Sell all kinds of brands with split in

Sell all kinds of brands with split in

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Sell all kinds of brands, air in baneh (warranty, Delivery door)

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  • The sale of household appliances

    The sale of household appliances

    The sale of household appliances\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nشرکت Lotus-makers in Melbourne\\\\r\\\\nاز collection of familiar names in the field of the sale of household appliances imported from Turkey, with best quality and reasonable price.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nفروش appliance and kitchen imported from Turkey include : \\\\ r\\\\nآسیاب blender \\\\r\\\\nترازو kitchen manual \\\\r\\\\nفرش passion \\\\r\\\\nپیتزا cooking ceramic \\\\r\\\\nبخارپز, floor \\\\r\\\\nاتو steam floor ceramic \\\\r\\\\nآبمیوه camera digital \\\\r\\\\nپلوپز, etc. steamed, etc. slow cooking \\\\r\\\\nگوشت tenderizer, electric چهارکاره \\\\r\\\\nفرکن,\\\\ r\\\\nجاروبرقی robot\\\\r\\\\nدستگاههای air and water filtration\\\\r\\\\nکولر gas and...\\\\ r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nارسال products to all over the country, with Priority Mail and accept payment in cash and in installments.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nشماره call and Telegram 09148887008 \\\\r\\\\n 09141021345\\\\r\\\\nفروش 33367573-041 \\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nایمیل \\\\r\\\\nتبریز, etc. ... read more next to the tower. koi invertebrates 3, Building 23, etc., unit A3

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    Air purifier

    Air purifier\r\nگروه, commercial, Lotus-makers in Melbourne\r\nاولین official representative devices, filtration, نئوتک \r\nدستگاه air filtration نئوتک the most complete system, clean air can be that with the minimum power consumption and minimum pollution of the sound, the space inside the room as the flow of convection from all contaminants, including dust, cigarette smoke, and factors allergenic, clean.\r\nمزایای air purifier :\r\nجلوگیری of the contagion, the flu, etc. bacteria and. viruses and microbes, fungi, mold and mildew\r\nجلوگیری of heart attacks, respiratory and stress\r\nجذب toxic gases and dangerous air, including carbon monoxide,\r\nباعث enhance memory, learning, and speed of growth and maturation in children\r\nایجاد ... Read More prevent fatigue and depression\r\nکاهش problems, acute respiratory \r\nدارای HEPA filter to absorb the suspended particles (dust) That the eyes are not seen\r\nدارای carbon filter to absorb gases and chemical contamination\r\n\r\n\r\nAC230V/50Hz voltage (European standard)\r\n40 W power consumption\r\n0.12 mg/m3, the amount of production of active oxygen\r\n40 m2 every seven minutes space coverage\r\n380x197x330 (mm) dimensions\r\n450 kg weight\r\nWeak35(dB)med .50(dB)Strong, 56(dB) The amount of sound\r\n\r\nاتوماسیون remind timely replacement filters, air purifier\r\nمشاوره phone to select the correct device\r\nنصب free device in place \r\nارسال to all the cities of Iran\r\nبهترین choice for homes, residential, schools, daycare, hospitals, beauty salons, etc. clubs, sports, Hotels,\r\nپشتیبانی and one year warranty \r\nفروش installment and the discounted cash

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    Sell all kinds of envelopes, disposable vacuum cleaners, Samsung, Panasonic, barking Caspian Sea Bosch, LG, 7540, and the diamond with the best quality and reasonable price Business, clean, light Sales center: 32337516-031 Commercial office: 32354002-031

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  • Goods. mattress, bed, mattresses, romance

    Goods. mattress, bed, mattresses, romance

    Industrial Group, Super, Royal, etc., mats, romance registration number 231801 your activity from years 80 in the field of commodity sleep has begun. Romance manufacturer of all kinds of mattress, orthopedic, and. bouncy., the medical - bouncy, etc. comfort etc. orthopedic and all the foam in a different dimension, a variety of goods, sleeping, include, pillow, medical, etc., cotton?, ultrasonic, etc., filled with laminated cotton, and تترون, etc. a variety of تشکهای journey 3 Time. 4 Time. 5 Time. 6 layer, protective, water-proof bed mattress in a variety of walls, and veneer. sheets elastic half set and all the set up. quilt, reflections, etc. bedspread in sizes, designs and color. got the pillow, etc.Cushion and ... Box, Wooden mattresses, has been and supply of all products to the factory price and no middleman. This company is ready to provide any services, and cooperation with the organs, etc., hospitals, etc., hotels., the sellers of goods. home buyers and... bulk and Single sales. Products: • Types of bed mattresses • Box mattress • Mattress Bunk • Protector, waterproof mattress • Pillowcases • Bedspread • Cushion • All kinds of pillows and pillowcases • Blanket and travel blanket ایمیل Phone order:09123939568-09123097819 Factory address: Tehran-shahrak industrial Taleb Abad Store central: تهران-شهرری

