Artificial stone decorative بافناوری Nano

Artificial stone decorative بافناوری Nano

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    Glass block tile glass

    The company with over 40 years of history of shining in the field of production of TILE, glass, with top quality world, is prepared to grant official dealers across the country, announced ... Tile, glass with the best material made and perfectly against the atmospheric conditions are resistant Also import and install specialized glass blocks from other activities of the company. Warranty executive and the lowest price to ask us The granting of official dealers across the country Tehran 77447662 09121094020 09192467948

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    Industries stone کارندیش its activities in the field of production of construction stone from the year 1385 started. The main field and specialized in the collection, production marble in the colors of green, white and Orange is. In this regard, this collection is a supplier of marble to rebuild the department, the Bureau of Religious Affairs, etc. of mosques across the country, and other places, blessed be

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  • Wall paper, etc. laminate, parquet, wall stickers, etc. bracket and tools

    Distribution center:\r\nکاغذ wall of \r\nآمریکایی, etc. to European, Korean, Chinese\r\nکفپوشهای 2 mill and 2.5 mill, and 3.2 mill and 5 mill\r\nپارکتهای, 8, and 12 mill\r\nدیوارکوب and profiles, expanded polystyrene\r\nدیوار, with no\r\nبزرگترین bank wall stickers in the country\r\nآسمان virtual and stretched ceiling\r\nچسب wall paper, etc. foam 1.8 and 2میل \r\nبا the price of the same in Tehran and Isfahan,\r\nدارای several dealers in Isfahan and Chaharmahal\r\n"grant of representation and agency sales across the country,"\r\nشرکت Tower IndiGo

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    BANIROOF STRETCH CEILING Bonnie روف designer ومجری specialized false ceilings decorative tensile with nano technology (3-dimensional) with the ability to print photos, custom ونورپردازی very diverse, the product of France – suitable for hotels (lobby, etc. of restaurant, Amphitheatre, coffee shop, etc. pools and...) offices, administrative, commercial units and residential units (lobby, etc. living room and fireplace. bedroom مسترو ...) 09155057685 engineer Hafiz ( Executive Director )

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    Sandwich panel roof and wall and refrigeration, etc. niches and shelter

    Manufacturer of all kinds of sandwich panels roof and wall and refrigeration with polyurethane foam fireproof\r\nساندویچ panel to build and run a variety of refrigeration to below and above zero degrees, and tunnel freezing\r\nبهترین cover for a variety of venues and industrial sites, and food and health\r\nمناسب the most coverage for salons, education, poultry and livestocks and feed a variety of poultry and livestocks and Cygnus, and more. feed a variety of livestock, poultry,\r\nساندویچ panels for clean room, laboratory and hospital ( CLEAN ROOM )\r\nساندویچ panel for covering the ceiling, ...

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    Foam concrete machine

    Set foam concrete acceleration, is prepared to cooperate with all organs of state, natural and legal persons, in the field, the following declares: The design and construction of foam concrete machines, based on knowledge of the world, the use of computer software, and under the supervision of Engineers certified Accepting orders run flooring (in each area), and provide free advice for projects, organisations and institutions The supply and sale of liquid chemical foam "gelatin" , features the unique strength and reducing cement consumption Along with skills training, working with the devi ...

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