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  • Now automation 24

    Internet store automation 24 relying on a store with a 30-year history and sphere of activity, power, industrial, industrial automation, tools, and supplies measure, in March of year 93 has been launched . With the activities taken, and this store has the symbol دوستاره trust the electronics of the Ministry of Industry, mine and trade., the Golden symbol, bookkeeping, database, Internet, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic guidance, and also under the monitoring system, review of the Obama administration and the center for information technology and digital media.It is noted that purchases from the site store automation 24, according to the plan incentive, which is from the beginning, the activity of this store has been active for free through priority mail, and without any cost to the buyers, to the address listed ( the door of your home or place of work ) will be sent.

    Company Arvin بناپاد

    Company Arvin بناپاد (PJs, etc. national ID 10590012434), in March 1388, with activity matches the subject of the statute “contracting and construction, electricity and electrical installations, etc. safety appliances and fire fighting (declared and hidden camera, fire alarm and accessories, testing and maintenance related to the ... garage doors anti-fire), the purchase, sale and installation of GPS tracker ( detectors in the personal automotive and industrial)The ... systems, safety, protective, and regulatory (smart building BMS, etc. traffic control and management, alarms, systems, audio and video surveillance ( CCTV, accessories, Anti-Robbery, video, and antenna, central) industries, telecommunication (phone Central, ETC. of the transmitter and receiver, wireless, wireless and IT), etc. of digital systems and computer ( hardware and software)Etc. import and export, participate in auctions and tenders of Public Administration, private and international organizations, etc., obtaining and granting representation the sale of foreign and domestic buy and sell all materials and equipment are authorized related to the subject of activity of the company” has been established and in order to achieve their aims. step on the arena of engineering and consultancy, sales and implementation inputs. In Internet store company Arvin بناپاد, etc. all the products with low profit margin as a online reliable shopping are.

    Engineering smart pasargad

    Consultation, design and education, lighting and lighting and smart storage building with over 10 years of experience in this field along with training, latest version of the software, related

    Now Uranus

    The largest center for the sale of software, training of Uranus

    Broadcasting company Marina

    The game Jenga, or the same Tower, excitement contains 54 pieces of wooden, MDF, spread across the country

    The company architects, the development of aluminum industry

    Architects the development of the aluminum industry Manufacturer of all kinds of profiles for industrial وساختمانی manufacturer of doors and Windows, single glazing, etc. double glazed and thermal break has a single design and mold making, extrusion, heat treatment on the profiles to 14 Webster hardness services cover آنودایزینگ/powder paint/دکورال

    Company mattress the Royal principle of

    Company mattress, the Royal principle, with dating ۵۰-year due to the moratorium on multi-year بخاطرمشکلات personal cause was that the field for the benefit Joe is that the name of this famous brand began to produce mattresses inferior نمایندو day again, start to work out of the Royal principle and the pursuit of legal based on stealing the name of the brand.. it., add the suffix to the name of the Royal to his work continued, and demagoguery were وتشک inferior to the buyers supply they....

    Refining company, water

    Company descirption engineering refinement, ab., consultant., the designer and manufacturer of a variety of water filtration systems, industrial RO.UF.UV) industrial water treatment: making device, water treatment, industrial is specialized for various industries, including: beekeeping, animal husbandry, centres, education, fish, crafts, color, etc., cooling., workshop, industrial, residential complexes, schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, industries, pharmaceutical, sweetening the water, the sea, agriculture,... with production capacity differ from 5 cubic meters per day to 10,000 cubic meters in a accordance with the need of our esteemed customers. The design and construction of water treatment devices, marine, with a production capacity varies as a custom. The design and construction of the device, the production of distilled water, and the device دیونایزر in accordance with the customers order, etc., suitable for the laboratories of diagnosis, medical and ... pharmaceutical, Medical, Genetics, etc., food, etc. industrial..., including advantage systems designed by the company benefiting from the highest quality parts and ... filters and fittings in the construction of the device, along with a one year warranty and 15 years of service after the sale.


    The design of the site, the software, buy hosting and domain....

    Company jeweled Asia

    Center, specialized hosting and website design

    The company may desire structures

    The company may desire structures (pjs) in the year 1380 to the registration number 3121 in Qom province was established and in the form of affairs and ways and buildings, especially buildings with concrete structure, active and by using the forces of Expert and experienced staff has managed projects, it utilizes the facilities and equipment necessary to a good finish and now has the rating of buildings and roads and transportation as well as the honor of membership in the Association of construction companies and establishment of Qom province. The company in recent years, the use of new technologies in the building industry as the top priority, put, and always tried, is to use the methods and products of modern and ... the disadvantages of the methods, the former to fix them, and the quality of the upgrade exams. Including these methods can be applied to the ceiling foam Los noted that for the first time by the company, the naming was. With the implementation of the ceiling foam Los (ceiling joists without یونولیت) disadvantages of using یونولیت or polystyrene foam is quite high. In addition, the roof, cheaper, and more technical (in terms of increase John the joists) from the ceiling joists یونولیت. Additionally, the type of ceiling, the company in the field of design and execution of ceiling, steel deck and pre-stressed, and implementation of the concrete structure, and the production and implementation of the roof, with the joists of metal, with John (chromite) activity.

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