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Administrative system can be chain of solidarity among the sectors and pillars of the Constitution, internal organization and economic institutions of their own, and bridge them with outside of the organization, from the other hand, knew.So graduating from this that the economic organization in what context active. the existence of an administrative system cohesive and efficient to advance the goals and reduce the cost of activities, essential and inevitable. That is why nowadays, communications and correspondence in organizations and موسسسات economic was completely transformed and other processes does وزمان براداری wife is not acceptable.Accordingly, the necessity is a tool provided that, by taking advantage of its tasks the system of administrative organization, to be worthy to be done.Software office automation Paya is a tool that for this purpose developed, and can developments, fundamental for the system of administrative organization, and economic institutions brought. The problems of administrative system(official correspondence ) غیرمکانیزه There is administrative system غیرمکانیزه " the official correspondence of the organization, cause problems such as time بربودن correspondence, and under the Control, lack of circulation, and monitoring برمکاتبات and .... ذیلا to outline the problems noted are: • Access to content and time بربودن processes administrative • Lack of information on records and cycle the letters in the organization, and not having a suitable tool for the follow-up letter, duration, • Lack of access to reports and comprehensive information from the letters and Relations Organization • Run the hierarchy of administrative and general policy, administrative • Lack of access and the possibility to handle information and tasks from outside the organization • Lack of the possibility of a follow-up letter and cycle over it at any moment • Absence of monitoring system administrative, circulation, letters, and performance • Control the level of user access to information • Problems of the archive in terms of volume and access, and the limitations of chronological and thematic information • Maintenance and use of devices, numerous fax and codified the absence of incoming faxes • Problems of the time. being send faxes to multiple and determine the timing of sending • Lack of an integrated environment for access to the entire contents and the desired information includes letters, drafting, Fax, letters, electronic, referral, etc., project information, and ... Problems, system administrative( management,) non-mechanized Administrative system non-mechanized day management کارهادر organizations نیزمشکلات your specific these in the following a brief mention to such problems . • Full access براطلاعات and control on, and also meetings • The impossibility of codified the pursuit of tasks referred to the experts and have been referred by the sessions • Lack of access codified the work done • Lack of access to reports, administrative personnel, etc., referred from the project, and... • دشوارو time بربودن harmony for a common time قرارهاو meetings of managers and experts • Notification and coordination of command meetings • Access and آرشیومدون, minutes of meetings and decisions made In sync with technology Many organizations, there are managers, they are against the use of the trail systems automation with reasons such as the possibility of advance paperwork, with the old method, or the cost of the system, office automation, etc. resistance. But the delay in the deployment of automation systems, more. The distance from the technology دنیابیشتر and coordinating activities of administrative ...

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