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    Engineering company تیسان with afford the fulfilment of the Lord, in the year 1385, with about a decade experience in the group of the activists of the company, which is a collective of professionals experienced in order to optimize power consumption, etc. in the fields of lighting and to run and provide goods and services to public agencies and private start to the activity, and in the year 1389 formally established .\r\n\r\nThis company, your products and services with the best possible quality, designed and implemented, and so far, with more than tens of reputable companies and government agencies, and private and Municipal ... in the field of lighting, and lighting have cooperated, and the largest importer of some products from the countries of Taiwan, China, and Pakistan . \r\n\r\n \r\nمحصولات presentable now :\r\nفروش main parts and sub-systems, lighting and lighting, ranging from LED chip, power, etc., chip SMD, etc. a variety of frame projectors in size and different sizes., the driver, etc. PCB design and mass production of circuits RGB and DMX, according to the taste and the customer's order, design, and production of projectors LED, projectors, SMD, etc. projectors niches etc. projectors wall washer ( linear ) Etc. LED lights, COB and SMD built-in and superficies, etc. projectors Daphne and ... projectors ultra low consumption and lighting the passages, etc. lamps, etc. projectors architecture, etc., SMD, strip, stone, and luminous., the neon flex, the implementation of security systems, CCTV camera etc. alarm systems, places, boards, LED, fluent and steady . \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nخدمات presentable now :\r\nعمده the activities of the company تیسان lighting of interior spaces and the exterior, ranging from : lighting, office environments, commercial, retail, etc. factories, etc., lighting, passages, etc, lighting, facades, internal and external, bridges, overpass and underpass, etc. bridges عابرپیاده., the lighting elements of lighting, water fountain, etc., lighting, green space, etc. the implementation of the security system and .... Industry . \r\n\r\nمشتریان company :\r\nعمده our customers, mass., the tower builders, municipalities, contractors-construction, government organizations and private ... are .\r\n ...

    Business سپهران

    Supplier, goods, electricity,\r\nارسال goods around the country\r\nنمایندگی official products, lighting, ZFR., the San luxurious, Tuba; can network cable لگراند and Yuki net, wire and cable, Meteor jam, etc., wire and cable, Amin, etc., wire and cable Iran wire and cable Iran\r\nنمایندگی other brands is raised on industrial\r\site configuration://

    Light, facade, electronics

    Design and production of equipment for lighting and urban lighting

    Company پایامبدل

    The production of LED lighting

    Company light, journalist Aras

    Company نورنگار Aras as one of the producers of the owner of new technology in the country, in line with the subordination of the process of sustainable development of the country and optimize the consumption of\r\nانرژی action to build and manufacture products with the quality of the world in the International Year of light ( ۲۰۱۵)), and variation in these products, try to satisfy the need of\r\nکنندگان and our esteemed customers.\r\nمدیریت company to parallel efforts to promote the satisfaction of customers and employees and improving the quality of products, their commitment to following the announcement are:\r\n\r\n the prevention of environmental pollution with a choice of solutions for optimal and cost-effective economic\r\n complete compliance activities and the production of company products with regulations and rules, occupational health and safety, and environmental requirements, and standards\r\n power industry and the views of the agencies concerned\r\n continuous improvement process working\r\n optimize the consumption of materials and energy,\r\n\r\nارزشهای axial :\r\n\r\nخانواده big نورنگار Oras includes the shareholders, directors and employees, Code of conduct, the following, as values in pivot organization\r\nخود explanation, and they believed in is and for compliance with the principles in all the activities of the company attention."\r\n\r\nمنشور moral:\r\n\r\n we are committed to maintaining the interests of all stakeholders.\r\n we are committed to trying in the direction of the substitution of domestic products instead of foreign products in order to fulfill self-sufficiency of national.\r\n we are committed to preserve the environment and reduce pollutants.\r\n we are committed to an ongoing effort to enhance the quality of the products.\r\n we are committed to transparency of information and honesty in advertising.\r\n we are committed to the efficient use of national resources.\r\n\r\nمنشور rights of the customer :\r\n\r\n the client has the right product quality, accurate information.\r\n the client has the right, through a system defined with the management of the company will be in touch.\r\n the client has the right of harms resulting from the procedure is the correct consumption of the product, be aware.\r\n the client has the right to taste, tempered ...

    Now the symbol of modern energy today

    1-manufacturer of the projector LED 30W Eli 400W by saving 80% in power consumption can be mounted on the wall, and the beam power 2-consulting,design, and implementation of systems solar lighting for saving power consumption, and the use of sunlight 3-importer and distributor of all parts related to the system, solar lighting, such as inverters,شارژکنترلر big solar panel and battery ... 4-Enter a sole page of the sun (marking valid EVERSUN) 5-joint cooperation with government agencies and private

    Manufacturing company servicing afrooz electronics Asia

    Lighting, etc. painting, Rouen, decorating, LED, etc. decorating the urban design of electronic circuits

    Company Glenvar

    Manufacturer of street lights, etc. street lights LED lights wall washer, lights, field lights, industrial, designer and manufacturer of a variety of base street lamp., the lamp base highway. the base installation of the camera, basic tips and drive, base, park, etc. base, polyresin., the tower, spotlight towers and lighting in ... advice, design, supervision and implementation of networks, distribution of electricity, etc., manufacturer of Spot Light etc. indoor fluorescent واترپروف, supply equipment ضدانفجار, production of LED Products (LED) and solar systems (SOLAR or solar), Pages, solar, etc. control systems, lighting, etc. solar power plants, equipment related to the optimization of energy consumption, the manufacturer of CFL, ballast, lamps, sodium vapor and metal halide, etc. types of ballasts, and electronic equipment

    Industrial groups worth of electricity

    'Industrial group worthy electric superior brand LED lighting industry in the country

    Shop Hassan Zadeh

    Manufacturer of chandelier, luxurious and modern All the things باچند year warranty is supplied With the best quality of work and the Sexes The great variety of work

    Electrical and electronics industries, optimum makers, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine

    Production lamps and extra-low consumption (LED), design and implement systems, renewable such as solar water heater, electricity, solar, etc. solar power plants, small or megawatt

    صنابع, production Lighting, Light

    توالید a variety of panel هاوچراغهایLEDوپارکی وتزیینی


    Manufacturer and supplier of LED Projector lights, LED ultra low consumption Lighting industry آذرطیف having projectors LED is very high quality, ready to serve you our esteemed customers. Types of projectors LED, such as projectors, SMD, and projectors COB and projectors, Power and LED raw and street lights and niches, lights سیلندری and led recessed and wall washer, and raw materials and laboratory equipment in the product portfolio, the company آذرطیف. All products lighting company آذرطیف has a ۲-year warranty and ۱۰ years after-sales service. Other services آذرطیف can be used to send free shipping to all over the country for shopping baskets higher than ۱۰۰ هزار تومان noted. Also our consultants ready to advice and visit free from your projects. Dear customers, you can use this service for your project with a number of companies contacted.

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