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Mobile accessories

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Center player all mobile accessories with Lowest Price - variety of:original charger - Kiev book-Philip-cover-battery-Dual-Core - guard of patterned bags laptop bag-label LCD-labeled anti-blow - original battery-handbags tablet-main frame -frame commercial-Kiev-door, jelly-and.... Send free in less time

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  • Fiber optic equipment

    Fiber optic equipment

    Now scanning equip industry pasargad Industry-leading fiber-optic country - Equipment, passive networking, fiber optics The production of the box OTB , FAT mature OCDB Produce all kinds of box / outlet Double chorus OTO hardcore ATB Produce a variety of box CD , ODC - Production OCDF wall mount/Rack mount Patch panel rack mount 12/24/48 chorus Patch panel, wall 12/24 chorus Fusion box - Produce a variety of پیگتیل and patch cords فیبرنوی - Types of adapter fiber optic Conventional and hybrid SC/SC FC/FC LC/LC ST/ST E2000/E2000 Din/Din MTRJ SC/FC SC/LC FC/LC SC/Din - A variety of اتنیتور Attenature jqudt attenuator 2/5/10/15 db female / female male / female - کریمپ thermal 4, and 6 cm - Supply all kinds of Fusion fiber optic: Fujikura فوجیکورا - Supply of equipment, accessories fusion : Cutter (Cleaver ) Electrode Blade cutter Battery Charging Cable Test equipment, fiber optic EXFO اکسفو OTDR : FTB-1, FTB-2 , FTB-500 Power meter FPM-302 The laser source FLS-300 Fiber scope, FIP-400 Visual fault locator FLS-241 - Test device power meter, power meter Light source light source Fiber scope VFL pen, optical Identifire - Specialized tools fiber optic : stripper, etc. pods. Luz tube on and ... Box ابزرار detailed categories - The detailed optical fiber and air: 3M 2178 Network model FOC-SS big FOC-S, FOC-M Samjin - A variety of cassette fiber optic - Supply all kinds of Converter : Converter fiber to Ethernet 10/100 10/100/1000 port SFP /RJ45 /RS485/RS232 Converter E1 to Ethernet Device multiplexers( FXS /FXO (SDH amateur PDH 15/20/30/60/90/120/200 channel and port, fiber port E1 Signal transmission, digital and analog through the fiber - Optical fiber cable, earthy, tubules, etc., air - Cable and پچکورد tactical Supplier of all kinds of equipment do you need in a fiber optic network ( Now scanning equip other branch does) yahoo ID: irpuyesh Contact number: 88500162-4 Fax 88508307 Unit of sale : tehrani

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Rack 20 unit OUTDOOR with a depth of 60

    Rack 20 unit OUTDOOR with a depth of 60

    Color, cream, electro-static \r\nمناسب for Open Space \r\nمحافظ in برابرگرد its ip65\r\nورودی air through the window, filtered on the door and the air outlet of the طریق4عدد fan on the roof rack, the direction of ventilation system \r\nدارای the roof sprinkler and the moving direction of the easy access to the fan \r\nدارای base for installation on the base of concrete\r\nدارای dust filter on the front rack to منظوردسترسی easy to swap and clean \r\nدارای two rails vertically adjustable in the front and rear rack\r\nدارای round bar the door and strip away the vent of the floor rack\r\nدارای 8 PCs gland in size, 13/5-16-29-21\r\n panel opening in the floor of the rack to guide the cable to the inside and convenient access to rack mounted on the base of concrete\r\nظرفیت time in the standard conditions of 1200 kg\r\n\r\nرک stand 20 unit OUTDOOR with a depth of 60\r\nرک stand 20یونیت OUTDOOR with depth 60 and width of 80\r\nرک standing 12 unit OUTDOOR with a depth of 60 available.

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  • Patch panel 12 port DUPLEX

    Patch panel 12 port DUPLEX

    Color: Black\r\nپچ Panel, 4 ports., the 6-port and 24-port DUPLEX also available.\r\nپچ panel fiber optic rail 12-port and 24-port SC, patch panel, fiber optic rail 24-Port FC available.

