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    Internet Sales charge card (code charge), all SIM card, MTN/cell first/Talia and raytl and also pay all water bills/electricity/gas and phone, store in the charging رمزچه to the URL

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    The sphere of activity of the company in the field of website design and development , software, web , automation, web, etc., programming, mobile, launch, business, Internet, etc., SEO., the Internet advertising, and social networking and.... In the province of qazvin.

    Company پاکنام ( pjs )

    Fields of activity: design and improve the formulation of detergent products and health such as all kinds of washing powder-washing fluid-liquid dish-washing liquid-types of shampoo - kinds of products, the mass catcher, and the... analysis of raw materials used in the industries of detergent, and sanitary Projects: washing powder دوکاره Aron-washing powder protects color یکتا-liquid fruit juice concentrate tops - powder, Dishwasher liquid and washing machine for white clothes and مشکی - liquid سفیدکننده aromatic -liquid lavatory Facilities and equipment: equipment includes a gc -apparatus, uv-visible -تیترا processor-etir -Turkish Toaster-کالریمتر and other devices for measurement of humidity, ph -ویسکوزیته Abilities: due to the subject project and its relationship with the progress of the goals of the company and improvement in the quality of the products of this company from project proposals are welcome.

    Company baharestan Golden downs

    logo\r\nدرباره company baharestan\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nشرکت baharestan, with the backing of valuable experiences of the founders in the field of production and trade, with an experience of more than three decades, and it started its activity.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nتهیه, production and distribution of quality products in order to supply to the domestic market and also export to the regional and global markets from the activities of the company baharestan, which is always in all of these areas, satisfying the consumers esteemed in the lead your goals put. Efforts of the company respecting the rights of consumers and health promotion and community health is products with best quality and standards to our esteemed customers offer result.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n devices\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nشرکت baharestan utilizes the latest achievements of the industry and technology in various fields of production, packaging, and ... trying to provide the best produce and into the hands of consumers, a respectable finish

    Industrial company توکاصدر

    Fields of activity: The production of a variety of disk and page کلاچ. pickup, etc. کامیون licensed under the platform and the Korean south and luuq, Germany Projects: Now the production of disk and page کلاچ vans Nissan, etc. pride., the Renault etc. Benz minibuses, etc. کامیون Benz engineering method inverse, and the transfer of technical knowledge for production lines, factories, vehicle manufacturing continues. Facilities and equipment: All stages of production parts excluded. ماشینکاری, etc., assembly and test and control sets within the company.. The company has گواهینماه ISO or SS.

    Industry Company cold afarin, Iran

    Fields of activity: The production of HVAC equipment such as all kinds of chiller, condensing, and absorption and ... air handling, etc. package unit the fan coil, etc. condenser air cooling tower and ...

    Manufacturing company Research and SMK milk

    Manufacturing company Research and SMK of milk in September 1371 with the aim of producing kinds of sanitary valves, etc. construction and industrial establishment and production of your pilot in 1372 with the production of milk, ensure, water heaters, water tanks, warm start, and within less than three months managed to get the first Distribution Type, the standard of their country in the field of milk ensure Day Month Year 1372 was established, and immediately after receipt of the certification standard, mass-produced milk, make sure the beginning and welcomed by the consumer market was facing. And from then on, the company's manufacturing and research SMK شیرهمواره as a manufacturer of high quality, sanitary valves, etc. construction, industrial, brain and body, sanitary valves, and a variety fitting the standard required by the building industry and the industries of the country are activity. Unit of the technical research and engineering company, in order to maintain and enhance the quality of the products, with continuous efforts and by providing technical designs and engineering solutions for modern industrial transformation, significant in producing kinds of sanitary valves, etc. construction and industrial is created to the extent that the company manufacturing and research SMK milk now has 2 branch active production ( Branch 1 produces valves for construction and industrial and Branch 2 The production of rebar and sections, brass) has a branch of the third is under construction with a physical progress of 70% in Tehran on the verge of launch. Company SMK milk in the year 1392 failed to get a patent for the production of valves, shotguns, ( wing Volvo) with integrated fuselage for domestic and industrial usage, with registration number 81375 that it was the first invention as an achievement is very important in industrial production of valves, construction and industrial country, and is considered exclusive . This invention for all types of valves, the construction includes a milk machine, washing machine, etc. milk پیسوار, milk, پیسوار فیلتردار, milk, شلنگی single, milk, central heating radiator and etc basic application. Manufacturing company Research and SMK valve, butterfly Iran national standard for the product 3 The following: Milk - make sure the thermal compound and pressure - Cerebral sanitary valves - Milk پیسوار Company SMK valve member of the Guild of manufacturers of sanitary valves, Iran. Manufacturing company Research and SMK of milk in the year 1392, managed to launch the production line of billet and rebar and straps, brass brand SMK alloy was that in fact the Supplier need industries of the country to products, semi-made alloy, brass industry and for the development of their share in domestic and foreign markets, always trying appreciated. Molded SMK alloy includes a variety of rebar, four side and six full brass and other sections of the geometric alloy and suitable for the turning operation and فورجینگ and a variety of billets, brass for the industries, sanitary valves, etc., fittings, etc. locks, pipes and brass fittings. SMK alloy member of the Association and producers sections, brass. Introduction company at a glance is as follows: - Has 25 years of experience manufacturing and industrial activity (established 1371 ) - Has three-show national standard of Iran - All products company, SMK, milk, exclusive designs without copying from similar products. - Have the certificate of patent to No. 81375 ( in conjunction with wings of Volvo Construction) - Member of the Society of inventors of the country - Member of the Association of manufacturers of sanitary valves, Iran - Member of the Guild of employer producers of bended brass

    Tourism is a breeze الموت

    The village of Deakin in the Alamut eastern

    Co-sponsor Ryan Amin

    Co-sponsor Ryan Amin\r\nخدمات software and hardware in place\r\nنصب windows and software, and specialized in the location of\r\nبرگرداندن information lost in the place you\r\nفروش laptop, desktop computer and tablet, the market price\r\nآموزش software, and specialized\r\nمجری project, network and CCTV

    The company urgent sale

    A land area of 10000متر Square with the license مرغداری20000قطعه and license digging a well for water located in 42کیلومتری qazvin road, Rasht Col response

    Company Cover, Plastic, Caspian

    Now cover the plastic with the aim of producing a variety of packages, packaging for industrial use ولفاف multi-layer combination with the foil, etc., Polyethylene, Polyester, pvc, etc. کاغذو ...for packaging a variety of products for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, health, building, industrial and manufacturer of envelope food .Iran . - Envelopes, window, and laminate wrapping, packaging Wrapper metallized Wrapper, food Manufacturer of envelope food - Packaging and printing types of envelopes, packaging

    Trailer storage, Mehdi

    Manufacturer of all kinds of trailer tanker .The trailer bunkers . Trailer dump . Trailer container . Flat bed trailer . Backbreaking

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