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  • Production and sale of all kinds of pillows

    Industrial romance manufacturer of all kinds of mats and goods sleeping(registration number 231801)\\r\\nتولید and sell all kinds of pillow to the price of the doors factory\\r\\nبالش Ultra has fiber, fiberglass, etc. of cumin, cloth, horses and tack cloth ultrasonic price: 48000 USD\\r\\nبالش تترون: has fiber, fiberglass, etc. of cumin, cloth, horses and tack cloth تترون price: 55000 USD\\r\\nبالش لایکو-flowered: Has fiber, fiberglass, etc. of cumin, cloth, horses and tack cloth floral price: 55000 USD\\r\\nبالش Medical: has fiber halo 1100, warmth, etc. of cumin, cloth, horses and tack cloth dust tissue price: 75000 USD\\r\\nبالش microfiber: has micro fiber 1200, warmth, etc. of cumin, cloth, horses and tack cloth dust tissue price: 89000 USD

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  • Magnetic filter MAGY an ideal choice for the package you

    Magnetic filter MAGY an ideal choice for the package you

    Magnetic filter MAGY an ideal choice for the package you\r\n\r\NIF looking for a way to improve the efficiency and Performance Package for your home, you are definitely using filters Magnetic is a great solution and is affordable.On the side of the foreign sample this filter, magnetic filter MAGY first filter made in Iran that the global standards at the highest quality.Continuing with the features of this filter, learn.\r\n\r\nطول the useful life of the heating systems because there are a variety of deposits, in particular deposits of metal compared to the lifetime real helpful it reduced.The best solution to solve this problem, the use of the filters is magnetic, that all particles of the impurities in the absorption of the rotation and back re materials within the system helps prevent.Magnetic filter MAGY first magnetic filter, made in our country is having unique features not only samples of its foreign competition is, but also, in many cases, both the foreign sample is surpassed.In continuing with unique features magnetic filter MAGY آشنامی us.\r\n\r\nویژگی unique magnetic filter MAGY:\r\n magnet is very strong:\r\nمدل Italian magnetic filter magnets with the power of 11 thousand goose دارنددر, while the magnetic filter MAGY is a very powerful magnet 12 thousand Gaussian, which is used all the deposits of metal in fascinating and rotation reset it in the system to prevent.\r\n\r\n stainless mesh with a mesh of 800 micro meter:\r\NICON filter magnetic, magnets MAGY a grid with a dimension of 800 micro meter, is placed, which can be the tiniest particles, non-metal, it also holds in his.\r\n\r\n\r\n code unique بقرد tracking product:\r\nهمگی us at least once, buy the wrong team, we have experience that after a short time use, your performance is lost.Magnetic filter MAGY, including limited equipment, the construction of Iran is a unique code for tracking product.Also to the help of this code can be warranty 5 year this product tracking./\r\n\r\n compartment polymer:\r\nto compartment filter, a polymer, grade A, with very nice appearance design is very durable and has the filter from external impact and pressure, the outer protect.\r\n\r\n improve efficiency and increase the lifetime of the packages used and new:\r\nفرقی not the package you used or new. if the filter on the heater, your home install of the same day, the first to notice the change of temperature, package, and return it to the initial state and temperature, suitable in the package, Health Package, Two blessing in disguise, want.If simultaneously with the installation package of your RFI filter magnetic MAGY also use the thermal efficiency during the year, at the level of maximum of your remain.\r\n\r\nنصب magnetic filter MAGY in the beginning of the way, and prevents the penetration of the smallest particle to the pump. valve, three-way, etc. converter, main and secondary can be the best choice to avoid problems and downtime caused by the impurities and harmful particles available in the water.\r\n\r\n\r\nمگی teen magy, mature,filter, magnetic,heater package,filter package,filter, water filter,civilian,filter, warm water,large collector sediment,sediments, مگنتایت filter,magnetic what is the representation of Maggie,representing magnetic filter, the price barely stuck magnetic heater,how to install, hardness, catcher,magnetic, disadvantages of hardness of the stuck magnetic these magnetic what is the price of these magnetic water,how the performance of these magnetic these magnetic ...

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    Manufacture and supply blanket مینک design rug blossom

    The company manufactured blankets, bloom, owner name, as advice, with quality and the cheapest manufacturer of ptuj military service and in the level of Iran.\r\NAND now, the newest product مینک - design rug - offers. Blanket مینک design rug blossom-available in varied colors and in sizes one and two, prepared from the best and most classy yarn and fiber, very beautiful, stylish, etc. add quality, appropriate, gift, dowry, etc., and the organization, especially for a decent price about friendly customers with taste, a threesome and double threesome

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  • Non-stick utensils ماهک

    Non-stick utensils ماهک

    Metal utensils nonstick (granite, marble, ceramic, Teflon) in the layout, and the color different \\r\\nقبول orders \\r\\nواگذاری representation \\r\\nارسال time to all over Iran

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