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  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Distributor and Wholesaler
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: buy and sell
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About Company
ساختینه : transformation in business online \\r\/ ⛔️company sheds makers style structures after years of experience in sale of material, construction, and implementation of the project contracting in different cities and familiar to the building industry, in the year 1395, decided to create a set of information technology with the name (ساختینه).\\r\/ ⛔️ساختینه set of the latest technology platform to advertise on. introduce and provide products producers, sellers, engineers, ومشاورین وخریداران major across the country. \\r\/ ⛔️preparation system, integrated store and Exhibition, etc. to create a safe and advanced in order to provide and introduce products manufacturers in the field of industry, building, utilities, tools, and...order to facilitate and speed the part-sale and to-day the information of these industries and the sale of goods, standard of the main objectives of the company. \\r\/ ⛔️provide space totally electronic, to introduce the products in the shop template, electronic, mobile app, etc. management software products, etc. enter the building, etc., introduce and sell products Associates, Inc. manufacturers and distributors makes it easy.\\r\/ حذف intermediaries and related storage partners and buyers, with major manufacturers, our main goal has been, and it's a step worthwhile to reduce the costs of consumers and more sales producers, and also the satisfaction of the parties, we have put.\\r\/ ساختینه believes the use of to-date technology and software tools to introduce and offer products can be achieved, including improving the quality of products, more sales for manufacturers and distributors, reducing the cost to contractors, implementers, and consumers also increase the level of satisfaction of the audience, and finally, economic progress will bring.\\r\/ ready answer to the questions your loved ones thanks to the management of the store ساختینه Joseph taheri 09163063356
Building, types of stairs, concrete products, concrete, etc., exchange, metals, profiles, etc. sanitary and hygienic equipment, equipment outdoor Park, equipment, template, concrete, automatic door, etc. door and window, decoration, decorating, paint, structures, roof, stone, etc. industries, aluminum industries, glass industries, wood, insulation, appliances, products, Nano, etc. of products no more. new products., the dry materials, etc. materials, basic, ingredients and additives, concrete, facade, polycarbonate واکریلیک,...), coating, adhesive, and water, flooring/ تأسیسات and electronics, electronics and robotics, electrical, electricity, industrial, building, water and wastewater facilities, utilities, buildings, equipment, solar and ...

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