Company insulators storage clams, gostar, Iran ( Public Joint Stock )

  • Company Registration Date: 1999-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 11-20 Person
  • Company Activity: producer
  • Place: Zanjan
  • In the field of: Electric and electronics, Mechatronics
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Company insulators storage clams, wide, Zanjan, Iran in 1378 in the city of Zanjan, Iran establishment, and after completing the کارگاههای, produce and install machines, as well as several stage of trial production in the year 1380 to the operation, receipts, and produce a wide variety of insulators, bushings and دوشیاره started and now one of production, the participants highlight the insulators پرسلانی in Iran.
From 1383, due to increased tonnage, production and also the production of insulators, such as acupuncture and a variety of بوشینگها and with the efforts of abundant professionals and managers, and also getting some of the standards, especially from the energy research and NRI certificate, the quality of goods, are often insulators, about taking company, Iran transfo, Zanjan, Iran Iran transfo ray and transformer storage کوشکن according to the standards IEC,ANSI,DIN, row 33 is the company powering .
It is worth mentioning is this company in addition to the production of insulators, pressure, strong and weak transformers and insulators, lines دوشیاره and acupuncture, row, KV 33. in recent years, also focusing more for the production of insulators, a special based on customer request), and each type insulators, custom کوتاهترین time may be design and can be built.
The company has certification of ISO 9001:2000 from SGS Switzerland .
This company in the design and development are also established sites کارگاهی other and office building has now a whole land company, landscaping and بهــــــره operation.
With the launch of design and development due to the advanced equipment, the company is ready to produce any type of insulators پرسلانی in the plan, special and routine to meet all customers ' need, dear would be .
It should be noted, can be one of the main sights of the company export insulators to the countries, the region is now also in addition to the need. exports to the countries Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
Types of insulators, پرسلانی
Types of insulators, پرسلانی

Contact Information
Nameمهندس حسن-خجسته پور
Tel+98 0241-2221772
Fax+98 0241-2221773
Mobile+98 22217×××0241
Address,شهرک صنعتی شماره یک - فاز سوم - خیابان سهروردی,
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