Sales of powder, micronized sulfur

Sales of powder, micronized sulfur

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Gracing one can be Group a manufacturing, commercial, and, commercial, new policies on the principles of the production lot, and also export, and matches the policy of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and based on the export of goods dependent on oil and gas and petrochemical .

This company is proud with the abilities on top of their, in part, the production of sulfur powder with the most advanced devices for producing micronized powder and quality besar high grades, industrial and agricultural, and also the export of this product (sulfur, and sulfur granulation as well as the sulfur, powdery) With over 10 years of experience in the field cited it should be noted, are also high-volume production for export, we have in the field of prices of finished goods compared to the respected manufacturers distinguishes them and tips such as the abilities the top of the displacement in the segment transportation fleet monitoring and loading in the enclosure dedicated Bandar-Abbas noted that the cause of the privileged being of the company in the field of manufacturing and exporting these goods in capacities, low and high for carrying containerized and bulk for export from the port of Abbas .

برآن've been up to, to serve, taking the abilities, manufacturing and trading in Sector domestic sales in bulk to wholesalers and consumers, respectable, ranging from farmers as well as artisans, and benefiting from the merchants and exporters of these goods continue to be proud to be.

Please report for more information please contact us .

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  • Sulfur mineral زرکوه Garmsar

    Sulfur mineral زرکوه Garmsar

    {1394/10/14}sulfur mineral زرکوه Garmsar{4 /January 2016}\r\nاضافه the sulfur mineral زرکوه also cause modification of the soil above it is because sulfur is the mineral after oxidized, being converted to sulfuric acid. is this acid not only salts of carbonate to sulfate conversion works, but by reducing the PH of the intensity of the alkalinity of the soil reduces.\r\n{please for the sake of raising the quality of Molded Products and their contents are as follows once carefully please study}\r\n{images Analysis Laboratory at the end of the content is located}\r\\r\n{buyers and consumers of sulfur powder in the sector of Agriculture, Agriculture, gardens, etc}\r\nازهرمحلی that sulfur powder mineral buy by phone at least once to the mine site, the relevant referred to and closely see that for the buy what elemental cost you[for sodium sulfate woman? The dirt hunk, tailings, extraction has been واکسید the desert and left from the era of Qajar dynasty., the cou ....also? Or for sulphur is really a mineral extracted from the mine sulfur available? ]}{More details quality the importance of a comment, not to the price!}{For the future; effortlessly and your credit sober to decide and to deliver the benefit to others (waste retailers and .....) With the capital; the wage and effortlessly and the farmers; The زارعان; the farmers and working people unwanted feud!!} \"Last up to when? !\"\r\n{trial simple and without cost}\r\nمصرف participants dear if you want to buy sulphur mineral, you first, 6 kg of powder, it is exposed to sunlight and, as a TP {cones}, please share, then the middle of it a hole created, then, 4 liters of hot water, and boiling) gently inside the cavity of the fold {so ازگذشت 10 days if around it, dander, and سفیدک salt view ننمودید!} Then purchase conditional to being پودرگوگرد delivered to you from the same kind of trial samples!\r\n{brief descirption but true to the descirption as a? !}\r\nمصرف consumers cherish sulfur for the agricultural sector, etc. agriculture, gardens and disinfection, and the mushroom drawing the types of fertilizers, animal and avian ::\r\n{looking for sulfur.. for farming and agriculture and gardens, solvent in water ! "Analysis ! Correction of a real soil. modifiers and antiseptic real Fertilizers of animal and avian note}\r\n(not) looking for sulphur, canary yellow and with a purity of 99 %, because if the elemental for doing something ineffective, even the purity of 100 %, a? ! It is also ineffective? ! And only cost exorbitant, by phone, but from the result of the news, isn't it? ! In this context, بیشترتحقیق and check and try, please at the right time, bother, and their capital and others feud ! Because there is no someone your size, you can't be in your rights to be your enemy does, unless your you, and it, too, by adopting the decision, not the correct and non-scientific to their feud. so ............؟ ! .\r\NICON this point in time, do costs, about avoid, and due to the economic conditions existing, time-tested! More research, please .\r\nهر type item expensive because of the high quality or the functionality consumption of those goods is not! And each item bestows reason upon with fairness being the seller, it's not ! Check to see if a one time buy along with the acquisition of a favorable result is better or a few times to buy but no result ! Cheating for cheap wholesale, benefit-seekers not sober, and the expert decide\r\nتوضیحات about sulfur refinery to color, canary yellow}!\r\n{is sulfur refinery to the color of the yellow canary ! Sulphur agriculture, real interest rates in the ...

