Sales of powder, micronized sulfur

Sales of powder, micronized sulfur

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Gracing one can be Group a manufacturing, commercial, and, commercial, new policies on the principles of the production lot, and also export, and matches the policy of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and based on the export of goods dependent on oil and gas and petrochemical .

This company is proud with the abilities on top of their, in part, the production of sulfur powder with the most advanced devices for producing micronized powder and quality besar high grades, industrial and agricultural, and also the export of this product (sulfur, and sulfur granulation as well as the sulfur, powdery) With over 10 years of experience in the field cited it should be noted, are also high-volume production for export, we have in the field of prices of finished goods compared to the respected manufacturers distinguishes them and tips such as the abilities the top of the displacement in the segment transportation fleet monitoring and loading in the enclosure dedicated Bandar-Abbas noted that the cause of the privileged being of the company in the field of manufacturing and exporting these goods in capacities, low and high for carrying containerized and bulk for export from the port of Abbas .

برآن've been up to, to serve, taking the abilities, manufacturing and trading in Sector domestic sales in bulk to wholesalers and consumers, respectable, ranging from farmers as well as artisans, and benefiting from the merchants and exporters of these goods continue to be proud to be.

Please report for more information please contact us .

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  • Liquid fertilizer avian

    Liquid fertilizer avian

    This fertilizer is a perfect combination of elements, macro, etc. micronutrient and a variety of amino acids and has a high percentage of acid lesions on the required herbs is that it can be the result of new technology, processing and combining elements, organic material, he said.\r\n\r\nانواع packing : ۱-liter ۱۰ kg and ۲۰ kg\r\n\r\nمزایای use: کودمایع avian هیومیکی., the Cody full, along بااسید lesions and amino acids that the lifter shortage of elements, stress, physiological, and environmental laws and, thereby, adjusting the PH of the soil acidic and decrease the PH of the environment, rooted, effortless, and the result of the solubility of the elements established, such as phosphorus in calcareous soils increases.\r\n\r\nتاثیرات on the plant:\r\n– increase absorption of dietary full consumption, including phosphorus and nitrogen\r\n– accelerates the germination\r\n– increase the resistance of plant to environmental stress\r\n– increase stimulates the enzymes and plant hormones\r\n– ability to chelate the persuasiveness of the elements of micronutrient like Iron,\r\n– increase the absorption of fertilizers and minerals, the dirt,\r\n– stimulates the activity of the root,\r\n\r\nنکات characteristics of the:\r\n– increases the activity of micro ارگانیسمهای beneficial soil\r\n– correction of the soil acidity(PH)\r\n– reduction of soil salinity

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  • Sale borage

    Sale borage

    Sale borage with excellent quality and very reasonable prices available Major sales, and cash!!!!! Sale borage, buy borage quality borage price borage borage Iranian Product name: borage Iranian Echium amoneum Send to all parts of Iran Due to the direct supply of borage and remove the middleman, the price is very decent to supply you we can. The taste and smell of real flowers, borage and lowest price Ask us . Manufacturer of all kinds of plants, medicinal product borage Sell all kinds of medicinal plants Sale seed borage Some of the medicinal properties of the herb borage: Borage and leaves, it is a blood Purifier. ۲) calm a nerves. ۳) sweat. ۴) is a diuretic. ۵)the kidneys will strengthen. ۶) the common cold is overcome. ۷) to eliminate the cough of brewed borage use. ۸) in the treatment of bronchitis, is effective. ۹) incontinence urination cure. ۱۰) inflammation and swelling of the kidney cure. ۱۱) in the treatment of diseases of measles and scarlet fever it is useful. ۱۲) poultice of leaves of borage to fix the arthritis, is effective. ۱۳)the leaves of borage to cook, and like spinach, use it. ۱۴) fresh leaves of borage has plenty of vitamin C is, and in some countries it inside the salad shed. ۱۵) this plant is a good remedy for flashback زدنهای consecutive in life !! Our prices will compare, give us a call. For product order call. The price agreement. Contact number : 09116172752

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  • Production of Dicalcium Phosphate, the price of Dicalcium Phosphate, nitrate, Di calcium phosphate, animal feed -, mono-calcium and Di-Mississippi

    Production of Dicalcium Phosphate, the price of Dicalcium Phosphate, nitrate, Di calcium phosphate, animal feed -, mono-calcium and Di-Mississippi

