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Health products and automotive

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  • Supply parts and لوازمات machine, ice cream Maker

    Supply parts and لوازمات machine, ice cream Maker

    Supply parts and لوازمات machine, ice cream Maker\r\n\r\nایرانی\r\nژاپنی\r\nایتالیایی\r\nچینی\r\nآمریکایی\r\nکره,\r\NAND Turkey\r\nبرد - oar - gearbox - , - compressor - engine - monitor and ......\r\nتامین Parts - Replacement - repairs

    machinery Tehran
  • Customs clearance of goods from all customs of the country /dispute resolution

    Customs clearance of goods from all customs of the country /dispute resolution

    Now the symbol of the good dynamic is the only center specialized in customs clearance of goods from all customs of the country\r\nدغدغه importers of goods after the purchase of goods, etc. get the license necessary from arrival of goods to the Customs and clearance it with the least cost and in the shortest possible time.\r\nنماد good dynamic licensed official of the customs with Iran Dachen over 15 years of experience in customs affairs commodity y from Origin, delivery, taken, carry appreciated, and after clearance from گرک delivery you will give.\r\nخدمات a symbol of the good dynamic is as follows:\r\n1 - do the order of business in the shortest possible time.\r\n2 - advice of customs affairs and clearance from all customs of the country.\r\n3 - stated letter, and exports. Berat وصولی banking direction of imports of all permitted goods.\r\n4 - obtaining the permits necessary to import from the Ministry of industry, etc., commercial, office, health and medical equipment, standard office and ...\r\n5 - obtaining permits entry of goods derived from relevant authorities.\r\n6 - log in temporary transit, external, track, and resolve a dispute the customs value and the tariff ).\r\n7 - participate in the commission of Appeal.\r\n8 - export operations of goods to all parts of the world in the shortest possible time.\r\nگواهینامه obtained by this company :\r\n1.The National Conference faces a lasting management\r\n2.Obtaining certification, ISO 10002, ISO 9001\r\n3.Obtaining certification, the brand selected the weekly economy and exhibition\r\n4.A letter of appreciation, Conference Management, Creative\r\n5.Taking plaque of appreciation National Congress of Management Development, oil, gas and پترشیمی, refining and playback\r\nهمچنین the company during the history of professional work, proud of their partnership with the several companies have doses the following to be a part of them, refer to the following\r\n\r\n1 - the development of high voltage substations Corp\r\n2 - float glass Ardakan\r\n3 - Ahura seal developers\r\n4 - way storage, Iran\r\n5 - the oil crisis\r\n6 - Mobarakeh Steel\r\n7 - Commerce Industries Iran milk\r\n8 - silk, Khuzestan,\r\n9 - paper products add\r\n10 - Safa steel Sepahan\r\n11 - کاموزی Iran\r\n12 - pars industry Parand\r\n13 - کیتوتک\r\n14 - based makers, picture\r\n15 - Arsh Gostar\r\n16 - Golden cluster area\r\n17 - light static plastic(نیپکو )\r\n18 - پایاپلاست the Iranians\r\n19 - Group, Industrial and commercial, Safe Nest\r\n20 - آویژه industry Persia\r\n21 - Rod سـیسـتم\r\n22 - پرسناژ\r\n23 - Radox\r\n24 - bring\r\n25 - surgical هیربد زرندیه\r\n26 - ناورود\r\n27 - Caspian plastic\r\n28 - الکتروموتورسازی خزرسینتک\r\N29 we - pars زرآسا\r\n30 - تامکار\r\n31- ساوری Asian trading\r\n32 - antenna work\r\n33 - the Department of water of life, Kerman, Iran\r\n34 - the development of thermal power station and Industries Corp\r\n35 - treaty lines, wide\r\n36 - surgical auxin, Khuzestan,\r\n37 - Diba fiberglass\r\n38 - Saba industry\r\n39 - Faraz polymer ferdos\r\n40 - spread communication Behdad,\r\n41 - Adak industry\r\n42 - leading polymer\r\n43 - آرامکس\r\n44 - barking commodity Sepahan\r\n45 - conception esteemed\r\n\r\nدفتر central :\r\nتهران – خیابان ولیعصر - تقاطع بهشتی - on-Yousef Abad-Street Akbari -No. 21-ground floor,\r\nتلفن : 02188781452 \r\nفکس :\r\n02188781452\r\nکانال Telegram:\r\site configuration://

