕️ , the salinity of the bottom(EC) ⭕️ acidity(PH) ⭕️ lacking in lime, and elements of heavy and carcinogens ⭕️ consumption for surface hole⭕️ gmail:

    Kimia candy South

    Kimia candy South manufacturer of organic fertilizers (granular, etc. plate) sulfur(hunk, etc. mesh, and. bentonite)

    Company پاسارگادشیمی the Middle East

    Company pasar Gad Chemistry of the Middle East with more than 15 years history of producing the largest producer of chemical fertilizers in the West Country manufacturer of all kinds of fertilizers, solid - liquid and powder is

    Company refining, fertilizer, Kashan, Iran

    Company refining, fertilizer, Kashan, manufacturer, newest کودآهن biological وارگانیک with the trademark RNA, along with the best quality and in competition with the sample, Spanish , Swiss , American. \r\nThis company, in line with self-sufficiency, and prosperity of the country in agricultural production with the help of inventors and professionals and utilizes top technology to formulations, and numerous proprietary your has. the most effective and most Iron fertilizer biologics in the world's production. in this connection, analysis of the product by the Ministry of Agriculture, Institute of soil and water, Tehran, Iran, and some scientific and research centers inside Iran, and even Germany, were approved .As well as this product successful دریاففت diploma IENA Germany was.\r\n\r\n\r\nتولیدات we included 2 types of product. \r\n1.Iron fertilizer biological for agricultural land\r\n2.Booster for houseplants and garden, yard, outdoor,\r\n\r\nمختصر the advantages of this fertilizer is as follows:\r\n1. Provider of iron-potash-glass-mg, acid, and minerals necessary soil and plant\r\n2. Effect fast _ reduce PH خاک_ easy to use \r\n3. Compatible with fertilizers, vermicompost کمپست and fertilizers, animal\r\n4. Organic and biological EDDHA,%6\r\n5. Increase growth and product quality\r\n6. Strengthen the micro-measure of soil\r\n7. The strengthening of organic material the surface of the leaves\r\n8. The ability to attract the top of the plant\r\n9. Lasting almost 2 years\r\n10. Solubility 85% in water\r\n11.The naturalness of the product\r\n\r\n uses:\r\n.A variety of trees and citrus\r\n.A variety of vegetables and jat\r\n.A variety of ornamental plants, the garden,\r\n.Greenhouses industrial\r\n\r\nنوع consumption:\r\nقرقابی - drip - and foliar - hole fertilizer\r\n\r\n\r\nضمنا this product has a patent number. Product registration and operation license.The company حاضربه obtaining representation in all areas of the country, has been coordinating information with the businessmen cherish stated. \r\n\r\nدفتر central: کاشان خ 22 بهمن\r\n mazrui \r\n 3121 262 0913 \r\n\r\n\r\n

    The company plan considered

    Cooperative Services Technical and engineering designs considered by a number of qualified professionals with experience of mine some time astronomy, agriculture, and... resident of Herald to the registration number 1590در date 10/10/91 was established.

    Company clusters of grapes in Azerbaijan

    ( The distribution of major pesticides and fertilizers ) With the presence of highly qualified engineers with qualifications Ph. D. and M. sc. in the field of distribution of pesticides and fertilizer - consulting in the affairs of gardens and greenhouses provide services) ASP.# - City ملکان - خ veterans