    Production group of the cooperative sample( ITM )\r\nتولید Dicalcium Phosphate in lowest time to the far the most points - Di calcium phosphate, contains elements of calcium and phosphorus, which play an important role in the reactions of biochemical (such as blood coagulation, activities and physiological heart, exchanges and cellular activity, nerve-muscle) and metabolically (such as the formation of building bones, teeth, eggs, and activity of the correct digestive tract) in livestock and poultry played live.\r\n\r\nWWW.IRITM.COM\r\nجهت get a list of prices to Telegram US message:\r\n09363018936\r\nشماره contact: 02832573960 - 09397817959

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  • Fertilizer, macro, etc. fertilizers, micro, etc. fertilizers, foliar spray, etc. spraying, seeding, etc. visit free

    Fertilizer, macro, etc. fertilizers, micro, etc. fertilizers, foliar spray, etc. spraying, seeding, etc. visit free

    Farmers Dear Sir :\r\nما to help you, we to harvest more reach the distribution of the types :\r\n• fertilizer macro\r\n• fertilizers, micro \r\n• fertilizers, foliar\r\n• sulfur\r\n• spraying\r\n• seed\r\nمشاوره and visit the free

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  • بمبو-sampler -بمبوگندم

    بمبو-sampler -بمبوگندم

    One of the most important cases in the field of buying wheat and seed samples from them. Samples of the wheat seed and corn or Navan operation of the granular materials needed to a means that there is a very detailed and used very easily. hence, engineers, experienced and expert company, adak wairoa scholar proceeding to the design and construction of the sample vector, wheat, or بمبو wheat of different genders and in ابعادهای different have بمبو or sampler of wheat in the size of 1/5 meters and بمبو 2متری (sampler, wheat 2متری)-بمبو 1/85 cm(sampler 1/85 cm) All بمبو possible, made of brass or stainless steel -, stainless steel, brass or aluminum extruded with the steel, have بمبو, the tip of the spear, a very short sampling of the car, or silo. Also بمبو tablets transition in dimensions 2متری and بمبو tablets transition in dimensions 2/5 yards also available بمبو sack, and also for sampling the horizontal with the lowest, creating a gap of sex, all stainless steel, the design is very special and has the category rubber and the possibility of withdrawing a sample from انته and the possibility of tying the bag to the end, and the possibility of tying the bag to the end, it can be found بمبو sack بمبو 2متری بمبو 1/5متری بمبو brass بمبو aluminum Price بمبو brass

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  • Barley, farmyard,

    Of Commerce) Fort direct importer oats, corn, livestock and types of livestock and poultry from the territory of Russia with providing سرتیفیکیت and analysis without intermediaries delivery in the port of amirabad

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  • Filings of iron to the foot, fruit trees,

    Filings of iron to the foot, fruit trees,

    One of the factors in gardens, fruits, scrap iron or filings, the Iron foot of the root of the tree will be shed on the growth of its influence abound.Filings of iron to the foot of fruit trees to use the pits, fertilizer, for supply of iron in ختان used

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  • Incubator set of 12

    Incubator set of 12

    Incubator, easy Bator five a Incubator complete, accurate, and quality, yet the price is quite reasonable with easy use for household use is the ability to incubate 12 eggs, 36 eggs, quail, and 30 eggs of The Partridge. \r\NICON in the incubator, cheap, price, parts fit and quality is handled. There is a thermometer and humidity gauge, digital exact on the side of use the sensor is very accurate, making the country the Swiss electronics manufacturing Malaysia quality extra to this device, incubation, data is \r\nدستگاه incubation, cheap price easy Bator 5 the ability of incubation of a variety of different birds there, and the temperature inside the device with the use of artificial intelligence control of the bladder .\r\nدستگاه the ability of incubation of twelve birds ' eggs, the average, like chicken and pheasant, six eggs, birds, coarse, such as turkey, goose, and thirty-six eggs, sperm, birds, such as quail and Partridge have is.\r\nاز other features of this incubator cheap price can be to the body of all the crystals of the type of Crystal, unbreakable, noting that the transparency of the top BBW specific to the device is waived, and thereby, it is suggested that you can inside the machine to a good view, please.\r\nچرخش the eggs within the device for 360 degrees can be and the eggs within the device to landscape mode, which placed the highest efficiency for incubation will be. \r\n\r\n Easy Bator 5 as well as other industrial products Eskandari has a one year warranty and ten years after sales services include all the parts.\r\n\r\nto view descirption, photos, and full products, also prices updated and accurate device to link, please refer. \r\n\r\n

