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    Companies building road-building bell Storage Services Electronic( CCTV Camera - installation and نکهداری elevator) - table wiring - green space - mapping - خاکبرداری - install دکوراسیون internal and نماکاری buildings and centers, industrial, and

    Complex characteristics of the morning

    The organizer of the training course of all engineering and repair mobile and laptop

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    Valiasr Avenue South Saadi St., opposite Park fadak real citizen

    Company car storage mixo

    Activity of the mixo company of the year 1367 for the purpose of design and construction of industrial machinery, mining and construction projects in Tabriz, has begun, and from that date, so far, the company has managed with the help of God, machinery, and diverse variety of produce and valuable services to manufacturing units in the field, Tower, storage, building, storage, road building, etc., bridge, building, etc., Dam storage, and ... provide. Of the major products of this company can be to produce a variety of Central Station concrete batching plant, Fixed - Mobile, and portable, equipment grading the sand, truck mixer, etc. silo, cement, asphalt plant, and... noted. Now the concrete batching, the manufacturing of this company with the capacity of different type, different in three parts, batching, fixed, portable and mobile, reliable production. Regarding batching, fixed, 4 type of boiler (mixer) with a capacity of half a meter, a meter, two meters, etc., with the brigade, drum mixer, etc. pan mixer, etc. single shaft and twin shaft presentable. From the glories of the company in the Sales Department, the interior can be used to build 2 sets of concrete batching with a capacity of manufacturing 120 cubic meters of concrete and 250 cubic meters of concrete dry in hours, and with a hopper capacity of 500 tons for the materials of which as the batching of the country remembered. Also supply concrete batching, the project, the phenomenon of shandiz mashad, which is the largest project of the Middle East is considered to be, one other of the honors of this company. Supply batching for Phase 6 of South Pars in the region, headquarters, supply batching for oil companies and for other private and state companies. It is worth noting the 30% of the total sales Co., Ltd. export to the countries of Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, South Africa, Dubai, etc..... Also, Twin-shaft mixer (Twin shaft) from which the products of the company can be accountable for a good in the field of manufacturing concrete roller (RCC), which is a good alternative to asphalt. has been the basic need of the companies, development and construction of highways, high. Hope is a partnership, joint grasping the Golden Leaf in the development and prosperity of Iran, our beloved. Company website: Contact number: - 4215374

    Company IUS

    Verification of documents at the Foreign Ministry, England Verification of documents at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of England Daily several companies, private or state-owned to meet your needs via email or phone for Expand the business, or everyday needs, contact with us). You also what as a character Legal & free consultation our experts can enjoy. Wait for the call you're  Do I need to confirm the formal qualifications issued In the UK, like the certificate of the company or Statutes of the And the manifesto of the company and approved by the Iranian embassy in London? You can use our service to track Verification of documents and send you benefit. Company ius (Hours of phone calls 2 pm to 10 pm timely, Tehran, Iran) Fax or fax 00442071838324 Phone: 00442088411222 UK 00447500666848 (Hours, telephone call 14 to 22 timely, Tehran, Iran) Free consultation for confirmation of the official documents issued in the UK Confirmation of formal qualifications issued in the UK Verification of documents at the Embassy of Iran in London Verification of documents at the Consulate of Iran in London Verification of documents in the UK Verification of documents in London Verification of documents Free consultation for confirmation of the official documents issued in the UK Confirmation of formal qualifications issued in the UK Verification of documents at the Embassy of Iran in London Verification of documents at the Consulate of Iran in London Verification of documents at the Foreign Ministry, UK Verification of documents at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of England

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    Build a pool table custom Car classic billiard میزبیلیارد روستیک میزبیلیارد modern Table billiard classic Pool table dining

    Company Foundation structures Plast as

    Company Foundation structures Plast as of the year 1380, in the province of East Azerbaijan - Tabriz, for the first time, its activities in the field of\r\nساخت types of industrial molds (packaging یونولیت) and production lines for a variety of products EPS ( یونولیت) EPS began to\r\nموازات its action to the production of injectable products, plastic building blocks یونولیت (EPS), 3D PANEL, etc. all kinds of sheet\r\nپلاستوفوم style and heavy the package directions). \r\nThis company, after obtaining standard certification from the standards and industrial research of Iran in the field of manufacturing a variety of products polystyrene (یونولیت) is ready to provide services,\r\nبه Dear customers.\r\n\r\nارتباط with the Managing Director : Asghar steering vector 09143106920

    Company, web designers, Tabriz, Iran

    Dynamic company Lal آذرسام ( web designers, Tabriz, Iran ) is the largest website design and programming quotes, from the website global alexa rank, and the number of samples, registration number ۴۳۳۶۶ its activities of the year ۱۳۹۰ in the city of Tabriz has started and now is ready to offer services to Dear customers. ✚ Design a variety of Web sites desired fellow citizens Azeri ( standard price set ) ✚ Optimized website, fellow citizens, dear ( guarantee, topped being in Google ) ✚ Marketing of the products and services of fellow citizens in the province and the country ( guaranteed sale ) ✚ Technical support and permanent of the site, customers ( for the first time in the north west of the country ) ✚ Exclusive programming under Windows . Web ( benefiting from the most experienced, Tabriz, Iran ) ☎️ Phone call free consultation : 09146674080 ( expert, babazadeh ) ◄ The central office : Tabriz . Paving ASR . The upper floor of the National Bank of Iran

    Now months charge

    Recharge online now for quick and assured:\r\nایرانسل\r\nهمراه first\r\nرایتل\r\nتالیا\r\nواینکس MTN\r\nاینترنت MTN 3G\r\nخرید gift cards\r\NAND ...

    Company قاینارخزر

    Fields of activity: home appliances Projects: a heater هرماتیک - آبگرمکن, tees, tank volume, equivalent to آبگرمکن, tank - پکیج wall - Refrigerator Facilities and equipment: Network Wireless - automation - fluent - solid ورک - انسیس - کتیا -

    A single company, flowered monument هیرکان

    A single company inflorescences according هیرکان with a group of experienced engineers in civil, architecture, and design, your company performs, and all the engineers company degree presenter and course Ruth run in the company Knauf Iran have seen and all the engineering is quite on the run, overlooking the Are and from the experiences\r\nکافی the direction of the Run, and the design on the estuary, are

    Technology Co., afrooz, Tabriz, Iran

    Technology Co., justice in the history of 1382 number 15283 registered from that date in the park, science and technology استانآشرقی to technology واشتغالزایی well achieved, delusion, now patents دیگیر اشتغالزای as well

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