Special powder glue for porcelain ceramics

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Special powder glue for porcelain ceramics

RW Porcelain700 is a ready-to-use cement-based powder product with chemical additives for installing all types of tiles, porcelain ceramics, granite, stone and pottery inside and outside the building, which is produced for working on vertical surfaces and ceilings, as well as installing tiles , ceramics, stone is especially suitable in places where there is a possibility of structural movement or vibration and in places that are close to water and humidity. This adhesive with its high elastic properties is used to install tiles, ceramics, stones weighing up to 40 kg. Uses: For installing tiles, porcelain ceramics, granite, Stone, pottery and all kinds of ceramics and large size tiles or ceramics that have low water absorption properties are used on floors and walls and in indoor and outdoor environments, balconies, terraces, bathrooms, toilets, etc.

Benefits of use:
Ready to use product, just by adding water at work
Extremely high adhesion to all kinds of building materials
Good resistance to water and humid environment such as kitchen, sauna and jacuzzi, etc.
Excellent flexibility against construction movements
Vertical and easy installation and excellent adhesion
3 to 4.5 kg per square meter.

Rockwall Chemical Building

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Chemical products of Rockwall building since 2013 with the aim of producing and supplying various types of concrete additives and chemical products of the construction industry at the same time and with the use of modern global technical knowledge and unique technical formulation, in order to strengthen and increase the reliability and durability of structures in accordance with The latest standards and world-class technology have been established. This company is determined to seek new horizons in increasing its share in the market and new production methods while maintaining its identity and the main components of its professional personality. The creation of modern methods in the production of products, modern production lines equipped with modern technology, the use of experienced and committed experts and the use of quality control laboratories have enabled the production of superior quality products in accordance with international standards.

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