Jack fake - plugs-metal-jack telescopic - jack 3.5

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The company only پولاد the largest production facility and the purchase and sale of equipment, concrete formwork, new and second-hand The most important activities of the company are as follows : - Producing and supplying all kinds of mould, metal mould, wooden ( template, modular (mold, concrete mold, metal, concrete ), the metal mould, second-hand ) - Producing and supplying all kinds of Jack roof and Jack metal - Manufacturing and supplying scaffolding, modular, scaffold, hammer ( scaffolding, modular, hammer, etc.), etc. trellis triangular ( اسکافلد, etc. trellis triangular modular ) - Manufacturing and supplying plate, and all hardware concrete formwork ( pin and wedge, etc., clamp, medium, pipes and profiles, etc. balete, etc. balete rod, etc., nut belt, etc. the gasket two. واشرکاس, etc.) - Preparation and distribution of construction machinery ( بتونیر 300 liter single phase saw the. maze. خاموت, column, Rail., the lift fixed, Scissor bending and cutting etc.,) - Preparation and distribution of a variety of اسپیسرهای plastic among the balete water proofing - Preparation and distribution of Statistics p.v.c - Preparation and distribution of additives for concrete - سولجر plywood layer Contact information : Phone : (At the bottom of the ad)to 6 Responsible for the sale of : (At the bottom of the ad) Responsible for the purchase : (At the bottom of the ad) Website : www.tanhapoulad.com Email : tavakoliamirreza74@yahoo.com

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Tel+98 21-6×××2782 (منقضی شده)
Mobile+98 912×××0678 (منقضی شده)
AddressAndroid opposite the Phase 2 boulevard of Iran ground and Atlantic Eastern پ560
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