    Company's knowledge, green, mahan

    The goals and mission of the company: According to the approach of recent the different parts of agriculture to change the way the agricultural system, sustainable, and organically and conventionally use fertilizers with biological and organic, and due to the presence of organic fertilizers, quality, and confusion of farmers in the selection of suitable fertilizer, production of organic fertilizers, rich, and full component primary mission of the company. Producers need transplanting and cuttings, and designers, green space, and also need buffs to produce flowers and vegetables in the homes of the time. Cody's organic and natural without smell, eco-friendly and without any pollution, with the name of the vermicompost and the growth medium prepared in the packaging, special preparation is نیازات, the direction of the culture pot, it is also relieved. In the mission of the company providing a service appropriate in order to reduce the cost and increase the quality of suppliers, designers, green space, and household consumers. Since that because of production of most products, vermicompost کمپوستی by people who are looking to earn income for themselves and regardless of the issue, market, sell products, vermicompost, and earthworm, a lot of manufacturers and practitioners in the arena with the problem of the sale of the product have encountered .Considering that our group many years ago, the bulk of your activity to find your target market( what market, domestic markets, and how foreign markets) ahead of the Start, and even advised to start the work, to manufacturers been focused, therefore, on which we also collaborate and interact in the field of sales and marketing with those who wish to enter into this دارندتا our time in order to supply product the ability to have more and also the manufacturer is able to profit the logical consequence of this activity. In this connection, our group is one of the most experienced groups active in the field of vermicompost production and breeding earthworm race ایزینیا فتیدای noble is also a history of the production of vermicompost with the use of all the available methods, and more importantly, the activity in all provinces of Iran that a range of different weather conditions in the atmosphere from the records of our work. Part of our activity is as follows: Work, portfolio and non-portfolio (stack, linear, etc. line) due to the amount of initial capital supplier and also the conditions of the place "Buying and selling" cream ایزینیا khaki (ایزینیا فتیدا) Buy and sell vermicompost Degree (1), and leaf analysis valid Provide advice in all fields, especially consulting for sales and marketing to deliver the product to the market Vermicompost basket: Low price portfolios pay the highest profit with the most simple condition for the payment of dividends The period of production shorter, which means get in early profit. Very simple terms for the production and payment of customer's benefit, and, of course, profitability for the company As well as having factors other that we have from other companies have distinguished Method stack: A method is according to the conditions and features that the manufacturer has chosen is that we are in this field, all consulting services at the stages of production, maintenance and, most importantly, the advice of sales and marketing for better sales and more addition, to minimize the period of production, provided we Training fertilizer production vermicompost Contact us 09132930016 091383549005 management


    Provider of a variety of fertilizers, advance, etc. general and بایوبیز to reasonable price, in sizes of 250 to. 500 mill, etc. 1لیتر and 5لیتری

    The blessing of golestan

    Manufacturer of organic fertilizers and enriched poultry manure pellets, the fertilizer, sulfur granulation , organic bentonite,

    Iran's Poison

    Internet-shop of Iran poison the largest and most specialized shop in the field of free consultation and the sale of poisons, insect repellent and animals, the insidious household activities. Shop Iran poison in the year, ۱۳۹۲, with the aim of importing and playing pesticides, insects with reputable world-wide brands, in the province of Western Azerbaijan, was established. This company, all their products before import by experts in their review, test and guarantee the quality. In the end, we hope the use of these products to be able to plays an important role in the health of the environment for you, your fellow played our. In collaboration with specialists in medical entomology, graduated from prestigious universities in the country, particularly pesticides, health and the urban, including vermin and rodents urban services. The goal set, the Nile to the health conscious at the community level. Apply the practices of non-scientific by non-expert in the sprayed in addition to the lack of favorable impact in the fight against insect-caused pollution, environment, life, people, and the way to the incidence of types of cancer and various diseases. Also, the company, Iran, Poison benefiting from their knowledge, especially in biology, Toxicology, and biology of insects and how to effect pest health on the health of people with the first call to fix the problem, you lay back, they will be.

    Sparkling amethyst هگمتان

    Company sparkling amethyst in the year ۱۳۹۲با due to lack of production of this type of agricultural fertilizers, the import of the type of fertilizers from neighboring countries, with the aim of reducing the outflow of currency from the country, attempted to produce all kinds of chemical fertilizers.

    Manufacturing group campus/نانوسیز

    Contact us Address: Shiraz, go to the police, the way fasa-Special Economic Zone, Shiraz, Phone: 26 - 37175422-071 Fax: 31715427-071

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