The whole machine, the air بادکن PET bottle

The whole machine, the air بادکن PET bottle

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Company software efficient With a history of 15 years in the field of design and construction of machinery for food packaging and automation Machine specifications: - With the ability to install in limited space - With the ability to produce bottles with openings 24 to 38 mm - With the ability to produce bottles with a volume of varied 0.25 Elie 2.5 liter - 2 کویته with a nominal capacity of 2000 bottles per hour and 4 Quetta, with a nominal capacity of 4000بطری in hours - The use of equipment انیورسال brand (Festo - Norgren - Siemens - Phoenix, Cantact, etc.) - Design and build a variety of templates - Produce bottle ready for companies

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Tel+98 44-3×××4213 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 44-33744314
ProvinceWest Azarbaijan
AddressWest Azerbaijan - Urmia Industrial Zone, Phase 2-First Avenue
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    Production line, filter the air. Automatic (cheaper became)(bhān filter your search

    Production line, filter the air. Automatic (cheaper became)(bhān filter your search) The most suitable in terms of : price, speed, design, easy user interface etc. the dimensions of the space necessary The highest quality and after-sales service after comparison. of us want. Research and get expensive buy to the price of buying art . After comparing the prices, services since ازفروش and quality .Buy. Industrial Group bhān with experienced engineers, is proud with the construction of industrial machinery serves manufacturers of spare parts for our beloved country, Iran, is with this machine can filter the air types of vehicles (products of Iran khodro .Saipa.Pars khodro and... like:pride.پژو405.Samand.Persia..arrow.Peugeot 206. زانتیا.Maxima.Nissan .رنوسپند. ال90.Doo.Rio.Mazda .A variety of pickup..) راتولید and a productive, independent mind. This device is 30 meters, fit and wants only to electric single phase typical نیازدارد and its consumption is also very low and it is very simple. No side effects or Bowie or سروصدایی not we can, even in the parking lot of home launched the top 50% of the net profit in mind. Activities ا : 1 - making production line, air filter( pu ) vehicles, style, to, all automatic (with میزCNC) 2-build خطتولیدفیلترهوای heavy vehicles (بامیزCNCمخصوص) 3 - making machine, paper China, now the paper, roller and adhesive, full (filters book) 4-making machine کاغذچینکن paper method غلطکیم, especially heavy machinery (floral) 5-making machine, paper China now کاعذ to the method of the blade (filter round) I and the height of China's different direction of the filter dust to air and gasoline and oil and .... 6 - supplier of raw materials, the ISO and poly, tour, aluminum, etc. template, the paper folded . کاعذ raw ( roll) 7 - sale, production line worked 8 - convert lines, semi-automatic to automatic 9 - -selling filter ready 10 - Sa خت, template, the, machines, special The air filter is a piece of consumer . Every car ride, depending on function and pollution, weather and expensive gasoline, the annual number of it needs. According to the market consumption good . On the other hand, because فیلترحجیم. import it from China to merchants, effective, economic, acceptable, not according to the domestic producers can, force, human, and capital are relatively low, and workshop space, a simple and tutorials fast and easy, your product with the right quality and production shipped consumption . The profitability of it compared to the other cases to acknowledge the many manufacturers, very good . باچند worker can be on بین2000 up to 3000 pcs air filter production(to lie in a DP, some brokers jobber that over the varieties the poems; Note Not all devices, automatic available in Iran, both domestic and foreign, of every hour, just 350الی400 number filter can produce . 7pm, useful 1H as well as for cleaning and preparation . Each filter is also at least 200تومان (bulk buyers)and the extent اکثر1000 USD in case of obtaining the standard and market Finder. profit . Justify yourself its economic assessment services and judge for yourself . With 5الی6 workers, and 25روز month. روزی3000عدد, every عددفقط200 RS . . .(Of course, in this between Place and experience, initial and return of capital and the absence of working out and marketing appropriate as well as for quite a while, for example, 6 months Eli a year must be in terms of)). Industrial Group bhān the no branch of another نداردصداقت we واعتماد you backup the yogurt .توکلتوا to Islam Lookout, Internet fraudsters, be they with the temptation, and the promise of income, a few million ... وتضمین buy your product, etc. devices with a much higher price sold imply. And we're trying, in the process, the prices of the false block and production line to its original price of supply. Production line Automatic with desk, CNN 20 million USD to the top. With a design unique and user is very easy (to malign competitors don't pay attention ) Production line manual با100عدد templates, and materials necessary برای300عدد filter = 800000 RS Production line manual با150عدد templates, and materials necessary برای700عدد فیلتر1400.000 USD Production line manually with the 50 template without the raw materials, 450000 USD (raw materials بقیمت days) Name:فراهانی phone:09190753450 Email m.darestani Keywords bhān filter, filter air, produce air filter, etc. production line, air filter, etc. the production line ... machine production ... machinery production ... production machines, filter machines, new foreign (felts) , China eraser, paper, etc., China dryer, paper roller, China eraser, paper, blade, China dryer paper machine, heavy duty production line فیلترهوا heavy, material filter, aozou., the bridge, etc. frame, frame, felt, etc. the cloud. ترموفیوز, etc. material, filter, cabin filter, filter, ready, and ... filter, cabin filter, template filter, a variety of templates filter paper rolls raw paper, China. kinds of paper raw, all kinds of paper China and . . .