    International Services Tehran
  • The sale of phenol - purchase phenol

    The sale of phenol - purchase phenol

    Company novin sepehr سانیار importer of raw materials, chemical industries, cosmetics, paint and resin, etc. for the food, pharmaceutical and detergent Sale of phenol Phenol The barrel 210 kg Making butter Brand kumho In stock شورآباد, Tehran, Iran

    Raw material Esfahan
  • Buy and sell-xylene mix, MEG, etc. ایزوبوتانول

    Sale-xylene mix and mono ethylene glycol and ایزوبوتانول with competitive price offer to consumers, industries, and colleagues, to inform of the price update by the numbers :\r\n021-77415004\r\n09123899808\r\nتماس please.

    Raw material Tehran
  • Sell sorbitol - buy sorbitol

    Sell sorbitol - buy sorbitol

    Company novin sepehr سانیار importer of raw materials, chemical industry, detergent, cosmetics and sanitary, paint and resin, etc. food and pharmaceutical Sell sorbitol Sorbitol Brand روکت Roquette, France, barrel, 275 kg Brand Maize India barrels of 300 kg Brand Cargill Cargill Germany barrels of 272 kg In stock شورآباد, Tehran, Iran

    Raw material Esfahan
  • Sell solvent 402 Tabriz petrochemical

    Sell and supply legit ۴۰۲ petrochemical Tabriz, Iran\r\nThis collection plans with sales حواله۴۰۲ Tabriz petrochemical company for the Ready time and the shower and the solvent ۴۰۲ with an exceptional price, loading from petrochemical to all parts of the country, to colleagues, and consumers cherished the action.\r\nجهت more information and prices, update, by the numbers :\r\n\r\n۰۲۱-۷۷۴۱۵۰۰۴\r\n۰۹۱۲۳۸۹۹۸۰۸\r\n\r\nتماس please

    Raw material Tehran
  • The purchase and sale of a variety of amine and بوتانول

    The purchase and sale of a variety of amine and بوتانول \r\nشامل mono ethanol Amine, ethanol Amine - triethanolamine - ISO بوتانول - normal بوتانول\r\nقابل provide to partners and consumers industries with reasonable prices and competitive for times in stock, private and public, and the transfer is ready the load of the door, the complex is تانکری and the barrels sealed. the direction of the notice of price update, you can issue the following :\r\n021-77415004\r\n09123899808\r\nتماس please.

    Raw material Tehran
  • Import and sale of chemical raw materials

    Import and sale of chemical raw materials

    Glycerin pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and edible Glycerine\r\nمنوپروپیلن pegs Korean MPG\r\nاسید stearic 1801, Malaysia Stearic Acid\r\nاسید stearic 1802, Malaysia Stearic Acid\r\nاسید stearic 1843 India Stearic Acid\r\nاسید stearic 1838 India Stearic Acid\r\nاسید stearic 1810, Malaysia Stearic Acid\r\nاسید stearic 1810 India Stearic Acid\r\nسوربیتول روکت France Sorbitol\r\nسوربیتول Maize India, Sorbitol\r\nسویا lecithin India, Soya Lecithin\r\nکربوکسی methyl cellulose, China CMC\r\nاسید phosphoric China Phosphoric Acid\r\nفنول Korea Phenol\r\nپلی vinyl alcohol Bp20 big Bp24\r\nبوتیل glycol Butyl Glycol

    Raw material Esfahan
  • Services for customs clearance of goods

    Brokerage صیادمرادی\r\nدارای distribution type activity of the customs in Iran\r\nمشاوره customs affairs and clearance\r\nواردات_صادرات

    International Services Hormozgan
  • Import and sale of raw materials, cellulosic tissue

    Import and sale of raw materials, cellulosic tissue

    Import مواداولیه cellulose" tissue" Sale تیشوخارجی وایرانی in a variety سایزوگراماژ For companies producing products of cellulose" tissue paper" Sales office : 04446262308 / 04446262422 Fax : 04446262979

    Raw material West Azarbaijan
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