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  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity:
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Chemical industry
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
+ Design, launch and implementation of the complete production unit ترکیبات various chemical
+ Consulting in order to fix the problems emerged during the processes and responses
+ Advice regarding the provision of formulations applied and current in the industry
+ Activities in the study of the perimeter of the project defined in the scale آرمایشگاهی and then continue on., the execution of pilot relevant
+ Design and build equipment used in the industries of food, pharmaceutical and chemical

A number of projects that are in different dimensions have been implemented in is given below :
Sulfate manganese, sulfate, zinc, sulfate, magnesium, etc. کلرید zinc, sulfate, copper, sulfate, iron, etc. کلرید PD., the nitrate, sodium, nitrate, potassium, etc. acid فلوریدریک., the acid کلریدریک (the essence of the salts), the ammonium BI-fluoride, etc., acid هگزافلوروسیلیسیک., the acid فلوبوریک, etc. fluoride sodium, sodium xylene sulfonate, sodium گلوکنات., the acid گلوکنیک the ... carbonate manganese, acid اگزالیک., the iodide of potassium and. ammonium BI carbonate, sodium Tri poly phosphate, sodium Tri-phosphate, etc. کلرید ammonium (نشادر), sodium meta BI sulphite, sodium هیدروسولفیت (sodium di تیونیت) , Sodium acetate, etc., nitrates نیکل, etc. آدیپیک acid, hexa fluoro زیرکونیک acid, zeolite synthetic, etc. کودهای " drop, etc.....

In the field of manufacturing equipment can be applied to these cases cited :
The design and construction of فیلترپرس in different sizes, centrifugal type permanent work(continuous) and type of the portfolio, etc. رآکتورهای stainless steel with abilities, diverse, اواپوراتور., the towers, absorption, gas heated, because, اکسید sulfur, hydrogen fluoride and. hydrogen کلراید, etc. آمونیاک, etc. dryer tray dryer rotary under vacuum, etc.....
Consultation launch the production of chemicals

Contact Information
Nameمحمد علی-محمودآبادی
Tel+98 0311-2×××1824
Fax+98 0311-22411824
Mobile+98 03112×××1824
Addressتهران,زرگراه چمران اوین خیابان اعرابی کوچه عشقی پلاک3 ، شرکت مهندسی فن آفرین,
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