Envelope window colored

Envelope window colored

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????Envelopes, colored window hanging ????
????in the size categories different????
????and various colors ????
????ability to print logo and brand????
????win in order to inform the price, please contact us ????
????beauty packaging to our mind ????
????Group package to Xian lasting ????

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Tel+98 21-5×××4166
Mobile+98 9122101947-09904126066-0912×××3705
AddressStreet, fifteen June, the eastern stairs Nowruz Khan passage Persepolis
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  • Envelope nutty without zipper armpit cassette

    Envelope اجیلی \r\NICON size categories and color scheme, the diverse \r\nقابلیت print brand \r\nزیبایی packing your to our mind \r\nجهت notice the price of call phone. ۵۵۸۱۹۱۰۰.۵۵۸۱۹۲۰۰ \r\n۵۵۵۹۸۶۶۸.۵۵۵۹۸۶۲۷ telefax ۵۵۶۲۰۸۲۹

    Banquets and ceremonies No price
  • Envelopes, silver and gold, zippers ساندیسی in sizes and different colors special packaging, health and luxury, a variety of nuts and dried fruits -medicinal herbs and herbal tea -vegetables, dried fruit -coffee -tea and a variety of powder-quotes وزعفران, etc. Gummi -cereal\r\nبا ability to heat press\r\NAND printing services ۶رنگ\r\n\r\nفروشگاه to Xi'an, lasting

    Printing and Packaging No price
  • The envelope says

    A variety of envelopes, packages and news \r\nپاکت printed and patterned\r\nپاکت زیپدار

    Printing and Packaging No price
  • Packaging and service, Vinyl

    A variety of envelopes, packaging and patterned \r\nبهترین quality and the lowest price \r\nپاکت of زیپدار and printed

    Printing and Packaging No price
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    Descirption of the services monitoring the implementation of solar power plant

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  • Rubber strip longitudinal-profiles-sealant tape-tape sponge-silicone-وایتون-bar sealing-bar metric(فرازلاستیک)

    Rubber strip longitudinal-profiles-sealant tape-tape sponge-silicone-وایتون-bar sealing-bar metric(فرازلاستیک)

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  • حضورغیاب


    Attendance personnel\r\nفروش a variety of devices, traffic control personnel\r\nکارت - fingerprint - face recognition\r\nشناسایی in less than H,\r\nقابلیت reading 10 fingerprints\r\nقابلیت connect to the battery of the external\r\nتحت network \r\nپرسرعت and full of Power,\r\nدارای sensor, full power\r\nتشخیص face as the pupil of the eye\r\nگارانتی annual\r\nتنوع product\r\nنرم software free\r\nکاربری simple and easy\r\nدیگر our products:\r\nفراخوان turn wireless customer, call waiter, etc. printers, thermal . Roll thermal . Device uninterruptible power supply(UPS) . Display information(CALLER ...

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  • Glass Meral door repair glass Meral collage glass door Meral ( 09121576448 glass Meral Cyrus, Tehran, Iran)

    Glass Meral door repair glass Meral collage glass door Meral ( 09121576448 glass Meral Cyrus, Tehran, Iran)

    Door repair glass Meral in. height glass door Meral ( 09121576448 safety glass kurosh, Tehran, Iran )) set glass Meral, etc.\r\nتعمیرات hinge doors, glass, Meral, etc. repair, door glass (glass سکوریت) Set the door Meral, etc. 44540842\r\n height glass Meral, the price of the repair glass Meral, adjust and service garage doors, glass Meral, etc. 88571771__44540842\r\n setting or regulating the glass Meral یکساعته and with the lowest price, all parts of Tehran.\r\nبازدید across Tehran free and without closures ( contact up to 24 hours )\r\n all the services with the most reasonable price and wi ...

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