• Company Information Technology the wave of journalist

    The wave of journalist, with the goal of providing services in the field of e-commerce, etc., and improve the information and communication technology in the year 93 start activities and achievements. Despite being the company established the information technology wave of journalist کومش a lot of time on not going, but relying on experience, technical knowledge, and the force of youth, its members step in the arena of competition with hopes to up the quality of the support and cost appropriate services and products. wave amplitude the activity of your every day more extensive.\r\n\r\nروش, we\r\n - on the Lord, him we put our trust and honesty in the headpiece work have placed themselves\r\n -Has always been fascinated by learning, we are, and it has no Baki don't\r\n -awareness to the existing situation and future necessary presence in the market, the competition know\r\n - the customer need to know and best practices to the supply, we can\r\n -superior quality, the emphasis we have, and consistently with the standards of the world are going\r\n -believe, support, and reasonable charges, demands, rightful customer of ours\r\n\r\site configuration://

    Company box storage jam

    This workshop in the industrial town of flower rūdbār city mehdishahr, or the same art, the former active.

    Company Nano Iranians

    Group commercial Nano-Iranian importer of products and coatings نانوئی from Germany - Poland 09115402079

    The cooperative does گلبام desert

    Company گلبام desert\r\nتولید a variety of insulation \r\nپذیرش representative of the active from across Iran\r\nدارنده show standard.ISO global .Certification from the country of Turkey.\r\nگواهینامه from the Global Village economy.Certification from the Department of masters of the country.Certification from the amirkabir University of technology\r\nتماس.۰۹۱۲۵۷۳۰۱۵۰/۰۹۱۹۱۷۳۰۱۵۰/۰۹۳۵۱۹۷۰۵۱۷

    Company salt

    Rock salt, crystal, mineral, purity 98.6 \r\nانواع gradation include : fishery - buff - 100 mesh, etc. 110 in. 120 in. 130 – \r\nنمک industrial salt, minerals, edible salt, salt refined, salt, dig \r\nنمک soft industrial \r\nنمک Shelly \r\n \r\n \r\n2-salt, sugar. \r\nنمک mix \r\nکلوخه salt in somewhat different ودرخاصیتهای varied from 95% to 99% For industrial use – factories, production of edible salt –factories, spinning and weaving, and...... In order to produce the water soft, acid storage H

    Company ICT strategy semnan

    Software, Web Content Management, or CMS, which is derived from the phrase ( Content Management System ) is software for creating, editing and maintenance of website\r\nکاربردهای different. This software with the land, and dedicated design and supply to the market .This software in addition to creating, editing and maintenance of website; and other features for\r\nکنترل the circulation of information, management of users and Web services, and tens of the possibility of another which at the same time, ease of use, the best efficiency of final users, make sure track are capable of .\r\nکیفیت performance, reduce costs and proprietary design, the speed in creation of bases of new, and update previous information of the most important parameters to create this application .\r\nسامانه content management ICT solution for development any kind of web Internet site is designed.This system utilizes web programming and using databases, etc. a mechanism created that webmaster Organization ( WHO assume the responsibility of updating the website of organization is ) , he can do so without having technical information, engineering complex, easily the site of the organization's management.\r\nنرم computer system to manage the content, methods and tools, development of ... to do. These content management systems for quite artfully and cleverly, for the development of\r\nهر type of Internet website design and marketed. we are the industry web site, Internet, flexible progress and the ability to organize and update dynamic data to your dedicated\r\nمیکنیم . Also, the function of بسیارراحت and understand , our gift to you. These content management systems with the capability of stunning your you to ecstasy will bring.\r\nبهینه storage for the search engines is one of the most important strategies all the sites. All the companies and institutions has a website, try to raise your rank in the engines\r\nجستجو. The technology will use strong functions in your programming and in compliance with standards, search engine(SEO) to provide you. With this management system, the content of shine in the virtual world, enjoy.\r\proxy to use for this the system features :\r\n\r\nایجاد pages تودر you, and unlimited\r\nایجاد menu, nested menu, and unlimited\r\nویرایش fast for titles of pages\r\nامکان a quick search and overview on all pages of the site\r\nاضافه new image to\r\nحذف and edit existing images\r\nقابلیت view the latest images added\r\nقابلیت setting and management, Menu, Gallery, Images,\r\nقابلیت add a descirption to any image\r\nامکان add and remove and Edit Options of the main menu of the site\r\nامکان remove, change and update the header of the site by the Director of\r\nامکان affix the panel to the panel, right and left, and the middle of the site\r\nگروهبندی pages and create sub-groups for them, and unlimited\r\nاولویت pages, and create sub groups and sub-groups pages\r\nکلمات key and key topics to optimize the search\r\nامکان add, delete and update banner\r\nامکان prioritize to display banners\r\nاضافه File New for download users\r\nحذف and edit files located on the website,\r\nقابلیت send image for each file\r\nامکان adding, delete and editing, including scrollable the top of the website\r\nامکان connect to the panel text\r\nامکان development based on customer requirements\r\NAND ...

    The company integrated soil industrial nusrat اباددامغان

    1-dolomite باانلیزقابل contemplate without موادمضره واهن0.45 A hunk ready to deliver\\\\r\\\\n2-gypsum(plaster of Agriculture)باخلوص96.54و-ph:7ازمایش by the water and soil of the country appropriate to amend the soils alkaline.Passion.Clay, make sure the web, make sure ready for delivery as powdery درکیسه 25کیلویی وفله وگچ industrial بامشخصه above.\\\\r\\\\n3-feldspar سدیک a hunk ready to deliver.

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