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Increase antenna this MCI and irancell and solve the problem of antenna Japanese mobile and Internet mobile , boost antenna, mobile

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  • Strengthen antenna, Mobile, mobile first, and MTN

    System Amplifier antenna, mobile convenient building, residential, office and commercial environments workshop Strengthen antenna, mobile

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  • Signal Booster mobile

    Device, booster, jammer mobile model lcd Single band ( the first cell) single band repeater gsm 900 You can easily with a low cost antenna problem this in remote areas and blind spots to With the strengthening of the antenna, this mobile, please fix Output power of this booster antenna mobile (27dbm), and the functionality is 120مترمربع the Coverage. The advantage of this device boost mobile cheap, having viewer. And you can easily accuracy of performance and level of efficiency of the device view.

    Other 550,000
  • Amplifier, antenna, Mobile, mobile first

    Device booster, mobile signal single band with the ability to support the 3G frequency of 2100 This device in addition to the antenna, this phone your mobile in the bands 900 can strengthen the signal, 3G internet is also in place increases .

    Mobile and Tablet 550,000
  • Strengthen antenna, mobile MTN

    Price boost antenna, mobile, MTN, depends on the amplifier system, antenna the mobile of your choice . Strengthen antenna for MTN mobile can be by a device, single channel, both devices booster mobile دوکانال . Price boost antenna, mobile, MTN, single-channel, about 700 thousand dollars and the price boost antenna, mobile, MTN, about 1300000 dollars .

    Electronic equipment 700
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  • Computer repair in karaj

    Computer repair in karaj

    Computer repairs and laptop in karaj\r\nامروزه most families, and the majority of jobs from computer at your place. But the computer also like a lot of equipment, and other devices often need repairs and troubleshooting. When the computer with the problem to be faced, surely most people have concerns مشوند such as being:\r\n - must spend, and your computer to a shop to sell them in a few days to wait and that your computer can receive the\r\n - most people, your computer, your much personal information, such as videos, photos, ... important files, work, and ... that do not want this information into the hands of someone's reach, and are concerned that if کامپیوترشان of their location away this information into the hands of others.\r\n - guarantees in relation to that computer, they with a visit by a computer repair shop absolutely be true, or not.\r\nدیگر worry about these items not be:\r\nمجموعه our services such as :\r\n - cleans the system sama from a variety of viruses\r\n-fix the imperfections of the hardware system you\r\nتعمیر computer in place of\r\n-installation of software, frequently asked questions, and update them\r\n - Install laptop drivers in the Cemetary\r\n-consulting in the field of purchase and sale computer and laptop\r\n-sales, parts, and accessories\r\n-sell a variety of computer and laptop\r\n\r\nفقط just with this number, please contact\r\n0912-0712872

    software Alborz
  • Closure


    Provide a variety of detailed fiber optic \r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran \r\n capacity 6 to 288 chorus \r\n\r\n*detailed fiber optic 3M\r\n\r\n2178-S\r\n2178-LS\r\n\r\nکاست 2522\r\nشانه 2521\r\nبا the ability to increase the number of input/output cable, and increase the capacity of the number of, high\r\n\r\nقابل use in all telecommunication networks fiber\r\nآب categories Easy\r\n\r\nGasket Sealing\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n\r\n* a detailed network Model SS , S , M\r\n\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n *detailed سامجین \r\n\r\nانواع \r\nکاست 6, then 12, etc. for 24, 48,\r\n\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\nکیف specialized tools, fiber optic\r\n\r\n(now scanning equip other branch does)\r\n\r\\r\n\r\nID:irpuyesh\r\nemail:\r\n\r\nشماره contact :\r\n88500162-4\r\n88507307\r\n88432371\r\nفکس: 88508307\r\nطهرانی

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Software Office Automation The Lighthouse

