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    Sale pots plastic

    Sale pots, plastic\r\n\r\nفروش just the major\r\n\r\nارسال from Mashhad to all parts of the country,\r\NAND export to the country of Iraq\r\nوالصادرات that العراق\r\nشرکة Seydos تنتج أوانی الزهور\r\n\r\nشرکت سیدوس manufacturer of all kinds of pot base of the pot and all kinds of sanitary accessories building\r\nتولید and sale of all kinds of plastic pots in models and sizes, and different colors include pot کاکتوسی اپارتمانی box, etc. and water spraying \r\nشرکت سیدوس manufacturer New pots, resin base, very stylish and beautiful, special apartment and villas at a height of 65 to 80 cm in diffe ...

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    Gracing one can be Group a manufacturing, commercial, and, commercial, new policies on the principles of the production lot, and also export, and matches the policy of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and based on the export of goods dependent on oil and gas and petrochemical .\r\n\r\nThis company is proud with the abilities on top of their, in part, the production of sulfur powder with the most advanced devices for producing micronized powder and quality besar high grades, industrial and agricultural, and also the export of this product (sulfur, and sulfur granulation as well as ...

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  • Moisture Maker, fogging and cooling, full automatic

    Moisture Maker, fogging and cooling, full automatic

    _ارائه and sale of special series, new types of humidity instruments, industrial, factory price Now engineering, agriculture, Pars barzegar west to number engineering 020860195 Agent sale humidifiers and fogging, industrial cf is proud to offer a new series of products. _ Humidifiers and fogging of the best type of humidifiers and fogging produced in Iran with the quality of the humidity rate is very high, low noise, and low power consumption, yet high strength, for use in a variety of salons, education, button mushroom and Oyster mushroom and poultry farming, cold storage, greenhouses, Hyd ...

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    Sulfur micronized agriculture, 99% ( mesh 200 )

    The application of this product, the more the direction of the leaf straight and fight fungus, and سفیدک surface is, as well as for the mix-up with a variety of organic fertilizers and animal are also used.

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