Sell and install a variety of باسکول road, 50 tons and 60 tons, and باسکول to ascertain, 1 to 10 ton ...

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This company utilizes the most qualified experts and the best machinery , equipment and raw materials, of the year 1372, as one of the most prominent companies active in the production , sale and installation of weighing equipment , automation , industrial, mechanization, production, instrumentation , maintenance, types , باسکول , heavy and extra-heavy electronic درظرفیتهای diverse, mature باسکول timeline , commercial, Scale Electronic, industrial activity), and due to the potential technical and the use of technologies of the world their readiness in the direction of counsel , Design , procurement and supply , installation , maintenance and support of all systems related to online will have to be declared and امیداواریم these measures are in line with the objectives and development plans mahin dear done. The company, with registered capital (sixty billion) rials, and with possession of more than 560 employees trained and 40.000 sq. m. space, manufacturing and 2500 square meters of office space , the ability to provide technical and engineering services and industrial products. Types , باسکول , electronic, modern, and professional road (trailer compilation teen کامیون India, big East, India, Nissan , India), in models for concrete, metal, prefabricated, along with Foundation , concrete, metal, and all metal (on earth – inside the earth), which includes the advantages of an indicator such as durable , efficient, economic , moveable type, prefabricated in کمترین possible time , has رمپهای input and Output Type of the ground (hits the place of installation free( Design – build and installation types , باسکول ,concrete, metal, pre-fabricated (portable outdoor coplanar ground) and the model compound), portable , on the ground, with Foundation, pre-fabricated and removable maximum in 3 working days . Big باسکول , all heavy e in the capacity 5 to 200 tons for weighing , Nissan, the Japanese کامیونت big کامیون and trailer in a variety of concrete, metal, prefabricated , concrete, metal, and all metal. Types , باسکول timeline in capacities of 150 and 500 kg and dimensions of 50*50 and 70*70 with cover, stainless steel , رولیک with the show digitally . Produce and supply all kinds of outdoor باسکول , metal, industrial, semi, heavy in capacity 1 to 10 ton power plant, factories , mines , the different aspects about the customers ' request Convert types , باسکول ,heavy machanical systems half E and all e . The system, weighing the pendant . A variety of scales 30 and 50 کیلوگرمی retail and industrial, with a precision of 5 grams. Design and manufacturing of weighing systems, the air tanks of liquids . Types , باسکول , and the weighing system trap suctions, for use in mines , stone, sand , coal and .... Types , باسکول , metal دامکش in the capacities 1 and 2 tons, Guard, protective, and washable with water . A variety of sensor weight (load cell) the construction of the Western Europe with insulators, فابریک The design and construction of a variety of indicates of e-mail with the ability to day with the ability to connect to the computer by port RS 232,RS 485, USB, and printer port parallel in the two types of L. C. D and L. E..D approval the Institute of standard and industrial research of Iran, possibility to install different types of software and relay, side , report, measure , weight, date , car number, and ... Design – build and install a variety of systems, automation, weighing liquids , tanks, میکسر teen weighing round bars , cranes , ceiling hopper big batching Design - build and installation types , باسکول , train, India, and weighing system, rail (weighing wagon train( static and دینامیک big bogies to bogies , wheels, ...

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Tel+98 21-8×××1076 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 21-88846662
Mobile+98 912×××0544 (منقضی شده)
AddressHead office and sales : Tehran - ferdowsi square, etc. the beginning of the street, sepahbod qarani, building number 29
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