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  • Fertilizer, jelly, NPK

    Types of fertilizer-the jelly NPK different بادرچه high purity and solubility of awesome pussies, ready, send

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  • Incubator Eskandari

    Incubator Eskandari

    Special sale incubator Eskandari, without intermediaries, the price of the factory, etc. sent direct from factory door to across the country.\\r\\n\\r\\nگروه industrial Eskandari as the largest manufacturer of incubator, and the products \\r\\n\\r\\nپرورش poultry in the Middle East are known to be.\\r\\n\\r\\nمحصولات incubation of the plant suitable for the incubation of a variety of birds like :\\r\\n\\r\\nجوجه drawing, Quail\\r\\n\\r\\nجوجه drawing chicken\\r\\n\\r\\nجوجه drawing Quebec\\r\\n\\r\\nجوجه drawing Turkey\\r\\n\\r\\nجوجه drawing Peacock\\r\\n\\r\\nجوجه drawing a duck,\\r\\n\\r\\nجوجه drawing a goose\\r\\n\\r\\nجوجه drawing ornamental birds and ...\\r\\n\\r\\ndo.\\r\\n\\r\\nطیف wide range of birds by a showcase of the products of incubation of this manufacturing unit have been covered.\\r\\n\\r\\nمحصولات incubation Eskandari, can be found in three categories, and incubator. incubator and industrial products, incubation, industrial plant classification.\\r\\n\\r\\NICON in the first batch of the products, devices, incubation, series Easy Bator have been included, which includes : \\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nایزی Bator ( capacity 48 eggs, sperm, chicken )\\r\\n\\r\\nایزی Bator two ( capacity 96 eggs, sperm, chicken )\\r\\n\\r\\nایزی Bator, (capacity 40 PCs of eggs, sperm, chicken with a system rotation of 360 degrees )\\r\\n\\r\\nایزی Bator four ( capacity 80 eggs, sperm, chicken with a system rotation of 360 degrees )\\r\\n\\r\\nایزی Bator 5 ( cheap) with a capacity of 12 eggs, sperm, chicken )\\r\\n\\r\\nایزی Bator 6 ( professional) with a capacity of 12 eggs, sperm, chicken )\\r\\n\\r\\nگنجانده the اند.\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n/\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nto view this series of products can go to this URL, please visit .\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\NICON in the next batch that مصولات industrial This factory are can be the products because :\\r\\n\\r\\nدستگاه incubation ۱۲۶ triad\\r\\n\\r\\nدستگاه incubation ۱۶۸ triad\\r\\n\\r\\nدستگاه incubation ۲۵۲ triad\\r\\n\\r\\nدستگاه incubation ۳۳۶ triad\\r\\n\\r\\nدستگاه incubation Quail ۵۰۴ triad\\r\\n\\r\\nدستگاه incubation ۶۷۲ triad\\r\\n\\r\\nدستگاه incubation ۱۰۰۸ triad\\r\\n\\r\\nدستگاه incubation 2016 triad\\r\\n\\r\\nاشاره that in the link below additional descirption of each included است.\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nگروه industrial Eskandari, or briefly – Eskandari Industrial Group : EIG, an industrial unit, which is in the field of the production of incubator, equipment, industry, livestock and poultry, supplies of Heating. Refrigerating and digital activity. According to invest massively taken for the production of products and improve the quality of the device, incubation by industrial group Eskandari, this manufacturing unit in Iran with a series of products of incubation of your known. This industrial group has the most extensive sales network and chain service after the sale, incubator, industrial, and household in Iran is, and products your in addition to supply within the country to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and .. also exported the track and in the external market in terms of quality and price incubator competitive closely with the leaders of this industry.\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nتاریخچه of plant production : \\r\\n\\r\\nگروه industrial Eskandari in the year ۱۳۷۲ to the management of Mr. Javad Eskandari for the production of accessories, the industry of livestock and poultry in the faculty was established. With join engineer Reza Eskandari in the year ۱۳۸۵ as CEO of the industrial group, Eskandari to your new place in کارخ ...

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