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  • Device sharing cabinet lighting

    Shop woman farmer \r\n\r\nدستگاه sharing cabinet lighting (shrink pack ) for packing products, very different used.\r\n\r\nاز major application device sharing cabinet lighting for packaging products is that the mode stability are not as unstable are like bottles, water, minerals, soda, and...\r\n\r\nاز important advantage of the device\r\nThis is due to the use of coatings, thick plastic polymer and prevent the entry of any moisture, liquids, dust to products.\r\n\r\NICON device operation product packaging inside the cab device happens to be the mode that the operator of the device sharing (pl ...

  • Incubator set of 12

    Incubator 12 each professional is equipped with two sensors is quite distinct, which is the possibility of sensing the temperature inside the device and measuring the ambient temperature for the device provided.\r\n\r\nدستگاه incubation set of 12 professional of the most powerful devices of incubation for the incubation of a variety of birds, especially birds ornamental is. Controller powerful this device is capable of using artificial intelligence and sensor instrumentation SHT the necessary conditions for incubation eggs, sperm, housewife, birds, and ornamental expensive like the parrot. Afr ...

  • Incubator set of 12

    Incubator, easy Bator five a Incubator complete, accurate, and quality, yet the price is quite reasonable with easy to use, for household use.

  • Moisture سازپروانه, 09144432479

    Moisture سازپروانه, Humidifiers and fogging butterfly, including humidifiers page is in the hall of breeding and cultivation of edible fungi, such in poultry farms and small greenhouses or in the halls of Education, Quebec, Turkey, and quail and other poultry used incident the type مهساز in cooling and aeration to the salon and the supply of moisture plays an important role and have the environment of poultry houses, etc. Greenhouse and mushroom cultivation for efficiency, higher performance, very convenient. the function of this device, a humidifier shaped like a butterfly, and disc has powe ...

  • Incubator, easy Bator 2

    Easy Bator 2 is one of the best-selling device, incubation, build in Iran, which is by industrial groups Eskandari is designed and manufactured.

  • Dryers for fruits and vegetables turkey

    This is the dryer for industrial use in volume production, high for the great workshops below.\r\n\r\nمیوه and dried herbs in the process is attained that a very large percentage of the water contained in the fruit is taken.\r\n\r\nThis process the remaining fruits to continue to keep healthy. So the remaining part in terms of nutrient value is high.\r\n\r\nخشک Ken fruit and vegetables, 100 thousand, 20 and 40 kg for drying all kinds of vegetables and fruits can be used. Device dryer for household and industrial application have. With the drying product increases the shelf life of the final pr ...

  • Incubator Eskandari

    Special sale incubator Eskandari, without intermediaries, the price of the factory, etc. sent direct from factory door to across the country.\r\n\r\nگروه industrial Eskandari as the largest Foo...

  • Seed, edible fungi, etc. seed, Oyster mushroom, etc. seed, button mushroom and...

    Seed, edible fungi, etc. seed, Oyster mushroom, etc. seed, button mushroom and... The first step in امـر education قــارچ., the preparation of seed good quality, and limited available. This seed should be given to the type and weather conditions هـوای the area of Education. زمـان, education, and ذائـقه folks that محصـولات material. The best kind of seeds, edible fungi we want., the types of seeds, edible fungi, etc. seed, Oyster mushroom, etc. seed, button mushroom, etc ... To supply best-of-breed, horses edible fungi in contact with us . Order you fresh and in the shortest time anywhere i ...

  • Humidifiers butterfly two horses

    Humidifiers butterfly double HP\r\nدستگاه humidifiers butterfly two horsepower, one of the humidifiers Industrial, which is easily the ability to supply the moisture needed venues, education, fungus, salon, greenhouse and poultry farm and other venues to the convenience of having it. The performance of the humidifiers that this is ابندا tank level device for automatic filling appreciated, then the pump installed, water tank level, to the license transfer, and finally a butterfly because of the Rotary on 50 rounds in seconds, the water over and over again breaks that ultimately the water to the ...

  • Drying fruit and vegetables

    Drying fruit and vegetables

  • Incubator 126 triad

    Incubator 126 of the triad \r\nماشین incubation (126) the size of the second device, incubation, semi-industrial, Is this device for all digital and full automatic design, production, have been in making it of advice and instructions for experts, and foreign interest is taken this device as an incubator, semi-industrial and household has chickens, collecting about 85 percent, and the ability to incubate all the birds usual, except for the ostrich is capable.The operator of this machine is rotate the eggs automatically, and the direction of rotation at each time interval and for any amount of s ...

  • Device sharing cabinet lighting

    Device sharing cabinet lighting, suitable for packing all kinds of products.\r\nدستگاه sharing cabinet lighting single industry.\r\nThis machine has the function of simultaneously sewing and cover will do.\r\nهمچنین due to the lack of need for operator specialist , quite convenient to shop the urban, including restaurants, pastry, the vendors , souvenir صحافیها and ... \r\nمرکز sale faculty\r\nارسال over Iran\r\nتلفن contact:09148002795---09333782957

  • Incubator, 48 triad

    Of new products produced by industrial groups Eskandari is the ability of the 48 eggs, 120 quail egg and 48 eggs of The Partridge are

  • Incubator, professional and easy Bator 6

    Incubator professional easy Bator 6 is a device of incubation is quite professional for the incubation of a variety of ornamental birds such as peacocks, etc., Canary, etc. parrot. African Grey Parrot and ... .

  • Sewing machine plastic desktop وسلفون cache

    Sewing machine plastic desktop وسلفون cache\r\nفروشگاه woman farmer is a proud provider of products with over 50نوع different devices, all automatic and semi-automatic) in the field...

  • Heater gas, energy, 09144432479

    Heater gas, energy\r\n \r\nهیترهای gas model 640 with Fan ( EBM ) has been provided have generally has 2 year warranty Energy Company are.\r\nهمچنین furnace, hot air, fashion...

  • The sale and supply of rails, industrial

    The purchase of the site مشاوریار\r\n\r\n\r\nسری (A ,S ,CR ,P, ...)\r\nقابل use:\r\nمعادن, etc. cranes, rail, subway, and ....\r\n\r\nبا any kind of standard\r\n\r\nقابل shipped to all over the country,\r\n\r\nخرید of the site مشاوریار\r\n

  • Acrylic paint, semi-gloss inside and out, full wash

    Code :NPS 550نام of product :acrylic paint, semi-gloss inside and out, full wash\r\nرنگ acrylic, silicone semi-gloss inside and outside the building نانوپوش for coloring fast, beautiful and durable surfaces inside and outside the building ( stucco, cement, brick, etc. آردواز, etc. ایرانیت cement, etc., wooden, etc.) is used . This is a color with superior quality, has good resistance against abrasion and washing, has been stability, good against light, sun, water penetration, and alkalis are .\r\n\r\nمقاومت this Color against extreme changes of temperature and humidity, and against the alkalis ...

  • Bulbs ultra low consumption LED

    Distribution of LED bulbs by marking the drive

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