• Shipping company, Sea World, The Beach

    Shipping company, Sea World, the beach having شعباتی in Iranian ports including Bandar Abbas, Khorramshahr, Bushehr, khomaini port., the Chabahar " Assassin وقشم)the following services you provide: \r\n• provide carrier – فورواردی \r\n• provide transit internal and external is team بسیارحرفه in this field\r\n• declaration of carry an incredibly reasonable and competitive around the دنیابه special ازتمامی بنادرچین وخاور away \r\n• carry out cargo air having a flight system to Iran, United Arab Emirates on most days of the week \r\n• carry the cargo overland by truck to own and گروپاژ from all parts of Europe and Asia, to Iran وبالعکس \r\n• Import and export machinery including دامپ track., the excavator, etc., loaders, and rollers \r\n• carry bulk cargoes by ships, bulk carrier from all parts of Europe and Asia, to Iran and vice versa \r\nامید is with the trust you افتخارشروع cooperation can be provided.\r\nراه communication :\r\\r\n32242826 - 076:fax\r\nموبایل :09173975633

    International shipping راهگشاکالا

    Services cargo international road with the truck, clad, etc. refrigerator and container to Europe and Asia. Services, air cargo, ایرلاینهای Qatar, Turkish, Kuwait, air, etc.; Iran Air, etc., Lufthansa, etc. France Eyer ... Fly Dubai, Air Arabian, etc. Oman. Mahan, etc. com, air Hawk, air and other airline valid.\r\nسرویس, shipping container ۲۰ feet and ۴۰. refrigerator, ۲۰, and ۴۰. container, container. open tops, etc. felt the cracks etc from the ports of Anzali, Amir Abad، نوشهر، نکاء, Fereydoun aside, the ports of the South, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam Khomeini, Bandar-e ganāveh., the Kangan and the late, Bushehr, Mahshahr, Bandar Chabahar, Bandar Bushehr, Bandar-e lengeh.\r\nخدمات goods transport rail باکانتینر ۲۰ and ۴۰. container roofed, and the container edge, the container tank, to Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc., Afghanistan and Europe.\r\nخدمات cargo, imports and exports: ranging from کارگو, etc. goods, commercial, perishable, etc. exhibition., the refrigerator, fruit, citrus, food, mineral, dried fruit, etc., saffron, etc., dates, etc. properties. derivatives of oil .Bitumen and petrochemical

    International company Hamsafar faculty

    International company Hamsafar faculty presenter, direct, and server, the main tube, Turkey in Iran

    International shipping Iran land

    International transportation active in Yemen. air., the marine and the rails. کـریر and forwarder, etc. مجـاز to transit in all customs, land, and air

    Shipping Robin Marin

    Services, shipping and transport international, Robin Marin includes cargo, marine, sending air cargo, carry, ground, etc., ISO tank, Flexi tanks, bulk load, carry retail. بالک, etc. packaging, ex work, etc. Door to Door, offices, official in Canada. Cargo marine : • FCL outdoor LCL, OPEN TOP, Flat Rack • Overweight & Oversize Shipment • Bulk & Break-Bulk Cargo • ISO Tank & Flexi Tank Send air cargo: • Fast Transit Time • Consolidated • airline Container Loading Scheduled Cargo Arrivals & Departures Carry on ground : • FTL AMATEUR LTL • Get the goods from door factory ( origin ), etc. carry and deliver goods at the warehouse of destination • Packing, loading, etc. customs clearance, etc. unloading, warehouse Customs: • Customs formalities import / export • Obligations of insurance, Packing list, etc., Invoice, business • Control the quantity and quality prior to shipment Company Robin Marin has always committed itself to offering the lowest and رقابتیترین prices for all the charges existing in the process of transportation, " he said. We have the possibility of providing a service with best time of carriage to/ from points, scirpts.  The Ports of the Persian Gulf ( Dubai, UAE. سوهار, Kuwait, Bahrain, the Palace, etc., Karachi,...)  All the Ports of China (Tianjin, etc., Shanghai, Dalian, Shenzhen, China. زیامن, etc., Ningbo, China., King, Dow, etc. Foshan, Guangzhou, etc. Cheung, China, Nanjing, etc.)  The Ports of Singapore, the ports, the ports in Malaysia ports in Indonesia  Ports of India ( ناواشوا, etc. mundra., the کاندلا, etc. هزیرا, etc. pips Ava, etc. توتیکورین, etc. features, etc., Calcutta, etc., Chennai, etc. Cochin )  All ports ICDهندوستان with the lowest IHC (TKD, etc. دادری of. loni., the loaded هیونو, etc. of Jaipur, Ahmad Abad, Islam. moradabad., the Hyderabad, India. سکوندرآباد, etc. جودهاپور., the nag pour مولاند, etc. Bangalore, India. پیتهامبار, etc. راتلام, etc. کهیدار, etc. کانپورو ...)  Countries ( Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, فندلاند, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Orange, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, his, etc., Spain, Sweden, the UK, etc.)  Country, African ( Kenya, Libya, Morocco )  Country, North America ( Canada, Costa Rica, دومنیکا, Mexico, USA,...)  Countries, Australian ( Australia, New Zealand )  Of the CIS Member States ( Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia, ... Office profile in Iran Farmaniyeh street - بازدارشمالی - street lavasani - No. 10 - unit 8 - the floor of the fourth Phone : 9-22814976 21 98+ Email :Info@RabinMarine.Com Office of Canada, Toronto: Website : .RabinMarine.CA Address:۱۲۲۸۵ Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L۴E ۳M۷ Phone : 6479238060 1+ Email : M.Najafi@RabineMarine.CA Office Canada. ونکوو Unit #۱ ۱۱۷ big ۱۵th St, East V۷L ۲P۷ Phone : ۶۰۴۴۴۵۵۳۶۳ ۱+ Email : A.Nikfarjam@RabinMarine.CA Company Robin Marin in all ports of Iran ( Bandar Abbas, Bandar Bushehr, Bandar khorramshahr, Bandar chabahar, Bandar anzali, etc...), The representative of the industry