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  • African violets

    African violets

    The sale of seedling and flowers, African violets in 70 colors. seedling with price ۵۰۰۰ and ۱۰۰۰۰ USD and flowering ۱۸۰۰۰ USD. Send to around the country. To learn how to buy-in to the address on the telegram, please visit: @africanvioletnisha

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  • Sprayer (fogging) فوگر

    Sprayer (fogging) فوگر

    سبزپیشگان marv : Techniques may storage is the perfect solution for spraying with the use of the least amount of soluble toxin and, less operational. The property of this method is that the particles of Poison to the cause of lightness, and of being suspended easily in the space move and the Poison to all parts that the possibility of access to them is not possible and in all parts of the spraying for the same. Of the device فوگر can be used for operation, the disposal of pests in greenhouses, farms, gardens, and شالیزارها and disinfection of premises keeping of livestock and poultry and spraying of manholes, municipal wastewater, and practice, of fire-fighting operations. All the services تعمیرو maintenance and supply of spare parts and supplying all kinds of curtain aperture for different devices فوگر, etc. will be accepted.

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  • روتیواتور


    The acceptance and granting sales representative in cities Special discount وارسال free to all over the country

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  • Compost, edible fungi

    Compost, edible fungi

    Composting, button mushroom Composting, button mushroom grips Compost prepared mushroom button for blocking with the analysis laboratory with the best prices and quality from store still کشاورزبخواهید. The store still کشاورزبا years of experience in the mushroom country is proud, compost, blocked, and ready button mushroom to the highest quality and guarantee the quality, serve the dear compatriots supply. Compost prepared button mushroom after a combination of bring your raw materials and during the various stages of production quite پاستریزه and after confirmation of quality by the laboratory and provided analysis laboratory to destination workshops, mushroom loading. 1.The use of the seed ( Spain ), mushrooms, Grade A, and the first generation of the superior button mushroom 2.Advice and guide the consumer composting at all stages of the production of edible fungi 3.Responsibility flexibility and timely delivery of order 4.Close, long-lasting and offer the best price quality Features including compost store still کشاورزمی. Due to the complicated process and costly production of compost, mushroom button, in the conditions of today, producing and selling compost ready button mushroom by the company, which is equipped with modern machines vatvmatyk been his expertise درفرآیند the production of compost can be done The production level mass cholera automatic systems by کادرمجرب وکارآزموده has caused the prices of all the units of the large production of compost is very low, come ودرنتیجه this unit, the price of the sale of this product as a way to adjust them, which practically produce the compost for the units small and medium enterprise mushroom cultivation, economic justification is not ودرنتیجه بیشترواحدهای production and education mushroom is now the buyer of compost prepared button mushroom. The compost is ready,the بذرزده the وپاستوریزه the quality بسیاربالاتولیدشده and after آنالیزآزمایشگاهی and ensure the quality of the product to the destination units, mushroom production درسرتاسرایران loading can be The price of compost to the production of mechanized وانبوه meant that the production of compost in the production unit mushroom-effective production of compost ازخرید it more expensive to be Advice exact , bachelor, following constant problems buyer of compost, discounts, special, shipping cost, compost, as well as responsibility, pussies, Delivery timely orders from features including compost, provided in the store still کشاورزاست You can set the direction of the consultant وراهنمایی also estimate the capacity of the hall for the compost also take notice of the price of the day) with دفترفروش store, still the farmer contacted. Compost mushroom in the shop for ready وبذر struck and it's packed blocked offered compost to هرلحاظ ready been directing product this just indoor mushroom located وشرایطی temperature outdoor humidity , and.... It provided Vermicompost,compost, sohail,"compost mushroom"compost,blocks,supply of compost equipment,compost,composting,cheap worm compost,forming compost,establishing a compost standard compost,recycle,compost aeration,compost, compost tea,کمپوستزئولیت,compost,blocks, compost,compost, Dutch,compost, hamadan,compost, Shiraz,agitator,compost definition compost price,compost Turner کمپکمپوست,compost, zeolite,compost,blocks,compost, compost,hamedan, definition of compost, Price ,compost Turner, composting machines,compost Website Contact number:04432240912-09144432479

