Company food industry complex shortbread Saba (خوتکا )

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 21-50 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Distributor and Wholesaler
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Food and Drink
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Proud that our efforts to advance long-term food industry and serve the people and the communities in which the products benefit underscore our commitment to produce the most quality products not only in progress, values and goals our company has helped, but also a step closer in health and nutrition, the better our customers it has been for years the ambition, all the personnel, food industry complex, shortbread, Saba, etc. much progress. And from a production plant, single-product company manufacturing several products, the most excellent, advanced technology, etc. on a global scale has become. This company has established a factory, multiple production and presence in the markets of more than dozens of countries, nowadays in the trade of food has a prominent place East this is due to the commitment of individual staff based on increased and continue the continuous improvement of quality standards. The widespread use of methods of quality control of characteristic, distinguishing shortbread Saba. Raw materials and the production process, including ensuring the health and hygiene of goods, durability and compounds effective food packaging is the daily control and handle full. Our customers proud and اعتمادشان celebrate everyone.In all stages of production to send all the rules of environmental compliance) and to social responsibility, our liability for full people committed to be and in fact, we ابتکارهایی we support that progress and development and superior quality of life, people pay attention. The hope of the Lord with the strengthening of production and sales and marketing experience and presence in different markets, Foreign and domestic, ensure the growth of standards of service to customers will continue, and as a producer of valuable food products and the quality known, we will.
Biscuits, chocolate, gum, etc., candy, etc. wafers, cakes, chewing gum
Biscuits, chocolate, gum, etc., candy, etc. wafers, cakes, chewing gum

Contact Information
Tel+98 0121-2×××3545
Fax+98 0121-2203297
Mobile+98 22033545-×××0121
Addressآمل,آمل / شهرک صنعتی / گلستان دوم / پلاک B.19,
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