    The company Transport International, the world Mora

    The company Transport International, the world Mora as a company, forwarder, International, a member of IATA and FIATA with over 20 years experience ready to cooperate and provide services as follows:\r\n1-shipping Export Air\r\n2-transport of containerized goods\r\n3-Land Transport and transit\r\n4-rail transport\r\n5-carriage of dangerous goods\r\n6-transport processing of cargoes and non-standard ( volumetric and weight)\r\n7-carry export of oil from the Middle East to all parts of the World\r\n8-offering the lowest shipping rates competitive in world markets ( bulk and public good )\r\n9-provide consulting services regarding transportation and international trade\r\n10-provided bill of lading FIATA with the highest rates of liability insurance carriers and also the issuance of Bill of lading, the Switch in the third country

    Now sharan

    Shipping company International, Sharan:\r\nدارای registration number, and accreditation from agency toll and road transport\r\nبا over 20 years, brilliant record, etc. as one of the leading and most advanced activists in the field of transportation of international transit domestic transshipment and گروپاژ, etc., loading on truck and trailer, etc., train, vessel, customs clearance of goods from all customs allowed the country, out of, and...\r\n\r\nفعال in the field of cargo transportation export dried, such as edible products such as rice, tea, etc. Wheat and also clothing, rugs, Audio & Video Accessories, machinery and...\r\n\r\nفعال in the field of cargo transportation petroleum derivatives such as کاندنست, etc. mazut, etc. of naphtha, etc., diesel and gasoline from all the cities of Iran to the destination of Erbil and soleymanieh, Iraq, and vice versa\r\n\r\nدارای expertise in the affairs of the road transport of containerized - cargo and assets - combined shipping - heavy weight and traffic.\r\n\r\nفعال in the field carrying whatever priority the tenth, such as glass, paper, appliance, and... by Ben guarantees with high value\r\n\r\nانجام Affairs related to export imports and exports, etc. transit, etc. land, sea, and rail to the remotest parts of the world.\r\n\r\nفعال in the field of cargo transportation of petrochemical products such as polyethylene - polypropylene, and...\r\n\r\nدارای representative offices accredited in many countries including: China, Japan, Korea, etc., United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the cities of Ardabil, kermanshah, West Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan. Iran. Gilan and...

    International shipping West tus | Karaneh, Toos Int\'l Trp Co

    Shipping company International Bank tus in the matter of transportation the International terrestrial goods licensed activity in the affairs of the carrier and the forwarder. The above set has employees with experience and fluent in Affairs, transport, international, and also has office and dedicated warehouse, office, staff in Tehran and Tabriz and representative office in Italy , Turkey , Germany , Bulgaria , Azerbaijan, and Georgia, and represent in the customs of the whole country . This company services your ground for full and گروپاژ from all over the continent of Europe, and also Turkey with a ratio quite competitive to Iran and vice versa to our customers. Services related to ground transportation, we, on a weekly basis from the main centres, particularly in Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, and other countries established.Also, air service وکشتیرانی the company on a regular basis from all over the world to Iran and vice versa, Dyer.

    Shipping company International داریس we must be pasargad

    Company داریس we must be pasargadae, all services of import and export of goods ranging from transportation and transit and customs clearance of goods from all customs in Iran and the world, and its customers supply.

    The patron shall serve

    Company international transportation Itotrans with a brilliant record in the field of transportation of goods in Turkey and Iran, with a brilliant record at the Chamber of Commerce, ready, reception shipping. Has more than ٥٠دستگاه کامیون standard Carry the load for full track and forward Possibility of customs clearance of goods from ports and customs of the country the struggle to all parts of Iran and countries adjacent Clearance of goods from customs authorized Iran Delivery time door place

    Company crane yousefi

    Rental of cranes with experienced staff ready to cooperate with you \r\nجرثقیل yousefi 09121255045

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