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Print CD jewel print with 11 years of experience in the field of printing and duplicating, digital, Cd, and DVD in a center, specialized and experienced staff is proud to service the company's direction, collaboration, saying : if to the quality of the importance of what you can do, Unfortunately, some people or companies, no matter the quality, do not just cheap price, your criteria are" but do something that represents you or your product value, quality, having, not? This tip will also keep in mind some of the so-called printing presses use this opportunity and provide the cheap labor from the quality of the printing, or the CD can be subtracted We are ready to serve the profession and the industry for you dear friend and customer. ( Ready to provide the services with all provinces and cities) Lowest price = best quality = as soon as possible Printed 8 colors, digital machinery, day, Europe, digital printing resolution 9600 no tolerance color, appropriate alternative offset printing and silk-screen Print CD, print DVD, print, mini CD, mini cd, print وتکثیر, CD, burn CD, burn DVD To reproduce, داپلیکیشن :high speed by devices داپلیکیشن Reset پرینترکانن ip4840 .ip4940 Jewel print utilizes the latest methods of printing and reproduction, optical discs, etc. with accuracy and high speed are ready to cooperate with all organizations and companies across Iran. The highest quality in the shortest time possible, print on CD, print header, print تراکت, etc., print cover art, etc., envelope printing, dedicated CD printing, catalogue, digital printing, and... Our services : Printing, 6-color digital machines, the day of Europe: ( Digital printing resolution 5760 dpi, no tolerance, color) (جایکزین suitable offset printing and silk-screen) Print on CD Printing on DVD Print on mini CD Print ورایت CD To reproduce, Duplication Print, cover frame, Cover DvD insert Production استمپری Cd and DVD Print specific envelopes, CD Offset printing Cd and DVD

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Tel+98 21-3×××9723 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 21-33956309
Mobile+98 0912×××4592 (منقضی شده)
AddressTehran, Republic Day of garden sepahsalar, No. 119 integrated steel واحد14
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