Company ehsan Chemistry

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  • Company Registration Date: 1995-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: producer
  • Place: Esfahan
  • In the field of: Cars and motorcycles
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Company ehsan, Chemistry, Afghanistan in the year 1374, with investment amounting to fifty billion in the industrial area اشترجان established, and during the short-lived industrial activity managed to get a standards certification incentive National, Main products paraffin wax and petroleum jelly, etc. certification of quality management standard 2000-ISO9001 of the three reference a valid qualification, global (UKAS, UK. RVA Netherlands وANAB the United States of America)The ... approval by the GMP of the Vice Chancellor for drug and meals the Ministry of health, treatment and medical education for pharmaceutical and health products to approval by IEC of the Ministry of communications and information technology in the field of production of gel, cable, Telecom and Imam Khomeini Int'l Airport کامپاند effortless .Engagement and sustained effort in the production and supply of superior quality products and export it to most European countries, Japan Asian, African, Latin American, and Gulf always Persian, thereby selecting it as the exporter in Isfahan province.

درسال1385 due to the increasing demand of company's products in export markets, the company proceeded to implement the development plan in the industrial area سجزی located in km 30 of the road of naein), which manufactured products include modified bitumen(پرایمری), the Vaseline, etc., paraffin, gel, cable, Telecom.

ضمنااین the company to complete the production process وتأمین مواداولیه required in factories, take action to attract and invest in the establishment of the refinery, engine oil, E. The role of the world that بابهره camera features day around the world compared to تولبد a variety of industrial oils and car track action, which, of course, physical progress, the scheme amounting to 40%.
Raw materials
Gel kandel paraffin پــارافین مــایع قیراصلاح (bitumen پرایمری), paraffin solid, granular, gel, cables, sodium petroleum sulfonate, Vaseline products Vaseline

Contact Information
Nameاحسان شیمی
Tel+98 0311-89 31 264
Fax+98 0311-89 31 264
Mobile+98 91-89 58 31 8×××021)
Addressاصفهان,دفتر تهران (مرکزی ) : خیابان قائم مقام فراهانی ، کوچه الوند ، ساختمان الوند،طبقه پنجم ،شماره 20 دفتر اصفهان: خیابان بزرگمهر، جنب خیابان سپهبد قرنی ، پلاک 467 کارخانه : اصفهان ، منطقه صنعتی اشترجان ،خ نهم ، شماره 77 ,
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