The cupboard and file metal

The cupboard and file metal

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Part of the products of the group include: 1 - build Wardrobe, archive, normal), lock, encrypted, and the knobs round 2 - build a variety of lockers, metal workers and the military, changing room, and administrative 1 Eli 30درب 3 - build the file archive 2 to 5 drawer, ordinary – Central locking and encrypting 4 - making variety, since the mobile 1 to 60 doors, according to customer's request 5 - build a variety of metal table, teacher – single-drawer 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 drawer and دولابچه with MDF board 6 - build file rotating archive زونکن estuary and folder estuary 4 and 5 floors 7 - making the dresses for the chapel, etc., from 1 to 50 doors All molded in a variety of colors : 1-dry air (hammer) 2 - furnace, two-color and Single-Color 3 - Color powdery and static offered. Manufacturing group modern, wood, metal, aria is ready to accept your orders and deliver it with reasonable price and superior quality as soon as possible.

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Tel+98 21-6×××0901 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 21-66750878
AddressStreet, Hafez street, سخائی passage hosseini, ground floor, No. 11
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