    Network Services Yazd
  • Switch and مدیاکانورتور industrial

    Switch and مدیاکانورتور industrial

    Supply all kinds of industrial switches, O-RING Usable in temperature (85+ - 40-) Ring support Supplies all kinds of media converters 10/100 10/100/1000 port SFP /RJ45 /RS485/RS232 Converter fiber to Ethernet Converter E1 to Ethernet Devices, multiplexers, FXS /FXO 15/20/30/60/90/120/200 channel and port, fiber port E1 SDH PDH Converter digital signal Now scanning equip industry pasargad Contact : 88500162-4 88507562 88507307 Fax: 88508307 ( Now scanning equip other branch does) Email :

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Center, typing, translation, edit the thesis and PowerPoint in the fastest time

    Center type boarding with the fastest time \r\nتایپ to send photos via telegram \r\nتایپ books, academic, math, and leaflets and ...\r\nتایپ audio files \r\nتایپ formula, forms, flowcharts, and graphs \r\nتایپ in the environment of Excel, PowerPoint and ...\r\nویرایش and pagination the thesis, you, along with print and bookbinding \r\n\r\nخدمات copy and print colored cheap \r\n\r\nقابل attention of managers of companies and institutions, and the students cherished \r\nهدف, we satisfy your loved ones .\r\nتلفن office :88348151 and 09197393959 moradi

    Computer, laptop and hardware Tehran
  • The Fund shop with a 5 year warranty

    The Fund shop with a 5 year warranty

    Sale of Fund shop making butter with a warranty of five years With the screen 15 and 17-inch multi-touch screen For shop, fast food, restaurant, dining out, coffee shops, clothing .Supermarkets . هایپرها . The pharmacy... Engineering the future devise 031-32370591 To be aware of the prices and see more to the channel ""next contraption"" see ATMCO@ Website:

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  • Felt bad Epson 4880 uv led

    Felt bad Epson 4880 uv led

    Felt bad Epson 4880 uv led Uv Led Flatbed Epson Stylus 4880 Device with the capability of direct printing on all surfaces without the need for the template and clichés and paper transfer, etc. of the printing machine, flat bad Toshiba یووی Print on a variety of levels, including: Wood, MDF, glass, leather etc. all kinds of paper, Plexiglas, etc. acrylic, etc. plastics to various PVC, PP, PU, etc. PE, etc. polycarbonate, metals and کامپوزیتها, and. advertising Souvenirs, gifts statues, a pen, flash drive, etc. tile, ceramic, stone etc. types of متریالها printed without change in form, anti-scratch major long print Has lamps یووی fits متریالهای different and based on average it وسیستم cooling ( سیرکوله ) by water, along Digital Thermometer to control the temperature of the لامپهاهمراه driver and power with ink یووی (UV) pack of bulbs (LED, UV), the damper, etc. hose, anti-light and anti-acid, lamps یووی for the stabilization, the better the ink, the tubes, causing the fast-drying ink and causes the change in the shape and form متریالها not. anti scratch and long life print ensures. Machine specifications: The dimensions of the print : 42*85 cm and a height of 10 cm Type of printheads: 5, Epson Dx made in Japan Print quality: 2880 * 1440dpi Number of colors: 4 Color + White Mobile Uv Lamp, Led Cooling سیرکوله Mobile after-sales services, and provide software rip (RIP) For more information with the numbers 09192350767 call. Telegram : 09192350767 Instagram : rp print

    Printers and Scanners Tehran
  • Rack wall mounted 7 Unit and a depth of 45 with the door side along with hardware

    Rack wall mounted 7 Unit and a depth of 45 with the door side along with hardware

    Electrostatic colors(cream and Black)\r\nاستاندارد 19 inch\r\nدرب, the parties in the form of pop-ups along with a switch lock\r\nدرب front glass with a metal frame along with the switch lock\r\nقابلیت door installation, grilles for air conditioning and door, fully metal direction, more security,\r\nدارای network conditioning on the Hull side in order to circulate the air\r\nورودی and the output cable from the top and bottom\r\nدارای 2 rails with vertical punch, and markers (U) On the front rack\r\nتجهیزات side rack : fan. power module, 2-port, and the key\r\n\r\nرک wall 6 unit depth 32, along with پاورماژول in. rack wall mounted 6 unit depth of 40 along with پاورماژول in. rack wall mounted 6 unit depth 45, along with the power module and door accessories, etc. rack 9 Unit 12 unit depth 60 with the power module and door accessories available.

