Injection molding parts and containers, air

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Manufacturer of injection molding parts and containers, Vented - design and production of molds for injection and inflatable

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Tel+98 21-7×××1986, 021-7×××1993 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 21-76213192
Mobile+98 912×××6954 (منقضی شده)
AddressRoad abali - منطقه صنعتی خرمدشت - main boulevard - between alley, eighth and ninth - پلاک 61
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  • آنودایزینگ anodizing آنادایزینگ titanium and aluminum

    آنودایزینگ anodizing آنادایزینگ titanium and aluminum

    Services آنودایزینگ aluminum \r\nآندایز hard\r\nآنادایز titanium\r\nآنودایز colored\r\nآندایز chromic\r\nکروماته and آلوداین aluminum\r\nخدمات polishing chemicals\r\nخدمات electro-polishing استلس stainless steel\r\nتلفن upload \r\n66153057\r\n66153058\r\n 66153038فکس\r\n09128021145 \r\nمهدی Mohammadi, expert mechanics, aircraft\r\nآدرس Tehran, Fath Highway ( old road Karaj) \r\nپاستوریزه بلوار الغدیر North Street, Manjil alley, shaghayegh, No. 224

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  • Extruder دومارپیچ PVC

    Extruder دومارپیچ PVC

    Extruder دومارپیچ, PVC, etc. price extruder دوماردون, the price of extruder cm65, the price of extruder cm80, sales twin screw extruder, PVC, sales, extruding profiles,, upvc, etc. the extruder دوماردون cm80, importing twin screw extruder, PVC, etc., importer, extruder cm80, sales twin screw extruder, upvc, Chinese

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  • Machine, tube filling machine, automatic

    Machine, tube filling machine, automatic

    Very professional and quality\r\nبهره efficiency is very high\r\nظرفیت ۱۸۰۰ Eli ۲۴۰۰ inner tube in the hours\r\nدارای system rotate the inner tube to adjust print Tube Orientation\r\nپایداری very high performance machine,\r\nتلرانس error of zero in Episode دوزینگ\r\nقایلیت set دوزینگ during work\r\nمقدار دوزینگ ۳ تا ۳۰۰ G with replacement, the size of the part\r\nسیستم injection from the end of the inner tube to prevent pitting,\r\nمجهز system clutch\r\nسیستم wash automatic C. I. P\r\nمناسب tubes aluminum, steel, plastic, plastic laminate,\r\nمکانیزم device in the rotary can be.\r\nاستفاده of ...

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  • Hat, mask, automatic welding machine, neo-p550 making ٱپترل Switzerland

    Hat, mask, automatic welding machine, neo-p550 making ٱپترل Switzerland

    Neo - پی550\r\n" new. Efficient. The optimal\r\n", level, shade 9 to 13\r\n" see the true colors on all surfaces, the shade\r\n" the concept of new energy for 3.000 hours of work\r\n" making ٱپترل Switzerland\r\n", 1 year warranty\r\n\r\nقیمت: call\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nجهت see catalogue and video product to address please visit.\r\n\r\nto advice and or buy product number 2 to cell number available at the bottom of the ad you send.

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  • Sale inner tube Rossi

    Sale inner tube Rossi

    Engineering company آرسس \r\nوارد a devices, laser carve, crop, مارکینگ and welding parts, laser with license, import and after-sales service of the laser\r\nفروش types of laser tubes to be different, and other parts, laser \r\n*****expert sales : Dawn Arani 09199551616*****

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  • Sell all kinds of tablet magnet scrap vector

    Sell all kinds of tablet magnet scrap vector

    Company Mineral magnetism, with years of experience, scientific and practical, prepared in cooperation with the Department of industry. This set is able to supply a variety of magnet on the parts and the factory, such as ceramic tile , wood and paper , recycling , quarries, sand and gravel , iron ore mines , factories for livestock and poultry feed , mines, gypsum powder , mineral ........ Is.\r\nThis device is the most effective means for the displacement of all kinds of scrap, normal), Percy, etc., sheets, charging the furnace and the scrap iron and steel can be.\r\nکاربرد:\r\nصنایع steel, m ...

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