    machine manufacturing Tehran
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    Pressure breaker مادولار 3/8 Pکنترل leave the hydraulic

    Pressure breaker مادولار 3/8 Pکنترل leave hydraulic\r\nMRV-03-P-K-3-20\r\nسایز 3/8 inch\r\nبیشترین flow of 70 liters per minute\r\nفشار something 250 times

    Hydraulics and pneumatics Khorasan Razavi
  • Grill glaze

    Grill glaze

    The company, Isfahan furnace, with the management Dr. fariborz masoudi, with a record of brilliant, especially in factories, appliances in the field lines, the perfect color and the glaze is ready to provide services as follows :\r\n\r\n1 - furnace and equipments, color powder electrostatic\r\n\r\n2-furnace and equipments, glazed ( tube, radiation)\r\n\r\n3 - furnace equipment and heat treatment\r\n\r\n4 - conveyer, overhead and ground\r\n\r\n5 - cabin, spraying and سایکلون\r\n\r\n6 - full line of Teflon\r\n\r\n7 - full line of color body, plastic\r\n\r\n8 - full equipment line, color electrophoresis\r\n\r\n9 - clean rooms ( clean room)\r\n\r\n45642822(031) 45642824(031)

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    Pressure breaker مادولار 1/4 Pکنترل leave the hydraulic

    MRV-02-P-K3-20\r\nسایز 1/4\r\nبیشترین stream passing through 35 liters on a minute\r\nفشار something 250 times

    Hydraulics and pneumatics Khorasan Razavi
  • Services آنودایزینگ anodizing aluminum Arvin

    Services آنودایزینگ anodizing aluminum Arvin

    Services آنودایزینگ hard alloys of aluminum \\r\\nخدمات آنودایزینگ colored matte and Shiny\\r\\nخدمات آنودایزینگ Ti\\r\\nهارد anodized black and silver\\r\\nآلوداین and polishing aluminum

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  • Engraving on metals / engraving machine mute (اسکرایب ) / carved metal / Shaya carved

    Engraving on metals / engraving machine mute (اسکرایب ) / carved metal / Shaya carved

    Engraving machine اسکرایب خراشی, etc. noiseless without the need of a computer\r\nThis machine is one of the most modern methods of Engraving to be expected due to the carve continuous and very beautiful and detailed, and without sound, it is about وتجه many car makers, of international and more recently, auto makers interior is located, this device create a problem of noise pollution in line, making room your and with attention to فیکسینگ harder it works, copy and cheat in the chassis number and the engine harder.In this method, the needle in the meat, the work is mired and, in effect, push and pull on the surface of خراشی deep creates, as a result, a carve is very beautiful and a hand without a noise pollution to us.\r\nاز type portable it in the engraving room and the vehicle chassis and the engine and ... of the device fixed it in the carved plaque and parts used. \r\nSCR-170 وSCR-130-P no need to the computer, all operations of Engraving, ranging from carved a variety of texts, numbers and letters, serial, date of production, logo ولوگوو Excel file and ... done . . For more information, and access to, tables, videos and photos to the site or with consultants specialized in engraving, please contact us. Contact numbers : \r\n02636121018 and 02636120908 and 09128799003

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    The company, Isfahan furnace, with the management Dr. fariborz masoudi in the field of manufacturing and installation: Line body color plastic The furnace and equipment, powder coating line, Electro-Static Furnace equipment, baking, glaze, metal Grills and equipment heat treatment A variety of کانویر ونقاله The furnace and equipment line color electro-فورز In the industrial city ant zone, Isfahan, engaged in the activity. 45642822(031) 45642824(031)

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    The direction of the aeration system, water treatment, and wastewater from تجهیزی called diffusers or nozzles, aeration can be used. One of the types of diffusers, etc. metal, fungal, or bangs.

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