The whole machine, the air بادکن PET bottle

The whole machine, the air بادکن PET bottle

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Company software efficient With a history of 15 years in the field of design and construction of machinery for food packaging and automation Machine specifications: - With the ability to install in limited space - With the ability to produce bottles with openings 24 to 38 mm - With the ability to produce bottles with a volume of varied 0.25 Elie 2.5 liter - 2 کویته with a nominal capacity of 2000 bottles per hour and 4 Quetta, with a nominal capacity of 4000بطری in hours - The use of equipment انیورسال brand (Festo - Norgren - Siemens - Phoenix, Cantact, etc.) - Design and build a variety of templates - Produce bottle ready for companies

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Tel+98 44-3×××4213 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 44-33744314
ProvinceWest Azarbaijan
AddressWest Azerbaijan - Urmia Industrial Zone, Phase 2-First Avenue
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