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Manufacturer of all kinds of insulation Admissions representative active Production against customer orders also accepted. quality custom client هرشهر a representative active .With discounts, special representation Phone.۰۹۱۲۵۷۳۰۱۵۰/۰۹۱۹۱۷۳۰۱۵۰

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Tel+98 ۲۳-۳۲۳۴۶۳۱۷ (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 -۳۲۳۴۶۳۱۷
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  • Screws fiber cement board claddings

    Screws fiber cement board claddings

    Screw سرمته winged for installation of fiber cement board claddings on structures, galvanized - making Taiwan

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Geotextile, pp and pe nonwoven 150تا 700گرمی

    ژئوعمران structures, stable\r\nتولید, to provide and host a variety of geotextile nonwoven 150تا700گرمی - filter dirt\r\n\r\nکاربرد of geotextile Geotextile\r\n1. The protective layer (Protection)\r\n2. Isolation (Separation)\r\n3. Building (Construction)\r\n4. Systems buried (Ground system)\r\n5. Drainage and filtering (Filtration / Drainage)\r\n6. Structures hydraulic\r\n7. Landfills (Land Fills)\r\n8. Reinforcement or armed storage (Reinforcement)\r\n9. The protective layer (Protection)\r\nکاربرد geotextile to protect the vulnerable layers such as the Geomembrane, or the same layer of the d ...

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  • Mortar, prepared masonry , glue, and blocks هبلکس, aac, Nacc ,glue, concrete ,tile , ceramic and ...

    Mortar, prepared masonry , glue, and blocks هبلکس, aac, Nacc ,glue, concrete ,tile , ceramic and ...

    Engineering ارگستون presenter a variety of projects and manufacturer of mortar, ready to construction “and has a patent” in Iran under the supervision of the group “آرگستون Canada” the provider, types of mortar, dry, ready building, and also a variety of adhesives, tiles, ceramics, stone, mortar بندکشی and a variety of mortars machine, Shot Crete and grout, colored and all kinds of note blocks, AAC., the NACC, and. CLC blocks, هبلکس high quality and the prices quite competitive. All the products of the group under the supervision of and collaboration company آرگ Aston, Canada, with raw mater ...

    Building Materials Tehran
  • مادررنگ three multipurpose, plastic, acrylic, and calligraphy

    مادررنگ three multipurpose, plastic, acrylic, and calligraphy

    Mom color three multipurpose, plastic, acrylic, and calligraphy\r\nکد :NPS 570نام product :mother of three color-purpose, plastic, acrylic, and calligraphy\r\nمادر three color multi-purpose special directions, coloring the interior and exterior surfaces and colors, colors, acrylic, and plastic ۱۰۰درصد washable, and has features the lack of absorption of dirt and stains, pussies, that, based on the acrylic resin base water-emulsion. Also it can be used in varying percentages mixed with water and as calligraphy inside and outside of the building use .\r\nتلفن factory : 0443 ...

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  • Sale accessories, sanitary construction

    Sale accessories, sanitary construction

    Sell all kinds of health supplies, building\\r\\n\\r\\nفروش just the overall\\r\\nتولید and plays all kinds of sanitary accessories, building includes\\r\\nسیفون washbasin, small tank and with the pipe tensile\\r\\nسیفون dishwasher tank with the output of washing\\r\\nسیفون dishwasher two لگنه with the tube tensile\\r\\nسیفون dishwasher two لگنه with an output of washing\\r\\nسیفون tensile, complete with tube 150, 100 and 70 cm\\r\\nلوله tensile Flexi 150, 100 and 70 cm with nut\\r\\nسردوش, stainless steel, large and small, and سردوش typical plot stamp\\r\\nچاه clamps with cellophane wrap \\r\ ...

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  • Plaster leaves Knauf

    Plaster leaves Knauf

    The sale of products, Knauf Iran . گچبرگ, the RG-MR-FR-FM in a variety of dimensions and thickness of standard

    Building Materials Tehran
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