The sale and installation of باسکول whose semi-heavy 1 ton to 10 tons , for a variety of uses fruit ...

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Weighbridge, obsolete and with a body a hundred % metal, powder paint, hammer, industrial, and impact resistant - pressure and radiation of sunlight produced, and in factories and mines, and the other used goes. This product in capacities of 500 کیلو and 1- 2- 3 - 5 and 10 tons and with dimensions 1*1 - 1.5* 1.5 and 2*2 with an accuracy of 50 to 1000 grams for every kind of taste and variety of uses is available in the market. باسکولهای obsolete, along with لودسلهای, standard, valid world and prices very reasonable produced. The benefits of باسکولهای obsolete : Has to ascertain metal User very easy , Structural, industrial, life Metal body with color industrial resistant Has different displays (in accordance with the customer's request) The use of 4 load cell direction measurement better weight The capability of storing big باسکول , along with a ramp input and output Has the most advanced equipment, the electronic in between , باسکول , available Suitable for use in the production units - retail, wholesale and warehouses - textile industries - wire and cable - agricultural - chemical - pharmaceutical - cosmetics - fruit and vegetables Technically , باسکول , to ascertain: Zena measure the dimensions of the Pan(cm) capacity 200gr 100*100 1Ton 200gr 150*150 1Ton 200gr 150*150 2Ton 500gr 150*150 3Ton 500gr 150*150 5Ton 1 kg 200*200 10Ton All systems manufactured has a warranty, and 10 years after sale services. Phone number: (At the bottom of the ad)-(At the bottom of the ad)-021 cell number : (At the bottom of the ad) Email website address for more information : and

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Tel+98 21-8×××1076 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 21-88846662
Mobile+98 912×××0544 (منقضی شده)
AddressHead office and sales : Tehran - ferdowsi square, etc. the beginning of the street, sepahbod qarani, building number 29
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