Sale باسکول نفرکش and digital scales the direction of the clubs and pharmacies

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Weighbridge نفرکش weighing model HBMI, etc. scale, the بـاشـگاهی and داروخانـه, مــیـبـاشــد the direction تــوزیـن "" the کـار is دقـت weight کـشی mode standards 50 g مـیباشد, etc. درفـروشگاهها and داروخـانـه, باسـکــول to consultancy services منـبـع درآمـد. The scales in the two models of conventional(non-coin) and coin production مشود and use cases suitable for pharmacy, clinic, doctor's office, medical, etc. باشگا, Federation, sports, centers of employment, etc. clinics, nutrition, and All public places. Group : height and weight Brand Name : HBMI Model : mahan Color : White (الکترواستاتیک anti-scratch) Capacity : 200 kg Accuracy : 50 g Display : seven segment LED (four-row display) Dimensions : 315*45*28 cm Machine weight : 20 kg - Features: Measure the height and weight Calculate BMI Has چهارردیف viewer Has several salt coins making Has the lock to the weight for air Calculate, add, and ADHD weight for ladies Has a fund to collect and drain easy coins The design of the rails, the input coins as an Open (open) Easy replacement type of coins input Remote control (custom install) The printer (a custom install.( Be sure Handbook and the quality of the scales are aligned, the device سکا (seca), Germany. Phone:(At the bottom of the ad)611493 Reza Hashemi Address: Tehran. tehranpars, street Festival ، خیابان زهدی., the Osprey, Western, etc., on the corner of 135 ( mohammadi), the No. 30., the door Mobile:(At the bottom of the ad)email : website :

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Tel+98 21-8×××1076 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 21-88846662
Mobile+98 912×××0544 (منقضی شده)
AddressHead office and sales : Tehran - ferdowsi square, etc. the beginning of the street, sepahbod qarani, building number 29
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