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  • Original antivirus one year نود32

    Original antivirus one year نود32

    With the support of a free annual \r\nبا license legal annual\r\nقدرتمندترین and updated antivirus in the world\r\nضد virus, anti-Spy, etc. the walls the fire, ضدکلاهبرداری, anti-theft, laptop or computer, take control of children\r\nبهمراه a valid license annual monitoring within the pack, which means it will be able your antivirus according to the latest update, the main server نود32 update.In the meantime, this update automatically every 60 minutes once, by the server, the site will be done\r\n\r\nویژگی, version Final software ESET NOD32 :\r\n - having a section control, parental\r\n - increase power scan file\r\n - improved in episode anti-spam\r\n - the walls of the fiery, intelligent\r\n - mode for the game\r\n - functions, advanced HIPS\r\n - the use of low CPU and significant increase in the speed of up and coming antivirus\r\n - new feature, scan the computer by the company Eset at the same time\r\n- New functionality detect viruses social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and ...\r\n - system Gamer Mode the direction of go to sleep the antivirus when running the game,\r\NAND...

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  • Direct import فلوکولانت, etc., poly baseball, polyamide, SNFفرانسه

    Direct import فلوکولانت, etc., poly baseball, polyamide, SNFفرانسه

    Company raimoon \r\\r\n\r\nflocculants RAYMON FR-W235\r\nflocculants RAYMON FR-W245\r\nflocculants FLOPAM A-331 PH\r\n0912 111 9510 0912 890 4510 021 65 36 1707\r\n\r\nجدا off phases solid-liquid – dewatering\r\nبازیافت water at the plant, which often is inevitable, especially in cases where the plant in an area of low water is located. avoid wasting water in order to recover and also avoid environmental pollution and waste of elements, is very important. Given that most methods of mineralizing layout in the environment takes place, including a significant amount of water. in this case, the product full-blown the final for the pulp, which will be sometimes also very is not diluted and should rinse off it (i.e., separating the solid from the liquid) moisture, it has the size, reducing the Alliance to carry or do other industrial activity).\r\nicon in most cases the bulk of the water associated with the tailings. so, in order to:\r\n• stock up on waste\r\n• avoid being contaminated by the environment, by the water, along with mineral\r\n• recovery and reuse of water\r\nجدا the water contained in the tailings from grain, the solid is essential.\r\nicon in the different stages of mineral makeup may also rinse off the minor pulp in order to adjust the concentration it required. Also, in some ways ... like the ways هیدرومتالورژی also after the dissolution of minerals or element desired in the solvent used, etc., separating the phases, solid residues, etc. from a solution rich in it is necessary.\r\nروش, rinse off the can be generally 3 categories divided into:\r\n• Lees,\r\n• filter or filtration\r\n• drying\r\nدر situations where the difference of density of solid and liquid is too much, the Lees, has the best yield. This is in mineralizing layout that liquid about water consumption is usually honest. Despite this, هیدرومتالورژی are depositing the necessary performance to do not be because with the increase in carat solvent relative to the element or mineral solution. its density is also high, and gone to the density of the solid beads remained close. In such circumstances, can only be the filtration method used.\r\nicon mineralizing layout usually rinse off a combination of the above two methods. The bulk of the water first, are precipitated, separated from the rest. in the result, the pulp thick, is produced, which contains 55% to 60% solid. At this stage, can be up to about 80% of the available water have separated, then filter out the pulp thick, the cake comes when the humidity is 10% to 20% and, if necessary, can be used in a step other as well with thermal drying moisture it to 5% or less).

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