    Software Office Automation The Lighthouse

    Automation system Lantern utilizes technology in order to manage the affairs of the secretariat, organizations and companies with different capabilities. the interface is attractive, easy, and high security and advantage review کارتابل for network design. In this system, the registration and circulation of all correspondence and images, and attached files completely electronically. Office Automation The Lighthouse, accelerate administrative matters increases the confidence and precision, prevent the dispersion of documents as well as registration and maintenance of optimal information. is effortless. \r\n\r\proxy to use for this of the prominent features of the software:\r\n\r\n define the organization chart as a tree diagram,\r\n define and record sides of the correspondence of the organization, ranging from: individuals. companies, offices, and...\r\n ability to define personnel and entities and also record the photo personals and sign for them\r\n record types of letters (domestic incoming, etc. issued)\r\n makes it possible to determine the deadline for response to the letter,\r\n possible typing of letters and internal issued on the application environment Word\r\n ability to insert the signature defined by the users in the letter,\r\n ability to define templates and header organization\r\n ability to send messages between users,\r\n create کارتابل dedicated for each user\r\n there is the ability to \"action\" in کارتابل personal, etc. related to the letters of action for each user\r\n the circulation of electronic correspondence\r\n ability to manage the access level of users by System Administrator\r\n the possibility of attachment for a variety of appendices (ranging from image and files) To the letter, as Unlimited\r\n the possibility to scan directly through the application\r\n the possibility of exercising the access level to the files attached\r\n edit, stopping circulation, and archives, and to the circulation of the dropping re-letter\r\n ability to record reminders for yourself and other users\r\n possible tags. archive and categories letters (personal and the secretariat)\r\n the possibility of typing the letter as a draft\r\n the possibility هامش, blogging, the letter, the Unlimited\r\n the possibility of referral letters as a hierarchical and Unlimited\r\n correspondence between persons of the organization based on the organizational\r\n ability to insert actions taken on the letter,\r\n ability to view records, references as a tree diagram, table\r\n ability to view records, correspondence, previous related to the letter as a tree diagram,\r\n the possibility of the preparation of the report from the list of all هامش. Records, reference and text initialed, records and correspondence\r\n the possibility of the preparation of the report from the list of letters, and users\r\n the possibility of the initials of programming with the use of the light pen\r\n ability to define a variety of initials, text is unlimited for ease of work in the correspondence\r\n the possibility advanced thesis in three levels, based on all the items\r\n ability to search by letter, by observing the level of access and the privacy of the letters\r\n-possible to backup (manually) And data recovery\r\n the possibility of auto-backup (automatic)\r\n possible output by the program Excel\r\n ability to run a single-user and network\r\n record all activities of users in the application environment (System Log)\r\n...\r\n\r\nYou can first the demo version to test and then in case of satisfaction of the software version, permanent purchase.

    software West Azarbaijan
  • Software vitamin version clinic and doctor

    Software vitamin version clinic and doctor's office

    Software vitamin version clinic and doctor's office to manage a small clinic or doctor's office is one of the ways special and will be fundamental that the work of the practice of medicine for doctors and office, the hospital and clinics easier, it\r\nقابلیت upload:\r\n• Accounting Office to the breakdown of the income of each physician and expenditures monthly and annual\r\n• storage of patient information, ranging from Radio, X-ray and tests\r\n• تبدییل paper records to computerized(digital)\r\n• easy access to information any records for the user\r\n• set tariffs, insurance, and billing\r\n• system queue to the breakdown of doctors,\r\n• customize the program to the liking of the doctors and the users \r\nto more information from the app and order call

    software Tehran
  • Bank software Shamim | Shamim bank

    Bank software Shamim | Shamim bank

    Shop online and internet bank software, Shamim, with over 1000 software applications, etc. and specialized training\\\\r\\\\nفروشگاه internet and online software Shamim bank for ease of users to search and purchase easy, software, online and digital (online and برحامل) prepared services to you. \r\n\r\nقابل the attention of my colleagues :\r\nبانک software Shamim | Shamim bank intends to cooperate in the sale of software produced by partners on this site مرکزاقدام) of all associates, the manufacturer of the software will be in demand, direction, coordination, and notification of how this plan phone number 09364696931 contact .