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  • Construction, types of greenhouses, and sell all the parts and equipment greenhouse

    Construction, types of greenhouses, and sell all the parts and equipment greenhouse

    نمنماینده sale plastic greenhouse . Sales representative galvanized pipes

    Agricultural Services Tehran
  • Sales representative pipes and profiles together

    Sales representative pipes and profiles together

    All kinds of pipes and profiles Jha the construction of a greenhouse with the best quality and the lowest prices, direct from the factory Governor

    Agricultural Services Tehran
  • Moisture Maker, fogging and cooling, full automatic

    Moisture Maker, fogging and cooling, full automatic

    _ارائه and sale of special series, new types of humidity instruments, industrial, factory price Now engineering, agriculture, Pars barzegar west to number engineering 020860195 Agent sale humidifiers and fogging, industrial cf is proud to offer a new series of products. _ Humidifiers and fogging of the best type of humidifiers and fogging produced in Iran with the quality of the humidity rate is very high, low noise, and low power consumption, yet high strength, for use in a variety of salons, education, button mushroom and Oyster mushroom and poultry farming, cold storage, greenhouses, Hydroponics, and earthy, warehouses, maintenance, fruit........ Technical characteristics of the : - This یونیتها in models and sizes designed that in addition to proper aeration can be used to منظرو supplier, moisture, and cooling requirements, the salon used. - Installation is very simple, there is - Ability to work with the waters of hard, salty water - Power consumption low at the same time, high power - Has different sizes with affordable prices for the different volumes - Has a cooling system separate, and the ability to function at the same time for the warmer seasons of the year, and hot areas garlic country - System heaters to prevent the temperature drop in the winter special cold and cold regions of garlic country. - The ability to control the ambient humidity with timer and sensor of humidity control - Ability to spraying and foliar spray and disinfect the salon automatically without the presence in the place - Of the features of this device, reduce the dust and soil air to ambient, with dust-like halls گارگاهی and ... The introduction of the samples : Model power aeration ( Cubic meters per hour) output (Liters / hour ) Weight kg dimension 4000 1200 – 800 10 30 54 × 43 × 75 8000 1500 – 1200 15 35 55 × 45 × 75 12000 4000- 3000 50 50 70 × 50 × 100 14000 4500 – 3500 85 55 75× 55 × 100 16000 4700 - 3700 90 60 80 × 65 × 110 18000 5500- 4500 12 75 85 × 65 × 120 Easy payment at the time of delivery - Send to all parts of the country as soon as possible - Warranty annual and 10-year warranties, the sale of spare parts Now engineering, agriculture, the barking of the sower, Azerbaijan Established 1376 Registration number 9253 Number system in agricultural engineering:020860195 Central office:Tehran, Hafez st, 2 – Go to martyrs ' square – No. 180/2 Postal Code : 96436 – 57138 Tel / fax head office:32253347_044(4خط) Mobile:09149380704-----09147907288 (Engineer, dynamic nikam) ایمیل

    machinery West Azarbaijan
  • Bentonite Cody plaster,

    Bentonite Cody plaster,

    Company jeweled Diamond powder Asia The first manufacturer of bentonite Cody plaster in Iran Bentonite, gypsum, a mineral multi-purpose agricultural ۱ reduce شدیدآبیاری because bentonite as a super absorbent and retainer of moisture, act as well as the sharp decline in fertilizer, chemical ۲ plaster in as an automata ۳ contains elements such as zinc, manganese, Iron Company jeweled Diamond powder Asia 05137134334 09153228054

    Pesticides and fertilizers Khorasan Razavi
  • Plastic greenhouse

    Plastic greenhouse

    Sell plastic greenhouses with the best raw materials with the guarantee of Iran insurance, and poverty ومقادیر different uv and lowest price available in the market

    Agricultural Services Tehran
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