Company carpet mahyar Stagecoach

  • Company Registration Date: 2002-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 101-200 Person
  • Company Activity: producer
  • Place: Markazi
  • In the field of: Carpets and carpets
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
About us
Company carpet mahyar Stagecoach, located in the town industrial Stagecoach (kilometers 4 road, delijan - Isfahan) in August 1384 officially the production started and enter the market.The directors of this company experienced twenty-four-year-old in the textile industry, especially carpet, with technology gone, serve to produce the optimal carpet, pushed, and why was the carpet mahyar immediately in the first days take their place among the mass of similar products in the country, opened as one of the quality most Pitching machine, available in special place was.
Company carpet mahyar, one of the few مراکزی is in possession of the most modern knitting machines وتکمیل using NAT from the technology, superior, etc. now the annual more than 250,000 square meters of carpet in the quality, different production, he وارتقاء levels of quantitative information, products, component, program, serious ومستمر Directors of the company . Carpet mahyar to acknowledge all customers and sellers of carpet, carpet and flooring on offer, new designs and updated color scheme, and unique. Taz undisputed now is this industry. The design team of this company with the inspiration from the rug, and noble plan of this National Art, and its integration with the plot, modern day and polished it with use the power of creativity, innovation and new technologies. the tableau of a beautiful and lasting creations have to be of-the-art friends oomph", and as part of a ceremony, warm them. Accordingly, customers of this company every month, wait for the designs in the basket کالاهای company. From the other side of the color art of Dory designs that empathy and همفکری personnel, production designers, and the use of quality raw materials and low competitor in the carpet fabric that has been the strong point of another, for the dealers and buyers welcome the tastes of the company.
Moss with us
Address factory : Stagecoach – kilometers of four roads, Isfahan – zone industrial street – art – street journalist 1 – The Company the carpet mahyar Stagecoach.
Phone : 9-4443291 - 0866
Fax : 4443294 - 0866
Head office : Tehran – valiasr street - in front of entrance door of the park mellat - alley off-stage – No. 6 – unit 13
Phone : 26201458 – 021
26201460 – 021
Fax : 22029939 – 021
Shop central Tehran :
Tehran - north of hafte – TIR Square- the first lecturer –building, jeweled blue – No. 16 - carpet mahyar
Phone : 88811434 - 021
Conditions for obtaining a representation of company products, carpet, mahyar Stagecoach :

- The representation only to legal entities (companies,...) are awarded .
- Offer price products in the representation, is exactly the same as the price of the products in the main company Site to the address has been Commission on each sale separately to the account representative of the deposit .
- Posts contains rights reserved software هاCopyRight to the name of the company, and the name of the representative in the request next to it mentioned .
- All representatives are obliged to put a logo company brand on your site .
- In case of need representatives of the customized version is متانسب with the need, they they provide.
- ...

Contact Information
Tel+98 0866-4443291
Fax+98 0866-4443294
Addressدلیجان,دلیجان - کیلومتر 5 جاده اصفهان - شهرک صنعتی - خیابان نگارستان خیابان نگار 1,37991-5749
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