Sell Offers Province Alborz

  • Set control in Vigo, PC-19

    Set Control Automatic Water – up to 4 horsepower – up to 7 Unit\r\nماکزیمم current : 30 amps / pressure, maximum : 15 times\r\nفشار starter pump : from 0.5 up to 5 times\r\nنوع power: 240-220 volt

  • Elevator

    The sale of the elevator in Tehran and karaj, all cities Providing a gearbox(tensile) Providing a vessel Elevators روملس Elevators, hydraulic Package, and Chinese

  • Elevator hydraulic

    In elevators, the hydraulic power of the original, which causes vertical movement cab elevator to the top or bottom can be of a jack (piston) up or down win along with engine supplier power ( پاوریونیت) has been formed\r\nروش overall work hydraulic lifts, so that the Birr motor in پاوریونیت makes the device, the pump, oil from tank to cylinder pumping and then with the filling capacity of the cylinder, oil with pressure in which caused the cabin and the piston to the top side to move can bring. Of course, when the cabin lift to the desired floor reaches the central system control of the elevat ...

  • Pump 1.5 horse

    Manufacturer :\r\n stream\r\nمدل :\r\n scm2-52\r\nنوع distribution Type :\r\n Rice\r\nجنس body :\r\n cast-iron\r\nHmax :\r\n, 42\r\ from Firefox :\r\n 1.1\r\nv :\r\n-220\r\nhp :\r\n 1.5\r\nتعداد distribution Type :\r\n 2

  • Repairs, elevators, hydraulic

    Department of engineering, Hydro-downs pars ready قبوا, general repairs and minor lifts hydraulic in Tehran and other parts of the city transpires.\r\nکاری that our colleagues couldn't...

  • Lift, store and workshop

    ۱-high, down, and shops ۲-high, down people on the side of houses and shops Run and install the hydraulic lifting according to your taste The best ...

  • پرشرسویچ (automatic switch) pump

    پرشرشویچ mirox making Turkey with 1 year گارنتی switching\r\NICON in the two models,\r\n1تا6 times and 2تا11بار \r\n*in both bulk and single colours*

  • Home lift

    (Home lift) is usually in the building that one can be fitted that has a location preset for the elevator are not, and, generally, for buildings 2 to 4 floors, condos, duplex, villas, restaurants and shops are used. One of the major problems of old buildings the lack of space for the design of elevator and three-phase electric power is a way that this problem has a huge impact on the price of classes, the second to the top can affect.Nowadays, companies producing lift with the use of technology, this problem has been in most of the buildings fix to the way that the implementation of this eleva ...

  • Filtration, water,

    Purifier, water, soft water\r\nتایوانی 6مرحله \r\n12ماه warranty

  • Device skin pack construction company tarsam co

    Packaging machine skin pack is one of the machinery by which food is fresh, packaging can be the device according to the performance in the power and accelerate at the time of packing and no need to format for different types of product is very affordable, this device for packaging a variety of food products such as chicken, meat, fish, all kinds of sausage, kielbasa, etc. types of cheese, vegetables and ... Used, so it can be used as a device efficient in packing with quality food and fresh, keep it introduced that kind of packaging it for vacuum forming can be.

  • Jet heater 100000 gas, etc. گازوئیلی 09124655699

    Jet heater 100000 gas گازوئیلی and two triple burner The body is made of stainless steel With the engine موتوژن With a range of advanced anti-combustion 09124655699 Hassan pour

  • Sale duct split in Karaj

    Special procedure duct split -Company Bharu cold industry\r\nطراح and performer air-conditioners\r\NICON in order to design and reward and maintenance systems, air conditioning, repairs, devices, cooler gas and water, etc. split up. chiller and شوفاژوموتور home heating, Jacuzzi and sauna will do\r\nتعمیر and install the absorption chiller, etc., repair and installation, chiller, condensing, etc. repair and install gas, etc., repair and installation gas standing, تعمیرکولر gas in Karaj, install gas in Karaj, etc.Installations of hot and cold, utilities sewer, utilities, fire, extinguisher, serv ...

  • Car کودپاش تیداپارس for spraying manure

    Car کودپاش تیداپارس for spraying, manure, etc. avian and compost in two models: two-wheel and four-wheel for agricultural farms \r\n\r\nتیداپارس manufacturer of all kinds of کودپاش livestock, crops in the two models and with the tank capacity of various\r\nمدل کودپاش dual purpose spraying, centrifuge and line also available is\r\nدارای two butterfly spraying with the movement of centrifuge\r\NICON all کودپاش of تیداپارس crushing and sieving for greater performance and higher safety device is installed\r\nثبت posted on the site Center for development of mechanization and has the approval and su ...

  • Sale گوجی Berry

    Sale گوجی Berry packing, 250 to. 500 and 1000, warmth,\r\nبه for supply direct from the importer,\r\nفروشگاه post Iran supplier of گوجی Berry on the packaging, 250 g, etc. 5...

  • Plumbing tools and utilities

    Sell all kinds of tools, plumbing, building,\r\nفروش types of welding machines and cutting tube, polyethylene, Poly پروپلین\r\nفروش types of scissors handy and cordless tube Berry

  • Chair ریلکسی, etc. embellished ریلکسی

    Chair ریلکسی you relaxation gift does and in terms of the joy was more. The chair, or rocking at a very reasonable price the ... can be used as part of a homes you.\r\nتاب convenience, fashion,...

  • Sell silica gel Research Laboratory

    Company نانوکیمیا ready to supply all kinds of silica gel research in order to Pure Storage, chemicals, and industrial in the country, with a very reasonable price stated is:\r\n\r\nSilica Gel Column Chromatography 210-500 microns - 35-70 Mesh\r\n\r\nSilica Gel Column Chromatography 125-250 microns - 60-120 Mesh\r\n\r\nSilica Gel Column Chromatography 75-150 microns - 100-200 Mesh,\r\n\r\nSilica Gel Column Chromatography 75-210 microns - 70-230 Mesh\r\n\r\nSilica Gel Column Chromatography 75-35 microns - 230-400 Mesh\r\n\r\n\r\nSilica Gel for Thin Layer Chromatography\r\n\r\nSilica Gel G TLC G ...

  • Hire a cleaning lady and a gentleman in Karaj

    To the number of cleaners Mr. and Mrs. with a history of working and highly qualified in order to perform the affairs of cleaning is needed.\r\nشماره contact:\r\n026-34-21-70-97\r\n026-91-01-22-12 Eli 4\r\nترجیحا in office hours with the constant numbers to be contacted.

  • Smart home and automation equipment, building BMS 09123712521

    Dealers sell, install and support smart home فیبارو(FIBARO ), the Bush(BOSH ), Panasonic and ... in Tehran and karaj \r\nبا pressing only one key. send a command via sms...

  • The price of Chip of asphalt in چهاردانگه

    Hi, \r\n\r\nمجری: company fanavaran 09122656631\r\n\r\nفروش and playback chip asphalt in چهاردانگه \r\n\r\nفروش chip asphalt in Karaj \r\n\r\nانجام all things, asphalt and ...

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