Thermal installations of buildings

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Motor home -installation, commissioning, maintenance . Plumbing hot and cold water, with a variety of tube Install the package and the types of water heaters Install booster pumps and types of pumps, Install and run and commissioning of complete pool

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AddressTehran, andarzgoo
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  • Solenoid valve, fan coil

    Solenoid valve, fan coil

    Valve three-way motorized هانیول with reel 1/2\" DN15 fluting\r\nجهت control the flow of hot and cold water\r\nشیر three-way fan coil هانیول\r\n1 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch,\r\n\r\nشیر three-way reel with operator fluting :\r\n\r\nحداکثر working pressure functional:300psi – 20Bar – 2068Kpa\r\n\r\nتاییده standard :CSA (Canadian Standard Association)\r\n\r\nIP40\r\n\r\nنوع timing: at the frequency of 60 Hz 130 seconds(detailed scheduling 150ثانیه.) *for the frequency of 50 Hz scheduling 20% increased\r\n\r\nدمای environment: 32 terms Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit ( 0 to 65 degrees Celsius)\ ...

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  • Wash concrete

    Wash concrete

    The home stone is the largest production center and distribution of Mosaic wash concrete in Iran. The dimensions of the products : 6030- 4040 - 3030 to a thickness of about 3/5 cm - Mosaic wash concrete in different dimensions - Types of table, wash concrete - Stairs, pipelines, concrete - Wash the concrete away tree - Wash concrete lights, - Wash the concrete 4040 and 6030 Washington concrete has a surface that highlights the direction of the exterior spaces, etc. landscaping, parks and sidewalks are used. Please also visit the website of the company of the permanen ...

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  • The production of a variety of Cole concrete Wells

    The production of a variety of Cole concrete Wells

    Manufacturing group ورتان ( ورتان: Urban with blessings abundant )\r\n\r\nگروه manufacturing ورتان recover and for the supply of concrete parts of the well to do contractors, municipalities, builders, building and mass production, ranging from the variety of Cole, the mill, and Cole, the store declares .\r\n\r\nسایز manufacturing Cole, The ورتان\r\n\r\nانواع Cole Rod ********** kinds of Kool, warehouse \r\nکول bars 60 ********* Kool and storage, 55 * 90\r\nکول bars 70 ******** Cole store 55 * 100\r\nکول bars 80 ****** Cole store 65 * 120 floor flat\r\nکول bars 90 ******* Cole store 83 * 120 eg ...

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  • Layer بخاربند

    Layer بخاربند

    Layer, steam strap system, dry, facade and the walls dry, and the roof steep شینگل\r\site configuration://

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  • Installation, repair and commissioning all kinds of elevator

    Installation, repair and commissioning all kinds of elevator

    Repair install وسرویس all kinds of elevator traction gearless hydraulic Services regular monthly Reconstruction اسانسورهای worn

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  • Alcove concrete

    Alcove concrete

    Production and supply of products of green space \r\nآلاچیق, Roman, six, and ten threesome diameter 2.50 and 3.20, steel structure, and procedural fiberglass and the inside of it concrete injected\r\nآلاچیق concrete flower box, concrete fountain, concrete benches, concrete and other products of green space

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