    software Tehran
  • Accounting brilliant seal SQL90

    All the features of purchase and sale and stock, and the Fund and the Bank, along with a complete list of parts and accessories, and the exact specifications of the customers (all to infinity) in accounting, brilliant stamp With the capability of adding features such as formula sales, stock, unlimited, etc., Station, user, network, and ... With the price of 1500000ریال (excluding taxes and duties sales) A 5% discount just for visitors this ad Consultation and buy In ... be sure to contact us.Professional choose and consciously decide. In dialogue with us, and Instagram, we also see, please, just name drpciran in Instagram, search, please And in channel & services, computer gamers Subscribe Of the announcements and the latest news and information on the virtual world, they get to know 09194545259 09369369152

    software Alborz
  • Software, weighbridge iron

    Software, weighbridge iron

    The software industry, iron, machine to calculate the weight of the drawing of the iron machinery, heavy and light( weighing) according the field and the use of the software easy and functional can be used utilized for factories, iron wholesale and metal industry and other industries relevant is recommended.\r\nنرم software, weighbridge, iron, machinery, the leading software in the industry of iron, which is for the weight of the camera, iron and heavy metals, is used\r\nto more information from the app and order call

    software Tehran
  • Software production management and printing of labels

    Software production management and printing of labels, etc., issuing money orders, the arrival and departure times from the warehouse customized for factories, plastic storage spinning finishing of Textiles textile weaving, food, detergent and sanitary, auto parts,\r\nنرم software, print labels, etc., issuing money orders, the arrival and departure times from the warehouse\r\nسفارشی storage for factories,\r\nپلاستیک storage\r\nریسندگی\r\nتکمیل cloth\r\nپارچه weaving\r\nمواد food\r\nمواد detergent and health\r\nقطعات car\r\NAND many other industries

    software Tehran
  • A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of welding equipment fiber optics (fusion)\r\nFujikora Japan\r\nمدل S-80, and 62-s\r\n\r\ncleaver CT-30\r\nتیغه cutter for Fuji Kura \r\nالکترود Fuji Kura \r\n\r\nتجهیزات test fiber optic اکسفو EXFO, Canada\r\n\r\nانواع pen optic VFL power 10 to 30 MW and with a range of 5 to 20 km \r\nانواع پاورمتر and pan پاورمتر Powr meter amateur pon power meter,\r\n\r\nدستگاه test light source with 3-wavelength 1310/1490/1550 light source \r\n\r\nانواع cutter cleaver, fiber optic \r\nدستمال lint-free \r\nالکل and fit the alcoholic / container of alcohol, pump, lock, \r\nانواع stripper and overlay vector cable\r\n\r\n\r\nتامین of equipment do you need\r\n\r\n(now scanning equip no other branch does)\r\n\r\\r\nID:irpuyesh\r\nemail\r\n\r\nشماره call\r\n\r\n88500162-4\r\n\r\n88432371\r\n\r\n88507307\r\n\r\nفکس : 88508307

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Consulting and network design and site

    Consulting and network design and site

    Company نویان industry هونامیک Computer engineering\r\nپیاده storage bank data ماینینگ (Data Mining)\r\nطراحی and launch the software کاربردیSoftware Design\r\nتجزیه and analysis system هاComputer Systems Analysis\r\nتجزیه analysis of banks اطلاعاتیOracle - SQL-Server\r\nپشتیبانی systems and IT department set\r\nتامین hardware parts HardwareCompute r\r\nطراحی website-advanced/smart\r\nطراحی network and office automation, interior -exterior\r\nطراحی software and hardware system automation administrative, financial (accounting), Engineering وارتقاء it fits the size\r\nمشاوره Property Network - and B-site-scirpting - create database\r\nتهران –aghdasiyeh(central office): 28421109_021\r\nکرج during(Office Consultations):32749983_026\r\nکرج عظیمیه(office operating):32548564_026\r\nفکس:28421107-021\r\nمشاوره and Ruth:09195859348\r\nمدیریت:09120581109

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