Company electric cars

  • Company Registration Date: 1990-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity:
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Electric and electronics, Mechatronics
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Production الکتروموتورهای pressure, strong and weak
Company industry machines electrical , "جمکو" of the function, organization, expansion and renovation of industries of Iran is that in the year 1369 in order to cater for the need of various industries in the field of machines, electrical was established
This factory has a land area of 250 hectares, with infrastructure approximately 60,000 square meters with 8 workshops and manufacturing is made. Company جمــکو to the intermediary staff specialist and محرب your equipment and ماشینآلاتی that in the sole ... possibility to design, build, test, and repair a variety of الکتروموتور and generators in Iran, have is.
Molded جمـکـو includes a variety of الکتروموتورهای three-phase industrial 15 کیلووات up in accordance with the standard of IEC, is and all tests required as per standards, world-famous and with advanced equipment, do accepts. Molded company جمـکـو with a nominal capacity of 1200 MW in the year in a variety of the following

Engines weak pressure 380 volt
Engines average pressure of 6000 volts
Contact Information
Nameمیر علی اکبر-اصل خادمی
Tel+98 021-8×××3041
Fax+98 021-88830683
Mobile+98 0571×××1880
Addressتهران,خیابان قائم مقام فراهانی کوچه الوند پلاک 20 ,15875-9581
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